Cquote1 I'm a rebellion at heart, having neutral good in my blood, victory in my eyes, and survival in my veins, for I'm the rebellion everyone knows. Cquote2
Keira The Angel Hedgehog

This is a page about a form of Keira The Angelhog that is in Julia Finitevus's Continuity.


Keira is a juvenile, dark purple angel hedgehog that has black hair, a 'v' shaped line in each of her ear, and a little scar on the bottom of each of her eyes. She also has sharp teeth, like those of a tiger. But instead of her normal wings, she has a wing-like cape to fly with, connected with her newly designed scarf. Keira now wears a hoodie, like the one on a jacket, which protects only the head, it acts like a helmet, except to protect her from storms, winds, etc.

Having this clothing, which is a white dress, with a golden belt around her waist line. Her gloves are still grey, but are smaller than the normal ones. For her footwear, Keira still uses her normal rocket shoes.


She can be seen as a quiet type, maybe it's because she's shy, bored, or she has nothing to do. She's an independent and trustworthy friend that sometimes challenges others at the same level into a friendly rival battle.

Keira has a good nature but still hates it when others over react, or are annoying. When she gets really annoyed, she'll be charging her electro bolt, and firing at the one that's really getting on her nerves.

Keira's now the cool type, and has some personality taken from Shadow The Hedgehog himself. She's originally a rebellion, but has been convince to join the good side, making her a neutral good. She'll show her rebellion side to the opposing side, while rarely to her friends.


Team Nightshade X


Her history is similar to her normal one, except her family has been killed by a mysterious shadow-like creature that has been destroying lands and areas to live in. And now, after a lot going through, Keira has joined Crystal The Grey Wolf, her rival, and many others to survive.

(Keira, has the lavender purple Fusion Shard, with a white lightning bolt emblem carved on the shard.)

Over the following years, she has became an electrokinetic mage, and in her Post Genesis Wave form, she's only allowed to use her dark form, Gyrokira, and her Ultimate Forms, both animal and mobian.

She still has the ability to run at the speed of light, and even faster than that while in her other forms.

In Keira The Angelhog: Rebellion Origins, she's partners with all Team Dark members. And some might say that she and Shadow may seem 'together', but the thing is, they're currently friends. It might become something else in the future.

Appears In:

- Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave.

- Keira The Angelhog: Rebellion Origins

Abilities and Attacks:

- Electrokinesis:

Attacks That Use Electrokinesis:

- Thunder Zap: Summons a thunderstorm to charge up the user's attack gauge, and with it full, the user fires a shocking beam at the foe.

- Flashing Rip: The user runs at very high speeds, and wields out their weapon that can be used for slicing stuff, and quickly cuts the foe at blinding speed.

- Electro-telekinesis:

Attacks That Use Electro-telekinesis:

- Psychic Lift: Lifts up the item, mobian, or person up with telekinetic power being charged up with electricity.

- Tidal Thunder: Telekinetic power moves the thunder created by electrokinesis, and zaps the foe.

- Psylectro Slash: Keira makes her axe charged up with psychic and electric waves and slashes it at the enemy, causing the enemy to flinch, or paralyzed.

~ Normal Attacks:

- Axe slay: Keira spin dashes, with her axe pointing out, at the target, then ends the attack with her famous axe slashing at the target.

- Home Run: She throws the enemy up in the air, then she swings her axe, smacking the enemy which flings away.

- Karate: Keira does a series of karate moves. ( If she doesn't have any weapons.)

- Sense Direction: She has the special ability to sense a fast, warping enemy that comes her way, but if distracted, she could get hit.

- Summon Power : Keira would say, "__(Name!)__Give me your power!" After doing that, she'll have their power. (Rare To See) Note that if she summons a bad guy's power, she'll only have their power, not their appearance nor personality.


~ Special Attack:

- Lightning Raid

Making the clouds gather and throw out lightning bolts which will strike at a limited range, but only to the enemies. Keira will then surround herself with Electro-Telekinesis waves, which will activate and blast the enemies around a huge range.

(Plants won't get effected, nor buildings, since this was made to be non-harmful to the surroundings.)



- Sneaking or running almost without a sound.

- Running at the speed of light, or faster with other forms.

- Singing

- Flying with her newly designed wings. (Which looks like a cape.)

- Dodging Attacks

- Coming up with new tactics fast.

- Doing sports


- Keira, being an electrokinetic, is weak to ground type moves that can dismiss her attack completely if she dares to use her electric attacks. She can't lift heavy stuff with her telekinesis either, so rock, dark, and light moves can cancel her psychic attacks.

- If she loses her guard, or gets distracted, she'll not be able to focus on where the enemy is going to attacks her from, and therefore, she'll be vulnerable for a moment, and then recover.

Theme Song:

Nightcore - Passcode 4854 「 Rei Yasuda 」 Lyrics

Nightcore - Passcode 4854 「 Rei Yasuda 」 Lyrics

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