Cquote1 Everyone's been giving me funny looks ever since that incident years ago. I think they're scared that I might snap with jealousy because Kyle gets all the attention. But you know what? I just turn around and give em funny looks right back. Cquote2
Keela Tyris
Keela Tyris The Hedgehog
Keela Tyris 2
November 14th
Traveling, Exploring, Archery, Silliness, Dancing, having an overall good time.
Pigs (Figuratively speaking, though even the word itself turns her off)
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Keela is a 25 year old hedgehog who lives in a small, rural village on Angel Island. She lives with her mother and her twin brother, Kyle. Her brother is the guardian of the village, and the wielder of the legendary Gemblade. Being the twin sister of such an important person, most people would think that she should feel overshadowed by her brother. Some would think that she would try to do something to take his position. However, Keela really couldn't care less about her position. She's happy for her brother, fills in as his backup guardian whenever he's absent, and he even lets her use the Gemblade on occasion. Of course, she isn't nearly as skilled as he is, but she otherwise knows better than anyone else how to use it. But her weapon of choice is a bow. She is interested in archery, and takes archery classes rather than spending the time to learn the ways of the sword. Incidentally, her mother used to be an archer, yet had no influence on her decision.

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Keela Sprite

Like her brother, both her fur and her eyes are cyan. She has short but sharp quills, and generally wears blue gloves. She has several bangs of hair going over going over her right eye, while the rest of her hair is tied up into a ponytail which goes right over her quills. Her outfits may vary, but she is most often seen wearing a pale red shirt with a black jacket with light green highlights over it, long blue jeans and brown boots.


Keela Tyris Mug

Credit to justyna3333

Keela's personality is the main thing that distances her from her brother. She is very energetic and excitable. A bit of a tomboy, and always keeps an eye out for adventure. She isn't very lady-like, nor is she careful or calm with her words compared to her gentleman of a brother. She can be very silly at times, and sometimes makes faces at people when they aren't looking. Her mother often scolds her and tells her that she needs to be more graceful and lady-like. She doesn't mind wearing dresses or looking like she should, but she really just doesn't really care to try to act it.

She takes most insults rather lightly, just shrugging them off unless they're really personal and hurtful, or aimed towards someone she knows doesn't deserve it.

Deep down, she has a very insecure side to her that she tries to keep bottled up. The villagers of Tillia subtly avoided her during her childhood, fearing that she would grow mad with jealousy over her brother's position as Guardian, and wielder of the legendary Gemblade after her foster brother's banishment. The event scarred her; if she couldn't trust her own brother, then who could she trust? The villagers couldn't trust her either, and after her father was killed and Kyle fell from Angel Island, she was completely devastated. Nevertheless, she tried her hardest to stay strong, even in the darkest of times. It was only when Kyle returned that she regained her bubbly, cheerful side.

Strengths and Powers

Keela's main strengths is in her archery. She is pretty good at aiming, and is physically strong, resulting in critical blows. She is also fairly good at swordplay, and owns a nice silver sword. She occasionally is allowed to practice with the Gemblade, but when a threat does come up she gets her bow out. There were some times before Keela got her sword, when Kyle has had to give the Gemblade to Keela to fight while he does something else, generally a strategic move.
Keela with Sword

Keela wielding the Soulfire. (Credit to Emoish-Doggie)

Like Kyle, Keela also has the same super forms as him. Super Keela with the Chaos Emeralds, Gem Keela with the Gemblade at its full power, and Super Gem Keela as a hybrid super form. As Super Keela, Her quills grow longer she has a cyan glow around her. Her color, however, does not change. In this form, her physical power increases greatly and she gains the ability to fly. As Gem Keela, She has the ability to float for short periods of time and jump higher than normal. The spells she can cast with the Gemblade increase in strength and intensity. Her fur flashes the same colors of each gem on the sword. As Super Gem Keela, The form takes to a new look. Keela's quills all change color each accordingly to the colors of the gems. The rest of her fur stays cyan. Both strengths from the previous two forms stay and are enhanced a step further than they would originally.

General Info

Keela generally spends her time in her home village, Tillia. Usually when Kyle leaves somewhere, she has to

Keela by Gamergirl

stay and keep watch as the village guardian. Sometimes they both go out if they feel no danger will come to the village, or to stop an oncoming threat before it comes. However, such danger has not come to the village in some time. Keela rarely goes on adventures anymore, so every chance she gets she'll leave the village to explore the island. She'll occasionally be found at the shooting range, practicing with her bow.

Around everyone else, Keela stands out. She talks a lot more modernly than the rest of her family and uses very slight slang in her words. She's silly and just shrugs off the formalities. She can be kind of random at times, which adds onto her silliness. She'll dance to just about any song she finds catchy. And most of the time it's a dance that she made up herself, which looks rather eccentric. "Keela, Sometimes I wonder about you..." is the reaction her brother gets from her random moments.
She has always stood out, but acts like she doesn't care what others thought of her. Deep down, she's very self-conscious of it.

In the center of the village, there's a small stage where people either give announcements, tell stories, sing songs or play music for the rest of the village. Many people gather around for the events, if not the entire population. It isn't a very large place, so it isn't that hard to get everyone together. Keela's grandmother often goes up to tell stories of real events that happened in the past.

Items Currently In Possession

Wooden Bow: Her main weapon. A basic, wooden bow. She carries onto it almost wherever she goes.

Large Quiver: She recently got a bigger one. It can hold several arrows. To prevent them from falling out at times, it has a zipper that goes over the top.

Silver Sword: After a certain event in which she was caught in a close ranged battle with only her bow and arrows, she decided to get herself a sword. Kyle helped her pick it out. A fine silver sword with beautiful carvings on the blade, and a delicately designed sheath. She doesn't use it unless she has to, like in the case before. However, now that she has a new sword, she only keeps this one around for emergencies.

Crystal Bow: Her mother's bow. She only is given this when times become dire. There is nothing really special about it, other than the fact that it's stronger than her regular bow. It's somewhat of a symbol of trust between the two. It's a beautiful bow made of pure crystals.

The Soulfire: A powerful sword forged by the grandson of the same man who created The Gemblade. It was made
from the Ore of Spirit, one of the two ancient treasures hidden under Tillia. The other of which, being the Ore of Power, was used to fix the Gemblade as well as greatly enhance it's power.
The Soulfire's power is based solely on the wielder. It links to them, reflects their emotions through a light pinkish-red aura, and becomes one with the owner. If the user is at full strength, the sword too is at it's peak. But if they lack the will to fight, the blade will not cut. In turn, if the user is gravely weakened, then the sword will show their damage through cracks in it's own blade. But if they still feel determined to fight on, then the sword will last.

Keela is currently training with this sword to master it's power. In a way, she is also training to master her own strength.

Elemental Rings -Fire, Ice and Lightning: She obtained these rings from Gizmo somewhat recently. With these, she is able to power her arrows with either of the three elements before firing.

Back Story

Smash Work[UNDER CONSTRUCTION] Splice Work

History of the Tyris Family 2

Kyle Tyris the Third found a small abandoned child on the village border. Feeling sympathy for the young boy, he took him under his wing and adopted him. He named the child Kyle. As he was growing up, Kyle trained his son in how to use a sword, and told him that one day the sun would set on his time as guardian, and rise with him as the new guardian of Tillia.
But then, to his surprise, his wife gave birth to twins: A baby boy and a baby girl. To stick with tradition, Kyle named his newborn son after himself. The girl he named Keela.

As time went by, they grew up, and Kyle eventually trained his blood son (now at the age of 8,) how to use a sword. The new born Kyle would be the new guardian when he retired.
Outraged and jealous, the adopted Kyle plotted revenge against his father, who he felt betrayed him. He considered killing the young Kyle. But when the day came to go forth with his plans, An unexpected turn of events lead to young Kyle and Keela to take a visit to their grandparent’s home. With his plans foiled, he thought up a different way to extract his revenge. He attempted to poison Kyle’s dinner at night, but it turned out that Kyle was not hungry, and did not want to eat. So he was forced to throw the food away before anyone found out the food was poisoned. Finally, When it was time for bed, he attempted to assassinate him in his sleep. But once again, his plans were foiled. His mother caught him, and beat him with her pillow until Kyle woke up. The next morning, the adopted Kyle was beaten and thrown out of the village for attempted murder. He was never to come back.
The adopted Kyle wandered the island for a long time.

The young Tyris twins were traumatized upon hearing of what happened to their older brother. Their father blamed himself for it, as he didn't think that such a thing could happen. However, their grandfather could sense some form of impurity in the foster child's heart, and was always weary of him.
Since that incident, the villagers of Tillia began to avoid the young Keela. Since the bad blood originated from jealousy of the position of Guardian, and wielder of the legendary Gemblade, they feared that Keela might start down the same path her foster brother did. While she tried to keep an upbeat, cheerful personality, she knew that everyone was afraid of her, and it hurt her. After her own brother tried to murder her father, and by extension, her real brother, she felt betrayed. Who could she trust after that? Who truly trusted her? These thoughts ate away at her throughout the rest of her childhood.

Years later, Kyle and Keela were now 14 years old. Through much training, he had become a fine swordsman, and she had taken up archery since Kyle was to be the guardian. Although she did train to use a sword as well, She was more focused on her bow training.

One day, darkness befell the village once again. Their father, Kyle the Third, rushed out to battle to defend his village. He came face-to-face with a single young man, with a large blood red sword. The hedgehog had pitch black fur and messy hair, and eyes that burned like fire. While he was alone, he held a destructive power that could lay waste to the village. The guardian's son and daughter also came out to help, but he ushered them away to help their mother get everyone else to safety.

The duel raged on, and though guardian could match his power with the Gemblade, he was fighting a desperate battle to both survive and protect his home. It was only when the two combatants clashed in a blade lock did he recognize something sinister about him. He wore a dark purplish ring with red highlights on his wrist; the same one that he had seen in the Ocean Laboratory several years ago. But what made him nearly drop his guard was who he saw when he looked into the enemy's eyes. It was his own foster son. The shock made an opening for him to push him back and land a critical blow on him. Wounded and on his knees, the Guardian called out to his former son, pleading with him and trying to apologize for wronging him in the past, only for him to deny the name of Kyle altogether. He then reintroduced himself as Darkyle.

Seeing as he had no choice but to fight, he took up his sword and continued to fend him off. In the end, he lost. The young Kyle and Keela both arrived just in time to see Darkyle’s sword plunged right through their father's chest. He withdrew his sword and kicked him to the ground. The Guardian of Tillia fell to the ground, lifelessly. His children cried out, seeing their father killed before their eyes.
Burning anger rising, Kyle the fourth clutched his sword tightly and charged forward. He attacked Darkyle head on, fighting with all his might. Darkyle fought back and proved to be stronger than him by knocking his sword out of his grasp. He pointed his sword at his face and told him to surrender unless he wanted to die as well. Kyle stepped back away from him, but then noticed that he stepped on his father’s sword, which he was still clutching. Darkyle could see just what he was about to do, and rose his sword to strike. It was at that moment when Keela shouted "Get down!". Quickly, Kyle ducked low as an arrow whizzed over his head. The arrow strike the hilt of Darkyle's sword, throwing him off balance long enough for Kyle to grasp the Gemblade. Following up on the opening, he swung the legendary blade and struck him in the chest. Darkyle staggered backwards, greatly wounded.

Kyle challenged him again, and had an edge against him now that he was weakened. But unfortunately, he too was defeated. Darkyle grabbed him by his collar, stating that he would not kill him. Rather, he would make him suffer through what he did, by 'banishing him from the skies'. Using the power of the ring on his wrist, he blasted him skyward, and then blasted him again, sending him soaring off Angel Island. Keela shot him again, just grazing his cheek this time. He turned to attack her, only for another pair of arrows flying at him from an unknown direction. He deftly blocked them with his sword, but could not find the source. At that moment he realized that Keela had vanished.
Mostly satisfied, Darkyle left, swearing to return and wreak havoc again someday.

Meanwhile, Keela had been saved by her mother, and was taken to a secret underground shelter they used for emergencies such as this. Everyone wept over the loss of both Kyle Tyris's, but only Keela (and her mother after she was told) knew the true identity of their attacker. They knew Darkyle would return eventually, and they needed a new, strong guardian to face him when that time came.
Keela reluctantly offered to take the responsibility. Despite the loss of the legendary Gemblade, she swore to train hard and do whatever she could to protect the village, and what family she had left. And thus, she began her sword training alongside her archery.

At this point she had regained the villagers trust, but the damage had already been done. She stayed strong in front of the people, but was at her breaking point. The village was in shambles, both her father and brother were gone, the Gemblade was lost, and the one responsible for it all was her own foster brother, back for revenge. Despite all that weighed her down, She tried her hardest to master both skills, and after two years, she had grown into a capable young warrior.

That was when Kyle finally returned, with a heartfelt reunion between the two siblings. With the Gemblade in hand, he swore to finish off Darkyle before he would take back his rightful place as the Guardian of Tillia. After the final battle with their foster brother, Darkyle was lost at sea on a broken down airship, thought to be dead. Kyle returned to Tillia, and was reappointed as Guardian. Though in actuality, he shares his position with Keela, proud of how well she filled in for him.

To this day, the two siblings live in peace in Tillia, all until the next enemy threatens their home.


Keela was made around the same time as Kyle was, and as expected, was a cyan Amy recolor. She had the exact same color schemes as Kyle did back in the day. Like Kyle, Keela also had something unique to add to her old sprites: Her bow. She fought with a bow while Kyle fought with a sword--both still stand today of course. The bow itself didn't look too bad, but the sprites of her holding it looked off. Way off. It wasn't all that great. Later, she began to get a new look. First, her hair was put into a ponytail and you couldn't see any of her quills at all. Then, she got her new outfit and she was given quills again without the pony tail-and they were really long, reaching right above her tail. Then that was scratched and she got quills just as short as Kyle's, and her ponytail came back. Thus brings her to how she is today. Her personality hasn't changed too much since the time, it's mainly just been developed into something better. Keela lacked a big role back in the day, but nowadays she rarely even appears. She generally has to stay home most of the time. But she will make her appearance more often from now on.



Look Here for the Roleplay Series.


The End of the World?: Didn't appear till late in the original story, when Kyle returned to Angel Island Island in the midst of the invasion to check on Tillia. The village was in shambles, but everyone had been taken to an underground shelter by Keela and her mother. Keela then joined Kyle and Amerie on their quest to strike the shadow creatures at the source, and save the world. The three, alongside Rock and Amber (not that Amber) were the ones who took on the leader of the horde, and ultimately defeated him.

Kyle's Journey:

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame): Though Keela wanted to join the party with Kyle, she decided it would be best to stay home and look after their ill mother.

Relationships with Other Characters


Keela is very close to her family. she does her best to keep in touch with her grandparents and other relatives, and tries to take care of her mother at home. she gets along very well with her family, and rarely has any conflict going on between her and a relative.

Kyle Tyris The Hedgehog

Kyle is her twin brother, and her partner when it comes to traveling. They very often collaborate on many things, getting things done faster and easier. He is much more kind and gentle than she is, and she often teases him about it, calling him a softy. Kyle doesn't take it personally though.

Keija Tyris The Hedgehog

Keela's mother is the perfect example of a graceful woman. She was a big influence on Kyle, which is why he is always careful of his words and gentle towards his friends and family. Keela loves her very much, but she doesn't seem to listen much when her mother tells her that she doesn't act like a little lady.


(FC's by same creator)

Smash The Echidna

Keela and Smash have had to work together often in the past. Usually when they're just hanging out with a few other friends when something comes up. She sees him as a sort of buddy.

Pearl The Echidna

Keela and Pearl get along just fine. Whenever Pearl is on Angel Island, she drops by her house to visit.

Violet The Hedgehog

Violet is a good friend of her's, but they rarely see each other.

Splice The Hedgehog

Keela and Splice are good friends. Keela thinks of him as a pal.

Thunder The Hedgehog

Keela knows Thunder rather well, and has accompanied him on his voyages across the sea often in the past. They are like old friends.

Lightning The Hedgehog

Keela and Lightning are almost like best friends. They have much in common.

Electric The Hedgehog

Electric is another good friend, although the one to have more serious conversations with she thinks.

Zap The Hedgehog

Zap is still rather shy around Keela, but he will talk to her a little. She thinks he's cute.

Gizmo The Cat

Keela likes all the things he makes, and usually comes with Kyle when they visit him. They've occasionally had to work together in the past.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Speedy was the first friend Kyle introduced to her. She finds a lot to tease him about, but quickly found out that he was really sensitive. They're still friends nonetheless.

Lily The Hedgehog

Lily is a strange one indeed. Keela often sees her when she's with the rest of her friends, but even she knows that something is wrong with her.

Marina The Echidna

Kyle's girlfriend. She and her are good friends, and she thinks that Kyle and her make a cute couple together.

Rock The Unicorn

Keela thinks of him as a friend and a comrade, but something about him makes keeps her on the edge. She often feels a bit uneasy like something is wrong when he's around. This could probably be because he usually shows up when something is wrong.


She resembles a Hedgehog but she can transform into a powerful sword. It is unknown exactly what she is, but she has feelings and personality. She has a soul, yet she is a sword. Keela is baffled by her existence, but knows that she is a good and honest person. They've become somewhat close over time.

Tab The Cat

Another friend, but she only see's her when she's with the rest of the group.

Shade The Dark Chao

Shade is a very spiteful and rude guy, but he's pretty good when it comes down to it. Shade's made a lot of snarky comments at her, but she just shrugs them off.


Keela has few enemies, but they all were ruthless and threatening.

(Characters by the same FC)

Darkyle The Hedgehog

The relationship between Kyle and Darkyle is a mystery to many people. Infact, the only ones who know the truth behind Darkyle are Kyle's family. Kyle and Keela both fought together to defeat Darkyle, and he is thought to be dead.

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