Keiko is the younger cousin of Ming-Ming the Panda, as well as the younger sister of Abumi Anko the Panda. She is a sweet girl, who posses spiritual power, and is capable of reaching out to heaven's residents in order to speak to them. She is a very beautiful young girl, and is a the possible love intrest of Katsu Tatsu. Like her elder sister, Keiko lives in Chun-Nan. She usually helps her mother with rice patties, and farming after school. She loves flowers, and practices the isage of medicinal herbs. She has her own large garden, with a patio where she goes to write poetry, and reflect.


Keiko the Panda

Biographical Information
  • Age: 14
  • Birthdate: May 5th
  • K
  • Nani
Physical Description
SpeciesPanda Bear
  • Fur:White
  • Eyes:Light Blue
  • Hair:Light Brown
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations "Chun-Nan Academy"
  • Solarakenetic
  • Martial Artists
Super Forms
  • Unknown
Other Information
American V.A.Pending
Japanese V.A.Pending
Theme Song(s)thumb|200px|right|Eternal Love ~ Sayuri Sugawara
Original CreatorFamotill

Keiko was born the third child of the family. She almost didn't make it through birth. Before being born her parents struggled to find a name for her. However after going through the possible loss of the beautiful baby girl, the family decided upon the name Keiko, which means "blessing". Keiko's mother died shortly after giving birth to her. Keiko seemed to have a strange connection to items connected to light. She would run towards them. She once even road upon the Great Chun-Nan Phoenix. Keiko's life besides that was pretty normal. Though she always has strange dreams of some-one calling her.

Life as of Late

Keiko now goes to school, and is currently a freshman. She is in some advanced classes such as Trigonometry, Literature, and Physics. She is a very pretty girl, but normally likes quite. People usually try to communicate with her, but she is usually just staring out the window, as if she is shutting everything and everyone around her out. While Keiko likes her friends at school, she is truly at peace in her large garden. She loves to take care of them, and look after them. Being that she loves plants so much her kimono is designed with flowers on it. She also likes to write poetry.

Poetry Samples


"If life were a glass window, would you see me then.

If I light up the night sky with tears of a forgotten soul

Would I come back to you.

If I painted a picture of my face, and nailed it to your heart, would you love me once more.

If I fell through the sky, would you embrace me at last.

The sound of a broken heart beats clearly, but you still don't here it.


Flowers and Stars

"The flowers grow faster than I, yet forever I am bound to care for them.

They shine so bright, why must they stay on the ground.

Do people somewhere out in the sky look at our flowers, and believe they are stars?"

Do You Feel

"I look for words that express my feelings, but I find none.

I look for actions to show you how I feel, but there are none.

I pray for ways to make you feel my love, but they remain unanswered.

I have nothing left, but to hope you feel the same."

The Pain of Love

"I felt the pain from the start.

It pierced straight through me like a dart

I'm stuck like this, and it's because'

I opened my heart, and fell in love."

If I Could Tell You

They say a picture's worth a thousand words

So how many pictures do I have because the words feel like a ton (weight)

A journal full of entries

A heart that's filled with memories

My words stuck like glue

Cause I cannot tell you

Three simple words, that bite my tongue with fear

There afraid to feel your love's embrace

There afraid to know that I love you.


Keiko is a smart and beautiful young girl. She is said to be a truly pure soul, but t may not be just a coincidence. She loves flowers, and poetry. She is very softspoken, and at times is very timid. She often time stares off in space. She is the last to give her opinion on any matter. She isn't loud, and sometimes people forget she is in a room. She is very kind and respectful, saying "please" and "thank you". She usually does tasks despite no reward, because she likes to help those who are out of luck. She likes to help meek characters, who can't really defend themselves. When this happens she will fight any person causing them harm. She is quite capable in any fight, and even knows martial arts.


Ming-Ming the Panda

Keiko likes her cousin Ming, because Ming can always make Keiko laugh. Though their differences are polar opposites, the two enjoy one another's company. They have a strong bond, and Ming promised to always protect Keiko. Ming enjoys laying out in the sun with Keiko and watching the clouds, as the wind rushes by them. Ming also likes to listen to Keiko's poems, and finds them very intresting. Ming doesn't know of Keiko's spiritual powers like most of the family. Keiko and Ming share a liking for ramen soup, and often enjoy it together.

Abumi Anko the Panda

Keiko is very close to her older sister, and the two share good relationship. Keiko will often give Abumi medicinal herbs for her many adventures. Abumi in fact is the only member of the family to know about Keiko's spiritual abilities. The two don't get to spend much time together however, but the time they spend apart makes their relationship that much stronger, when Abumi returns home.

Katsu Tatsu

Whenever Katsu is around Keiko he becomes a bumbling idiot. Keiko finds this to be quite funny, though she is oblivious as to why. Katsu has a huge crush on Keiko, and stutters and turns red whenever around her. The two often spar, but Katsu takes it easy on her (not knowing of her spiritual powers). Katsu has wanted to confess his feelings for Keiko for some time, but as the cliche goes, he is too afraid to do so. The words just won't come out. He truly cares for Keiko, and will protect her by any means. Keiko is very good friends with Katsu, and even considers him a best friend. When they were little Katsu saved Keiko's pet doll Lynor from being taken by a strange man. Keiko and Katsu became friends from that point on.

Lanor the Teddy Bear

Keiko is very attached to the stuff animal. She had him sense birth, and they have been close companions. The bear gives her a more innocent role, and she loves it. She even lays with Lanor, to sleep. Though she realizes it's childish she finds it too dificult to leave her bear. She is very protective of him, and will defend him at all costs. He is a regular brown teddy bear. Who apparently hates ribbons and toast, according to Keiko.


Keiko is a martial arts specialist, but nowhere as near gifted in the area as her older sister. She doesn't really like combat much, but is very capable in defending herself. If need be she will resort to her holy abilities, and can create shields, read ancient texts, talk to the dead, destroy barriers, and send out holy shockwaves. Keiko specializes in Baguazhang Kung-Fu. Baguazhang is an internal style of Chinese martial art. Bagua means "Eight Trigram". This refers to the eight basic principles described in the ancient metaphysical treatise the Yijing (I-Ching), or "Book of Changes". Bagua is meant to be the physical manifestation of these eight principles. "Zhang" means "palm" and designates Baguazhang as a style of martial art which emphasizes the use of the open hand over the closed fist. Baguazhang as a martial art is based on the theory of continuously changing in response to the situation at hand in order to overcome an opponent with skill rather than brute force.[1] The practice of circle walking, or "turning the circle", as it is sometimes called, is bagua zhang's characteristic method of stance and movement training. All forms of bagua zhang utilize circle walking prevalently as an integral part of training. Practitioners walk around the edge of the circle in various low stances, facing the center, and periodically change direction as they execute forms. For a beginner the circle is six to twelve feet in diameter. Students first learn flexibility and proper body alignment through the basic exercises, then move on to more complex forms and internal power mechanics. Although the internal aspects of bagua zhang are similar to those of xingyi and taiji quan, they are distinct in nature.

Many distinctive styles of weapons are contained within bagua zhang, some use concealment like the "scholar's pen" or a pair of knives (the most elaborate, which are unique to the style, are the crescent-shaped deer horn knives). Bagua zhang is also known for practicing with extremely large weapons, such as the bāguà jian (八卦劍), or bagua sword, and the bāguà dāo (八卦刀) , or bagua broadsword. Other, more conventional, weapons are also used, such as the staff (gun), spear (qiang), crutch (guai), hook sword (gou) and the straight, double-edged sword (jian). Bagua zhang practitioners are also known for being able to use anything as a weapon using the principles of their art.

Bagua zhang contains an extremely wide variety of techniques as well as weapons, including various strikes (with palm, fist, elbow, fingers, etc), kicks, joint locks, throws, and distinctively evasive circular footwork. As such, bagua zhang is considered neither a purely striking nor a purely grappling martial art. Bagua zhang practitioners are known for their ability to "flow" in and out of the way of objects. This is the source of the theory of being able to fight multiple attackers. Bagua zhang's evasive nature is also shown by the practice of moving behind an attacker, so that the opponent cannot harm the practitioner.

Although the many branches of bagua zhang are often quite different from each other (some, like Cheng style, specialize in close-in wrestling and joint locks, while others, like some of the Yin styles, specialize in quick, long-range striking), all have circle walking, spiraling methodologies, and certain methods and techniques (piercing palms, crashing palms, etc.) in common.

Bagua zhang's movements employ the whole body with smooth coiling and uncoiling actions, utilizing hand techniques, dynamic footwork, and throws. Rapid-fire movements draw energy from the center of the abdomen. The circular stepping pattern also builds up centripetal force, allowing the practitioner to maneuver quickly around an opponent. [2]


Keiko's main and obvious weakness is darkness. However this affcts her so much that she can only be exposed to so much of it, before developing a migrane, among other symptoms. Keiko is also a very timid character, and can freeze up in too harsh a situation.

Theme Song

Keiko's theme song is Eternal Love is from the original soundtrack from Final Fantasy 13. This is an insert song from the Japanese release of Final Fantasy XIII which plays during the fireworks scene with Snow and Serah (some call it the 2nd theme of FF XIII). However in America and Europe the song was replaced by Serah's Theme. The beautiful song speaks of love, among many other things. It relates to Keiko, at first because of the natural slow pace, and flow of the song. The rythme goes with the character. The text also reflects Keiko. "Those casual days were repeating, unafraid of anything. Being able to welcome tomorrow together was something natural, right? Being protected by strong eyes, it would have been great if time could stop now. I want to see the face illuminated by lots of lights" speaks of Keiko's normal life, and how she was protected by the light, and was in the eyes of God himself.

Romaji Lyrics

anata to no ai ga kono mama zutto tsuzukimasu you ni

yozora ni negau no kono te wa mada hanasenai

nanigenai hibi kurikaeshiteta nanimo kowaku nakatta

futari de ashita wo mukaerareru koto ga atarimae datta ne

tsuyoi hitomi ni mamorareteiru kono toki ga tomareba ii no ni

takusan no hikari ni terasareta yokogao miteitai

anata to no ai ga eien de aru you ni

yozora ni negau no kono te wa mada hanasenai

doushite mo amaete shimau motto otona ni naritai no ni

guchi toka yowane wo tokeru no wa anata shika inai kara

hajimete kisu wo shita ano toki no amai aji wo oboete iru yo

ima omoeba shiawase sugita no kamo ne

hoho wo nagareru namida ni kizukarenai you ni utsumuite ita no

「aishiteru」 anata no kotoba ga kasuka ni furueteta

anata to no ai wo ushinaitakunai kara

yozora ni chikau no kono te wa mou hanasanai

anata to no ai ga eien de aru you ni

yozora ni negau no kono te wa mada hanasenai

anata to no ai wo ushinaitakunai kara

yozora ni chikau no kono te wa mou hanasanai

English Lyrics

So that my love with you would always continue this way

I pray to the night sky, these hands cannot part

Those casual days were repeating, unafraid of anything

Being able to welcome tomorrow together was something natural, right?

Being protected by strong eyes, it would have been great if time could stop now

I want to see the face illuminated by lots of lights

So that my love with you would be forever

These hands which ask that of the night skies, still could not part

No matter what I do, I still take you for granted. And I wanted to grow up

Because no one else can complain or grumble apart from you

The first time we kissed; I still remember the sweet taste of that moment

If I think about it now, I was probably too blessed

So that you would not notice the tears flowing on my cheek, I hung my head low

I love you Your words quavered slightly

Because I don't want to part with my love with you

I swear to the night sky, that these hands, could not part again

In order that my love with you would be forever

I swear to the night sky, that these hands, would not part again

Because I don't want to part with my love with you

I swear to the night sky, that these hands, would not part again


  • As stated before, Keiko means "Blessing"
  • Ironically, Keiko lives in Chun-Nan a Chinese Influenced Culture in the Sonic Universe, but has a japanese name.
  • While Baguazhang Kung-Fu is a real fighting style, Keiko's fighting style is shared and inspired by both Hinata Hyuga and Neji Hyuga of the Naruto Series.
  • In the Bible Mathew 5:5 it states that "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." If you look at Keiko's birthdate it is May 5th or 5/5.
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