Kei the Hedgehog

Age 25
Height 4' 11"
Weight 101 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Moebian/Rare Malay Hedgehog
  • Fur: Yellow Green
  • Hair: Silver
  • Eyes: Dark Blue
Attire Various types of clothing attire
Romantic Interests None
Birthdate October 13, 1985
Weaponry Spiked Gloves

K 'Kei' the Hedgehog (Kei Kahn Abil, his full name) is a Moebian counterpart of J the Hedgehog. Unusually, he is 4 years older than his Mobius Prime counterpart, even though J was only 21 (physically; 18, chronologically) and that he looks almost identical to him.


Kei (or K, his nickname) doesn't have much history to him, but like J, he is also a racer, but extremely aggressive and that he would deliberately slam his opponents off the road, because he was willing to win the race by any means neccesary, and ended up disqualified numerous times before he was forced to quit racing for life. However, that never stopped him from causing chaos around every street he drives around.

He also has a younger brother, known as Hyde (or H, also N's Moebian counterpart) and unlike the two counterparts, they do not get along with each other and that everytime they meet each other, they would fist-fight against each other, no matter their risk. Even though J already became a legend, he always challenged him by either racing or fighting and either of them would win; unless Kei wins by cheating.

Physical Description

Unlike J, Kei seems to have slight muscular build, making him slightly stronger than his counterpart. His clothing is also completely different and also has half of his left ear cut off for unknown reasons. He also has spiked gloves that can emerge when in combat and also has a scar across his right eye (and it's always shown), most likely because of his scuffle against his younger brother. He also wears a jacket, but it's more hidden than J's when putting on a hoodie, making it somewhat hard to take a good look at him.


Kei is a very aggressive racer. He would slam other racers off the road for selfish purposes just to win by cheating, but this had led him to a complete and utter disqualification. Despite this, he is also cold, ruthless and malicious, because he makes fun of everybody and anybody by calling them out (with the exception of other Moebians who has befriended him). Like J, he is a serial killer (but only kills dangerous criminals), but unlike his counterpart, he would kill anyone who would call him out, or if they happen to get in his way. He also shows little mercy when he battles against anyone who would think they can defeat him.

He is also hostile torwards his own younger brother, Hyde, because he usually makes insults torwards Kei, thinking that he has "no skill behind the wheel when it comes to racing" as this can easily cause him to snap and end up fighting against him, and neither him nor Hyde would win the fight. He has never interacted with him since and that he would easily desert him and would rather do things his way. Kei is also quiet, seemingly to blend in with the crowd, making this hard to detect him or even know if he is a villain or not.


Even though Kei does not wield any Chaos powers, he is an excellent combatant and uses his skill against anyone, even his own brother, as a deadly sparring practice, in order to increase his attack strength. He also has somehow a lot of combat type moves, such as Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Karate, Judo, Martial Arts, etc. Despite his inexperiences, his combat attacks are unparralelled to other characters with combat abilities.


Kei isn't very bright on befriending people and that his racing skills barely matches his counterpart due to his aggression. He is also notorious on being very hostile torwards Hyde, making their brotherly relationship troubling. Because of his thicker coat of fur, he is unable to withstand heat (unless he has a hoodie on). Unlike J, Kei cannot swim, even on shallow water. He also hates snow, not because it gives him hypothermia, but because his left arm can become numb, especially on very cold conditions, making combat impossible.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Cheating races
  • Fighting
  • Being alone
  • Crashing racers off the road
  • Sparring against other people


  • His brother
  • Being disqualified from races
  • People getting in his way
  • People calling him out
  • Being called names


Kei hardly needs friends (unless Moebians have befriended him)


Considers most of the people his foes, even his younger brother.

Relationships to Other Characters


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  • Unlike J, Kei talks in fluent Malay accent.
  • Kei does not know anything about witchcraft, most likely because of his extreme dislike to Dolls.
  • The reason behind Kei's bitter hatred torwards his brother Hyde is likely because of a "sibling rivalry" (although they are more antagonistic towards each other).


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