Kazuki (pronouced Ka-Zu-ke) is the leader of the Spirit Clan, and a skilled magician.


Kazuki is a orange hedgehog with yellow stripes and he posseses purple eyes.


Kazuki tends to wear anything, but mostly black. His trademark is his black sunglasses.


Kazuki is a brave, but sometimes quiet hedgehog. He can get along with most people, but is known to be a 'tsundere' type, prone to using violent methods to get his point across.

Katashi the Hedgehog

Katashi (pronouced Ka-Ta-Shi) is the spirit being inside Kazuki. He looks like Kazuki, but seems taller, looks older but his fur and eyes are a darker shade to Kazuki. Katashi was a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, but he turned to a spirit to find a host, he came across Kazuki who was being bullied and decided to stay with him.


When Katashi is summoned, he is proud, brave and has great fighting spirit and confidence. He is known to be protective over people he likes. Because of Katashi's experience, he has great knowledge of time and space, and Egyptian mythology.


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Powers & Abilties


Kenji is the name of Kazuki's and Katashi's sword. It has a black handle, silver blade and an emerald when Kazuki weilds it, but it changes to having a gold handle and a ruby when Katashi holds it.


Both beings can use telepathy, mind-reading and telekinesis to their abilities, but Kazuki has a limit to how much power he can use on it.

Time-Space Abilites

Since Katashi has great knowledge on time and space, he has been able to convert this knowledge into power, and Kazuki has learned from him.


He is kinda based off Yugi and Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh.


(Kaz) = Kazuki (Kat) = Katashi (KK) = Both

Battle Quotes

(KK) - "Bring it on!" ~When being challenged.

Other Quotes

(Kat) - "I guess friends are important after all..."

(KK) - "Heh, I don't believe in destiny or 'fate', I believe we choose our own paths!"

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