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Keira The Angelhog: Rebellion Origins, is a fanfiction story about how Keira, in her Post Genesis Wave form, lives her past life as a rebel.

Author: Celestia879


This fanfiction is about Keira, living her past, as a rebellion, after her parents died, because of a mysterious shadow-like creature. She now has found friends to help her destroy the shadow-like creature, along with Sonic and his friends. But that's near the ending, but the main parts would how she became a rebel, and her leaving the bad guys, to join the good side.

Included Characters

  • Keira The Angel Hedgehog: Post Genesis Wave (Main Character) (Rebellion)
  • Crystal The Grey Wolf and her allies.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog and his friends. (Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, and Cream.)
  • Shadow The Hedgehog (Rebellion)
  • Rouge The Bat (Rebellion)
  • E-123 Omega (Rebellion)
  • Phobos The Sabre-Toothed Tiger (Flashback only)
  • Alyssa The Hedgehog (Flashback only)
  • Shadow Deimos (Antagonist)
  • Shadow Beasts (Shadow Deimos' Army)
  • Dr. Eggman (Becomes an Antagonist at first, then will switch sides.)
  • Arrome The Destroyer (Antagonist)
  • Mephiles The Dark (Antagonist)

Chapter 1 Part 1: A New Day


"Giga Blaster!!" a gigantic laser beam came in contact with her mother, killing her instantly. "Keira.. Stay safe okay?"

In that battle, her father and mother died, saving their city. With her mom getting killed by a giga blaster machine, then her father destroyed it, while her father. Got ambushed, but managed to kill all of the shadow creatures before he said his last words. Which were, "Save the city, and protect it Keira, find a strong group of heroes or neutral goods to help you..."

With that, the two died, leaving a young, 6-year old Keira, to survive.

*end of flashback*

Keira shook her head, after waking up in a sweat. That memory had came back to haunt her, but also came to let her know what she's fighting for. Looking around her bunker, she was with her partners, Shadow The Hedgehog, sleeping on the top bunker, Rouge The Bat, slept on Keira's left while Omega shut down on the couch. A neat fireplace had been set up, in front of the couch Omega was sleeping or sitting on, giving out heat. And a desk with a single computer was located near the window, and beside their bunker, to do paper work. Keira blinked a few times in order to already recognize the place in relieve. They were all in the Dark Crystal HQ (named after Mephiles), in one of the rooms, which was the best room they could ever get, since the group were strongest among the other troops. The dim light sneaked it's way past the curtains, shining a light spot onto the floor, as Keira took a glance at the light. She peeked open the curtains, only to see that it was almost morning. So she dashed towards the bathroom, while grabbing her clothes.

She had joined this army, which was the antagonist's army, because she was captured after the attack, and was forced to do these things. Otherwise, she'll get blasted like her mother. She hated the fact that her parents died, but she had to keep alive long enough, to come across a path, that will make her choose which side to join.

After having a morning shower, and changing into her mage clothes, and dropping her hood, she sneaked outside for a walk. 'It's peaceful here, where I can think, and calm my mind,' Keira thought, as she sat down on a large, smooth rock, in which she sits on, to admire the view, or to think.

Meanwhile, the others were up and ready, a few minutes after Keira, getting prepared for today's work, as they were supposed to train for a group battle tournament the day after tommorow. Rouge, who was second to be done, knew that her female partner had gone off early, probably to think or something. So she gave the, 'I'm going to call Keira!' sign to Shadow, as he nodded in agreement. The female bat flew into the view, sitting next to the female hedgehog hybrid, saying, "A lot on your mind hun?"

"Nope, just another dark past, coming to haunt me and remind me again," Keira replied.

The sun was rising up, shining orange and red gradations around it, marking the start of a new day. "Well, the black and red hedgie's callin' ya," Rouge spoke, as she lead Keira back towards their balcony. "C'mon, we got to train after breakfast!!"

They all had soon gathered in front of their room's door, waiting for their morning signal, so they all can come out and get their cereal, or breakfast. Waiting for the signal, Omega was literally standing like a statue, Rouge was tapping her foot against the smooth, wooden floor, Shadow was leaning on the metal wall with his arms crossed, and Keira was freezing her posture, like when about to open the door. The group waited for a few minutes until... "Rrrrrooooaaaaaaccckkkkrrrr!!" came their morning 'alarm' roar, which was a shadow creature's roar, that came up to their corridor row to wake everyone up.

After that 'alarm', Keira opened their door, as they dashed towards the canteen area, like running a marathon or something. Having each a meal in plate, they sat on the place where a certain doctor was. "Hi, Eggman," Shadow greeted briefly.

"Hello you four, after this, ready to start training?" asked Dr. Eggman, who was one of the commanders here.

All four of them nodded, as they put their trays on the metal, hi-tech table, and started gulping down their breakfast.

(After Breakfast.. At the training area on the beach...)

"Okay... So, who's going to practice first?" Dr. Eggman asked.

"I guess we'll do it..." Shadow muttered, as he dragged Keira across the the field. "C'mon Kira..."

"Ah... Shadow and Keira..." Eggman thought for a while. "Shoot at that boulder there, Shadow and Keira, shoot your attacks that I say, in sync."

The duo nodded, as Eggman mentioned the attacks, "Shadow, use chaos spear. Keira, dash, and swing your axe to slice the spears in two, to make more. Let try it.."

"Chaos Spear!!" Shadow shouted, as Keira jumped into the air, slicing the spears in half. "Hmph. It's too weak..."

Keira, Omega, Dr. Eggman, Shadow and Rouge sweat dropped at the try, since it just only crumbled the rock slightly. "Try another doctor," Omega said. "It might work."

"Okay.... So, Shadow, do a Chaos Blast on Keira. For Keira, you make an electric shield, gather the chaos blast up, and absorb it into your shield. Then make the shield into a yellow chaos electric arrow. Shadow, then shoot bullets alongside the arrows, to home into your opponent." Eggman explained. "After that, you can do any blasting attack you want, to finish it."

"Not so bad doctor.." Keira smiled. "Ready Shadow?" *makes electric shield*

Shadow nodded, saying, "Chaos Blast!!"

It hit Keira's shield, and Keira used her electro-telekinesis to capture and absorb the chaos blast into her shield. Then, aiming at the sturdy rock, she made a bunch of arrows, that were yellow, with her electricity, and Shadow's chaos blast. The black and red hedgehog then shot a couple of bullets after the arrows, exploding the rock. After that, for the grand finale, Keira used her special attack, Lightning Raid, while Shadow empowered the special attack with his chaos spears again, blasting the remaining bits of rock into tinier pieces. "Hmph, that should blast our opponent into puny bits," Shadow smirked at the thought, as Keira had her jaw wide open at the thought of the amount of damage that they would do.

"Really Shadow?! That's crazy OP!!" Keira shouted. "I can't imagine if anyone got attacked with this at full blast!!"

"But they can either dodge it, or shield themselves," Rouge reminded them.

"Right...." Keira replied, smacking her forehead. "We should save this for stronger opponents Shadow... Don't ya think?"

"Hmph, fine, but only for stronger opponents," Shadow quoted back.

"Yes, exactly, well done," Keira muttered sarcastically.

Shadow sent a glare at her, while asking the doctor, "Anything else in mind, doctor?"

Dr. Eggman stood in thought, until he got another idea, "Keira, keep hitting the opponent, with the help of Shadow, to make them paralyzed. Once the opponent is paralyzed, Keira, you do a home run attack with your axe, and Shadow, after the opponent's in the air, you attack with a Chaos Blast, to end the attack."

"Okay, let's try again Shad," Keira stated to Shadow, but stopped to look at the confused doctor. "Where's the target?"

"Oh!! Right!!" Dr. Eggman shouted, as he pressed a button, to reveal a fake Metal Sonic. "It's only the looks that are different, but their stats are the same," the doctor explained.

"Let's light it up!!" Keira shouted excitedly. "Let's go!! Electro Blast!!"

"Chaos Spear!!" Shadow yelled after her.

The 'fake' Metal Sonic went paralyzed, and so, Keira used her electro-telekinesis, to lift the robot up, and into the air, before flying up with her wings to smack it with her axe. After that, Shadow yelled, "Chaos Blast!!"

The explosion made the robot's metal parts crack, and broken, as it's body fell to the ground, lifeless. Keira had landed back onto the sandy ground, as she and Shadow did a victory hi-five, before taking a break. "You two did a great job!!" the doctor smiled happily. "But I think we gotta go to the canteen, so we can refill our energy, Shadow?"

"Chaos Control!!" he shouted, as he warped only the boys towards the canteen, leaving Rouge and Keira to do the same thing.

"Chaos Control!!" the same words came out of Keira's mouth, as she held onto her Fusion Shard, and Rouge's hand.

(In the canteen, for lunchtime...)

Warping to their usual spot, and taking want they would like to eat for lunch, the group was eating, until Shadow Deimos came up to Keira's ear and whispered, "Hi, Kira..."

Immediately, Keira flew up, and took out her axe, but was relieved when it was the sneaky commander Shadow Deimos. He's a doppelganger of Keira's uncle and Avira's dad, Deimos, but a darker version of him. Once she saw that it was him again, she grumbled, "Go away you flirt."

"Awww, why should I go, when you're here? Huh?" Shadow Deimos grabbed her waist, as Keira gave a death stare at the dark doppelganger.

"You know what she said already freak, LEAVE HER ALONE!!" Shadow shouted at him with an irritated tone, causing Shadow Deimos to growl.

Shadow pushed Shadow Deimos to the ground, as the dark doppelganger widen his eyes, then he shrank into a shadow, and left them. Shadow mumbled, "I hate that pathetic loser..."

"Thanks Shadow..." Keira gave him a sad smile.

"Welcome," Shadow replied simply. "And next time, I'll shoot Chaos Spears at him without hesitation."

Everyone, except Shadow, had just sweat dropped again, at his 'no mercy' statment, and gobbled up the last of their food. Then, all five of them dashed towards the training arena on the beach, to do Rouge's and Omega's combination practice and planning.

(At the training arena on the beach...)

"I still haven't gotten any plans," the doctor muttered in frustration.

He sat down on the used to be scorching sand, deep in thought, as the others followed what he was doing. They all thought of moves for them to combine, to try to knock their enemies out cold, for the tournament. All racked their brains, like searching for the right book to read in a library, but in this case, it's attacks to combine.

"Omega, can you blast some missiles at Rouge, when she's doing her Tornado Kick? But Rouge, you have to spin and home at the target really fast, to protect you from the missiles. For now, Keira will give you a barrier so you won't get hurt," Eggman explained again, as the sun began to set.

"But can I practice first? I don't think that I can do my tornado kick that fast," Rouge asked the doctor.

"That was what I was going to say.." Dr. Eggman grinned. "Go ahead then!"

Rouge had to practice a ton of times, until it has became night time, she still couldn't do it. Even when the missiles where thrown at her, while she had Keira's electro shield, Rouge still couldn't do it. After dinner, she tried again and again, and at the end of the day, the female bat had given up, and decided to train tomorrow.

Saying bye and good night to the doctor, and taking another shower, everyone went to their beds to get some shut eye. Except a certain rebellion, who went outside, to get some fresh air. But she didn't know that a black and red hedgehog was watching her, and he too, decided to get some fresh air, except, it's on the roof top.

Chapter 1 Part 2: Let Go Of Your Pain

The 12-year old rebellion walked down the pathway, towards the beach, and sat down by the seashore. She was certainly enjoying herself, and was too lazy to even hit the hay, and get some crazy nightmares. Keira was deep in thought, thinking of a song to soothe her thoughts and mind. At last, she came up with this song that her mother and herself had sung a long time ago. When she was still a kid.

(Warning: If you dislike or hate Japanese songs and Nightcore edited songs, don't even try listening to this. Listen if you want to, but don't come hating to me for it.)
Nightcore - Distance 「 Kana Nishino 」

Nightcore - Distance 「 Kana Nishino 」

While singing this, she sadly came back to the time where she and her mother started singing together while coming to play outside. After all that singing, she sniffed, having her tears pouring onto the sand. Keira sadly watched the glowing moon in the sky.

Meanwhile, after listening to her singing, Shadow looked at her for while. Until he heard sniffing from up above, realizing that it was from her, he Chaos Controlled at her back, placing his gloved hand on her shoulder.

Keira then felt a gloved hand on her shoulder. But she wasn't startled, as she has sensed him shortly after he warped. Instead of talking, like she usually does, she placed her hand on top of his, and looked at the back, directly into his crimson eyes, and gave him a grateful smile. He returned it with an encouraging nod, showing that he understands her problems.

It's normal for Keira to sometimes come out during this time, singing and stuff. At least to Shadow though... He's usually there for her at this time of the day, comforting her, because he has been there, except it's not his parents, but his best friend-like sister, Maria Robotnik. But he has usually stayed strong for Maria, and wanted to complete her request from herself, and is still doing it now. For Keira though... It's hard to forget terrible the events that had happened in the past, and still has kept it inside.

"I'm trying Shadow," Keira answered his usual comforting look that meant, 'Let go of it, meaning, your pain in the past.'

Inhaling and exhaling, the two then said in sync, "Today, I put the past behind me, plan about the future, and live with the present."

Shadow sticks his hand out for Keira to grab. She grabs it, and the two share a comforting hug. "Thanks again Shadow," Keira spoke up first, nodding her head once.

"Hmph. You're welcome Kira," Shadow replied, almost back to his normal attitude.

Then, the two sneakily warped back to their separate beds, sleeping with ease. All of them had a tough day tomorrow. (Especially for poor Rouge....)

Chapter 2: Final Team Battle Tournament Training

Keira had just finished breakfast, after waking up extra early. She was just on time to see a white female bat, with a 'I give up' look. "Rouge? Anything wrong?" Keira questioned.

"Huh? Oh!! I was looking for you!!" Rouge exclaimed, not answering the hedgehog hybrid's / angel hedgehog's question. "Come on Keira!! I need you for something!!"

Rouge literally had just dragged Keira towards the beach field. What she was trying to say to Keira, was so that she could help her in training for the combo attack with Omega. After dragging the poor electric mage, who finally figured out what her problem is, the electric mage had just said, "You need help on your high speed tornado kick?"

The female bat nodded vigorously, while saying, "Umhm umhm! So, will you help me survive this?"

"Okay then, let's get started..." Keira mumbled.

At first, Rouge saw Keira do her air drill in the air, and explained that it was like that kind of speed. Then after practicing with the mage, the female bat was steadily improving. Until Keira told her that she'll cast a shield around her, and also shoot her electro balls at Rouge, for practice. They kept trying that technique, over and over again, until Rouge got the hang of it. "Can we do it without the shield?" Rouge asked. "Is it safe or not?"

"Let's just use rocks for this one," Keira muttered. "I'll throw, you tornado kick at that flag post, okay?"

Nodding, they practiced, until Rouge got the hang of it again. "Thanks hun!!" the white bat grinned thankfully.

"Anytime Rouge The Bat," Keira sweat dropped. "Just practice a bit m--"

Keira was cut off by the sound of an amused clapping. The two looked up, seeing the black and red hedgehog, the robot, and the doctor on the short cliff. Shadow then warped Dr. Eggman and Omega down onto the beach. "How long have you silent nut heads been up there like vultures?" Rouge asked skeptically.

"Around an hour, while you were training," Omega replied.

Shadow glared at Rouge, for calling him a nut head, as the other two just stared at Rouge. Keira rolled her eyes and saying, "If you guys are going to have a staring contest, it's not going to be fair ya'know.."

"I'm going for a short flight," Keira grumbled, as she took off into the air, then looking at Rouge. "Are you coming Rouge?"

"Sure," Rouge answered happily. "So I can get away from these creeps..."

All three boys glared again, at Rouge, and Keira gave and annoyed stare, and grumbled, "Shadow, stop bugging the bat and train with those two block-heads..."

She smirked afterwards, as the black and red hedgehog smirked, and then tried to calm down a slight chuckle. Keira laughed, as she flew off, with the flap of her wings. Rouge was about to follow, but was called by Dr. Eggman to practice with Omega. Apologizing to the mage before she was going to fly off, Rouge joined the rest in training. "Why do I have to be stuck here?" Keira heard the female bat complaining again from the distance.

Shaking her head, the mage glided into the blue sky, leaving her friends in training. 'Hopefully Rouge survives,' Keira thought, sweat dropping in the process.

- Time Skip To Lunch -

"Where in the heavenly world is she?" an impatient bat grumped.

"Shut up Rouge, she'll be here," Shadow glared back.

"Fine!! I'll wait!!" Rouge grumbled.

A moment later Keira landed, and started eating, as Rouge was ranting about 'how late Keira was'. "Rouge The Bat!! Stop!! You voice of ranting is so beautiful that my ears are going to break!!" Keira shouted over Rouge's rant.

Earning a glare from Rouge for Keira's sarcasm, the mage mumbled a simple 'finally she stopped', and went back to wolfing down her lunch. "Next time don't be late okay hun? I was worried about ya!" Rouge said, with a worried tone.

"Kay then," Keira smiled at her best friend. "But let's do our final training before the tournament starts."

After the lunch break, all four of them left Dr. Eggman, since he has some duties to do. So Team Dark and Keira, rested and were chilled on the beach. The girls were doing flying or swimming laps, while the boys were just sitting in the shades. (XD I'm cool...) As the time flew, everyone was back at their beds, waiting for tomorrow, were the tournament takes place on. Everyone was going to have to do their absolute best tomorrow, because some opponents, aren't going to be taken down in all a quick pace....

Chapter 3: Team Battle Tournament (1 vs 1)

Once again, it was a great morning, and our main characters were once again standing behind their door, itching to get out, ASAP. All of them were boringly waiting for the early roar of the shadow creature, to mark the sign of dashing out, or waking up, in the other member's case. "When in the heavenly world is that beast gonna roar?" Keira asked the three mobians, clearly frustrated.

"Relax hun, anytime now..." Rouge said, reassuringly.

Until finally... "Rrrrrooooaaaaaaccckkkkrrrr!!" the shadow creature's ear piercing roar came into voice, as the four mobians dashed out, and quickly ate their breakfast.

"C'mon guys!!" an excited Keira glided over to where the tournament was going to be held.

Dashing and rushing past other mobians, they all saw the first few fighters on the battle field. The four thought that it had started, and looked at the fighters, confused, until Dr. Eggman showed up, reading their looks, he said, "It hasn't started just yet, they're just training. Relax!! Even Master Arrome nor the rest has came just yet!!"

Omega and Rouge sweat dropped, as Shadow shook his head, but Keira stared onto the battlefield, looking as determined as ever. 'I'm so nervous!! What If I couldn't make it, like what my nightmare looked like last night!!' Keira pondered, panicked.

And as Master Arrome as all the rest of the fighters came, all knew, that it was starting. "Hope we can make it," the hedgehog hybrid / angelhog said to the others. "It's not gonna be easy..."

"Relax hun, don't be too tense!!" Rouge told the now stiff Keira on her right seat. "Besides, I'm sure we'll pass it in a flash!!"

That made the stiff body relax, and Keira took in steady breaths, as she waited patiently for the first fighters to fight. Arrome walked up to the microphone, announcing, "Now, although it says that it's a team battle, I have decided to make this tournament start with a one on one first, with some selected fighters. Next, will be the double battle, and then, we'll have the final one, to wrap it up, which is the team battle."

With that speech, everyone whispered excitedly, worriedly, etc. As Arrome walked off the stage, and an announcer came and took Arrome's place, and started announcing the fighters, as their names appeared on the humongous screen that's attached right above the fighter's entrance. "Both of us are going to fight here, Shadow," Keira said, to the black and red hedgehog.

"Hmph," Shadow replied. "I'll just win then."

"Right.. You will.." Keira mumbled.

The tournaments when past like a blur, well, after all that, it was lunch!! As usual, the four got their lunch, and ate it up, swallowed it, and then rushed towards the stadium, but this time, right on time. As the fight began, everyone sat down, but a certain hedgehog was missing... "Hey!! Where did that hedgehog go?!" Rouge questioned, referring to Shadow The Hedgehog.

"Um.. Down there Rouge..." Keira replied to the frantic looking bat, after getting her attention. "He's going against a dark pegasus mobian!"

"I know who he is, Keira," Omega said, in his robotic voice. "He's called Xaviar The Dark Pegasus."

"Ah okay then, thanks Omega, but how come we've never seen him before?" Keira asked again.

"He was on training when you guys arrived," Dr. Eggman replied, after appearing again, catching up to the rest.

"How did you g-" Keira was interrupted by the sound of the announcer,

"Shadow The Hedgehog!! From Team Dark!! AND IS AGAINST OUR FAVORITE FIGHTER!! Xaviar The Dark Pegasus!! The two use anything they want to use for battling, but no reviving, and healing is okay!! Ready!! Set... FIGHT!!" the announcer shouted, out loud, while waiting for the shield to rise up.

The shield rose up, only covering the arena, and shielded everyone else, the entrance, and the screen too. But sound from inside of the shield would still be heard. "Chaos Spear!!" Shadow shouted, jumping into the air.

Xaviar flew, and dodged most of the chaos spears, but some were blocked by his wings. Xaviar swooped down near Shadow, trying to pick him up. As he failed and failed, Shadow jumped up, took out his gun, and shot some bullets, in which hit. His wings got hit by the bullets, and so, the dark pegasus stumbled down towards the ground, and shouted an attack. Water then came in flooding the whole arena, as it raised quickly. Shadow immediately knew that his opponent was trying to drown him, and secretly contacted Keira, saying, "Kira, I'm going to swim, and use Chaos Blast underwater."

"Go do it then," Keira replied. "Team Dark trusts on you..."

With that, Shadow held his breath, and swam, then after that, he made a huge explosion underwater, in which splashed Xaviar, with such force, that he hit his head too hard, and fainted. "Hmph, I'm the ultimate..." Shadow smirked to himself, as the water went down, and he was announced as the winner.

(A while later.... After a set of battles, and dinner was finished...)

"Keira The Angel Hedgehog is going against!! Shadow Deimos!!!" the announcer shouted, as a collective gasps were heard.

"I thought! But...." Rouge whined. "He's too strong!! How can she be--"

"Quiet you!! Just look and see what will happen!!" Shadow grumped.

"Fine!!" Rouge snapped back.

As the battle started, Shadow Deimos smirked all through, as he blasted a shadow chaos blast at her, in which she dodged. "Ya'know Kira, I really want to--" Shadow Deimos was cut off by a lightning bolt striking him.

"Don't call me KIRA, you beast!!" Keira muttered, as she flew up.

Shooting a few more electric attacks that hit the demon on the face while he was talking, the two started their attacks. "You... YOU!! GET OVER HERE!! YOU BLASTED ANGEL HEDGEHOG!!" Shadow Deimos shouted at Keira in pure madness.

"I'm not going to if you can't catch me!!" Keira retorted back. "Your a demon!! I'm an angel!! And angels and demons are enemies!! Plus!! THEY DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER!! Unlike you freak..."

"How dare you!!" and with that, Shadow Deimos created an army of Shadow Monsters, or Creatures, and commanded all of them to attack Keira, using Shadow Slit language. "Amori!! Esraso Kimora Crinallika!!"

When he spoke, Keira immediately knew the language, and that the words that was spoken by him, was the meaning that he wants his army to attack her. Already, the Shadow Creatures looked up, and a giant black shadow dragon launched up into the air, and Keira was too late to react, since it had already captured her. In it's grasp, Keira had gotten her wings folded, and it was holding her tightly, almost squishing her inside it's grasp. " I hate you..." Keira mumbled.

The shadow dragon roared, as Keira had her head down, and started charging up her electricity, to zap the shadow dragon. Shadow Deimos smirked, saying, "Merci, Shakrow Drago.. (Shadow dragon in Shadow Slit language.)"

The angel hedgehog, inside the dragon's grasp, was still waiting, until the dragon landed, she shouted, "Lightning Raid!!"

Lightning bolts showered from above, as the Shadow Creatures tried dodging all of the lighting bolts, but none succeeded. Except Shadow Deimos, who changed into a shadow, and got hit a few times. "Raaaccckkkk!!" Shadow Deimos roared, and his army all disappeared, as he charged forwards.

Keira dashed, at her light speed around Shadow Deimos repeatedly, making a huge tornado which trapped him inside. Then, with a mighty blast from her Lightning Raid on the tornado, it made a huge explosion, leaving a fainted Shadow Deimos behind.

"Keira The Angelhog!! Wins this match!! Shadow Deimos loses!!" the announcer shouted, and Keira did a victory quote, saying,"Yeah!! I blasted this course!"

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