Khan is a knowledgeable, serious, and loyal individual. Raised on the values of hard work, honesty, and courage, he is a man who prides himself on strength and honor; having little tolerance for cowardice and treachery. Khan can often be found training in solitude, whether its through meditation or physical workout. He likes eating dumplings and various fruits, particularly apples and oranges. As someone who survived their onslaught, he has not only developed a hatred for them, but has since grown powerful enough to slay these apparitions of evil.


Khan is a powerful and ancient warrior who values loyalty and honor, he is very stern and having lived for thousands of years he is quite knowledgeable as well. One day, when he was still a small boy, his village came under assault by an invincible creature from another world; leaving Khan the sole survivor. One of many mistakes the monster made that night. Swearing vengeance on this assailant, Khan would dedicate the rest of his life to seeing it dead at his feet. Ironically though, this quest of hatred only mellowed him out as he learned various martial arts, and magic; but though his anger dwindled over the years, it never truly died. Now a master of martial arts and magic, Khan went on to combat the leader of this legion along with his brother in arms; having sealed him away, he'd spend nearly 20,000 years fighting against the rest of the Demon Legion. With immeasurable strength and speed, he is a force to be reckoned with.


  • Chaos Energy Manipulation: Khan's training with the Ancient Walkers allowed him to master the art of chaos control, the ability to control chaos energy to perform supernatural feats; chaos energy being a powerful yet unstable form of energy originating from the Chaos Force. Along with similar applications to chi manipulation, he can also use it to fuel his magic and the manipulation of time, space, matter, and energy. This basically allows him to teleport, distort space-time, and warp reality to some degree.
  • Third Eye: Thanks to the time he spent in a mystical cave, he manifested a third eye; which he can open and close at will. Among other benefits, Khan now has a body that no longer ages and the eye enhances his other powers over time while its open.
    • Semi-Immortality: Khan does not physically age, keeping him in his prime forever.
  • Chi Manipulation: His training in the martial arts taught him how to generate, manipulate, and absorb chi in many conceivable ways; and with further training he can increase his power even more.


Through years of physical training, with minor mystical enhancements, Khan's body has become very powerful; he can overpower demons who have power equal to multiple Chaos Emeralds and who can easily surpass the speed of light. Khan possesses high levels of otherworldly strength. He can lift mountains, shatter meteors, and regularly overpowers Demon Giants; demons who possess immeasurable strength as their power is equal to that of 5 to 6 Chaos Emeralds. He is capable of moving well beyond the speed of light as he can casually keep pace with Demon Troopers. Demons who can move at warp speeds. Khan is tough enough to tank attacks from beings with power equal to that of the Chaos Emeralds for long periods of time. Demon Chiefs, who are among the top tier of demons, offer him little challenge; if that.


  • Combat Proficiency: Kenan has several millennia's worth of combat skills and experience. He is a master in both armed and unarmed combat, having mastered dozens of martial arts and various types of weapons around the globe; even those of alien origin. He is also a master of magic and can use it combat as well. A well rounded fighter who favors strategy over raw power, Khan likes to study how his opponents fight before making a move himself. He is a master in manipulating the field as well as his opponents during combat. His chi and access to chaos energy gives him extra power when necessary, and opening that third eye of his makes him virtually unstoppable. With thousands of years worth of training and experience, and magic rivaled by few, it's clear to see how.
  • Chi Sense: As chi exists in all living things, he is able to detect the presence of others within his vicinity; determining their location and strength. The further the distance is, the weaker the signal gets.
  • Chi Masking/Amplification: Mastering control over his chi, Khan is able to vastly increase and decrease its output to fit almost any situation; allowing him to strengthen or weaken himself respectively as well as give off stronger or weaker chi signals. He can also dish out attacks with large attack potency on a small scale, such as hitting with the force of the sun without as much collateral damage. 
  • Chi Projection: Khan project his chi out of his body for such feats as powering up to shake up a vast area while generating a monochromatic aura; he can fire energy blasts, heal/revitalize others, and erect energy constructs like weapons and walls of varying strengths and sizes. He can also generate invisible energy attacks called kiai.
  • Sorcery: He is capable of using various methods to invoke different phenomena to numerous degrees of efficiency; Khan can use it for telekinesis, energy manipulation, summoning, banishment, shape-shifting, healing, and so on. With its versatile nature, he can use magic for practically anything.
  • Transformation: With his knowledge of chaos energy, and immense energy level, Khan can transform into his super state without the need for Chaos Emeralds or other external mediums. A rare feat indeed.


Though he is extremely powerful, he is not unbeatable. While he no longer ages, he can still be killed with enough damage or by taking a fatal hit. Magic can be countered by other sorcerers or even magic immunity/negation. He can only keep his third eye open for a few minutes, but if he keeps it open for too long it will start to drain his stamina.

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