The Ninja Devil

Keish is a character owned by User: Twilightwizard0309.

Voice Actor

Dante Basco. You might know him as Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Jake Long from American Dragon: Jake Long.

Abilities and Powers

  • Keish is a master of all forms of martial arts
  • Keish carries a large arsenal of ninja weapons, such as kunai knives and shuriken
  • Keish carries with him needles of a muscle building steroid formula that he call's "Keys". If he takes a small dose, it does not harm his body in any way, but taking to much of the formula will severly harm his muscles and may even kill him


Bond of Brothers

Keish's brother, the legendary 17 year old Sheik Raccoon, was the world's greatest martial artist. He won any and all martial arts tournaments he entered. Sheik was Keish's idol. Then one day, Sheik came home angered and upset. When Keish asked him what was wrong, Sheik told him that he watched several people get murdered in the street by Slaves of Demon Zant. He told him that there were rumors that the Mobian/Overlander resistance had developed a way to actually hurt the creatures. Sheik decided to join the resistace.


Sheik left the next day. Keish was 7 years old when he left. Out of admiration of his brother, Keish trained with Sheik's original master, Dragmire the Boar. Sheik sent his brother letters every week for a year and a half, while Keish trained with Dragmire. Then one day, the letters stopped coming. First one week, then two, then five, then ten. One day, Dragmire recieved a letter from the resistance. It said that Sheik was killed by a Slave of Demon Zant. Keish's spirit broke. Since that day Keish trained with Dragmire until he mastered the art of Ninjutsu. Then, he traveled the world, learning different styles of martial arts from different martial arts masters from across the globe. Soon, Keish came to learn every martial art in the world, and was never defeated once.

The Keys

One day, Keish entered a martial arts tournament and made it to the final round. Keish lost the battle. Shocked, Keish investigated if his opponent cheated. Keish found out that his opponent had used a special muscle building steroid known as "The Keys", that was injected into the body from a needle, to increase his size and power. Keish stole the steroid and studied it. He used the samples he stole to make more, and now uses it as a secret weapon whenever he needs it.

Joining the Resistance

One day, while Keish was traveling, he saw an innocent attacked by a Slave of Demon Zant. Keish attacked the Slave and defeated him with his bear hands. Having the courage to do what his brother couldn't, he was inspired to join the resistance.

Meeting Aldez and Linkin

Keish's first assignment was given to him by resistance leader Silver the Hedgehog. He was assigned to rescue a group of hostages from the Infiltraitors with Linkin the Hedgehog and Aldez the Fox. The three became great friends and rescued the hostages.

The Devil's Happy Day

The Mobian/Overlander resistance crumbled on the Devil's Happy Day. This day, the Infiltrators and the Slaves of Demon Zant made a simultanious strike on the Mobian/Overlander base of operations. Most of the Mobian/Overlander resistance was killed. It wasn't until Linkin transformed into his "Heaven Form" that the slaughter stopped. Linkin learned that his light powers were toxic to the Slaves of Demon Zant. Linkin was so angered by the slaughter, that his powers went out of control, and his powers caused an explosion that destroyed half of the Mobian/Overlander base. Aldez and Keish were caught in the blast, and the three were presumed dead by Silver and the rest of the resistance.

Eggman Nega's Offer

But, it turns out that the three didn't die. They were rescued by the rouge overlander scientist, Dr. Eggman Nega and his creation, Metal Silver. Eggman Nega proposed a deal to Linkin, Aldez, and Keish. If they acted as Eggman Nega's personal soliders, Eggman Nega would take them back in time so that they could keep this horrible future from ever happening, by killing Zant the Hedgehog. Eggman Nega's real intention, however, was to achieve dominance of the planet in the past. Linkin, Aldez, and Keish agreed to Eggman Nega's terms and they worked together to find the supplies for Eggman Nega's time machiene. Eventually, Silver and the rest of the resistance learned of Eggman Nega's time machiene. Silver and a team consisting of Will the Echidna, Maddy the Hedgehog, and Cosmic the Hedgehog raided Eggman Nega's base and were shocked to find Linken, Aldez, and Keish with him. Silver, Will, Maddy, and Cosmic battle Metal Silver, Linkin, Aldez, and Keish, and accidentilly sabatoge Eggman Nega's time machine.

Zone Hopping

The machine sent the nine back in time, but it had sent them to No Zone. From the No Zone, Eggman Nega, Metal Silver, Linkin, Aldez, and Keish head to the Sol Zone, and are followed by Silver and his team. Eggman Nega recruits Captain Whisker and his robotic pirate fleet in the Sol Zone. They head to Captain Whisker's hideout, wheree Eggman Nega builds a portal that will transport Captain Whisker's fleet to the Special Zone. They are attacked again by Silver's team. Aldez conjurs up illusions that distract them while Keish knocks Silver out and captures him. The fleet head to the Special Zone, stil followed by the rest of Silver's team. In the Special Zone, they encounter the master of the Special Zone, the Chaos God, Feist.


Keish hates to lose. The fact that he is such a good warrior and feared through out the world makes him cockey and over confident. He never ignores insults and will usually challenge you if you insult him. Because of his cockey attitude, he's not the most popular guy around, and usually irritares Linkin and Aldez to an extent because of it. However, the three are still very good friends, and would gladly die for one another.


  • Keish's name is based off of Sheik from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Keish's personality and powers are based off of Rock Lee from Naruto, who is one of my favorite Naruto Characters of all time.

Theme Song

The Man Without Fear by Rob Zombie and Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool feat Rob Zombie - The Man Without Fear

Drowning Pool feat Rob Zombie - The Man Without Fear

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