Keli the Lioness
4 (6-8 in some continuities)
Nali the Dark (mother), Rye the Lion (father), Madyson the Hedgehog, Ylva the Mouse (half-sisters), Mephiles the Dark (grandfather)
Friends and Allies
Her family, Sonia Acorn, Manik Acorn
Rye the Lion, Shadow the Hedgehog
Hyperactivity makes her super fast.

Keli is a four-year-old lioness and the oldest daughter of Nali the Dark. She is a very caring and hyper person and she loves cake. Keli is the older half-sister of Madyson the Hedgehog and Ylva the Mouse. Her father is Rye the Lion.She is currently being developed.


Keli was the first of three accidental daughters Nali has had. Nali became pregnant with Keli while she was still on the run, but Keli was born in the bar (he he...). She was the quickest of Nali's children to gain personality and intelligence, meaning she might have inherited her mother's brainiac traits. In some continuities she has skipped Preschool and Kindergarten. She might skip 1st Grade too, because she's way too far ahead.

Keli's father never knew she existed, due to her mother's fear of losing her. She is forbidden from leaving the bar except for school.


Keli is a lively, playful girl, and she is also very selfless, understanding, and caring. Keli might be a little mature for her age but she certainly doesn't act it due to her having ADHD. Keli has some hidden powers she hasn't discovered yet (Nali can sense them but she doesn't quite know what they are yet, she only knows that they're extremely dangerous).

Mobius: 25 Years Later

Keli has grown up into a kind woman of about 29. It is revealed her underdeveloped power is the ability to read minds and feel what others are feeling. She dislikes battling because she can feel the pain and suffering of those around her, and due to her species, she has the ability Intimidate, which means others are afraid of her, which she hates. Keli's MxYL version is the one generally used in RPs.

Strengths and Abilities

  • Sugarhigh: Keli's power and speed is boosted, and she can wipe out any enemy as well as nanny just by running around the room and wearing them out.
  • Intimidate: It comes naturally at the start of any fight. Due to her being a lion any foe will tremble in fear before her. Which she finds extremely entertaining as a child but as an adult she loathes it.
  • Mind Reading: She can read your thoughts and look into your soul...


  • Her mother: The only being on Mobius that scares Keli. You have trouble with her, you call Nali.
  • Mud: Keli loves her fur due to it being so golden and smooth, and if it gets dirty, she will have a complete meltdown right in front of you.
  • Empathy: Ironically, one of her powers is a weakness rather than a help. She can feel how you feel, and she can't help but stop fighting when you're afraid.


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