Kazrock is the "weapon" of the grandmasters as a contingency if the gods or others were to turn against them.


Kazrock has light grey skin and a Raven black mane. He wears a red masquerade covers his eyes. His eyes are golden with black slits. He wears Ruby red armor with golden and white lines.

From time to time, he wears black Akuma prayer beads on his neck.


In the time of the world's order, the greatest authorities were the gods. During that time, the gods ravaged the land, turning the innocent into their slaves.

As decades had past, the animals discovered that every god goes through a part where they cough Ichor once every 4 months, after a decade of collecting, they put all the Ichor in an iron casket surrounded by lanterns which held the livid souls of slaves"

Once it was done, it was a disaster, the creature was a blob of Ichor, and it killed everyone and everything around it, then, when Dequillas, the goddess of sight found out, she struck it with lightning, and Kazrock came to be.

Enraged at the cause of the unknown, Kazrock killed Dequillas, and later, decided to fulfill the wish of his masters, and killed the gods, setting the people free.

Then, the anti-gods arrived, they recruited Kazrock, and filled him with knowledge, filled with a purpose to serve and free people from the gods who are evil, in the order of the gods who are good.

As time passed, Kazrock developed an intimate relationship with fellow anti-god leopardess, Kattalis. They eventually started dating, and soon, got married.

Kazrock had done many things, he had killed Nigh-omnipotent falsely divine beings, outstrengthed, outsped, outsmarted those beings and soon enough, retired.

Now, he's just there, living in the rain dimension, in a cave, living in peace.


Essokinetic Prevention

Kazrock has an ability called Essokinetic prevention, this causes him immunity to Essokinesis/Omnipotence. This came in handy and was the result of being salvaged from the Ichor of gods. He literally blocks any kind, Non-existence, Death Inducement etc.

To be more specific with this, Kazrock is immune to the reality warping powers of beings who are not built out of and stand for divinity. So while the true creator gods can destroy him, he is impossible to destroy with any kind of reality warping/omnipotent power from a being who is not god or superior angel or other divine super celestial being.

Absolute Immortality

Of course, as a weapon against the gods, he had to be immortal, but this wasn't truly the case.

He originally had a life span of 400 years, this was doubled during a battle against dimension-39's gods, thus growing to 800, he was turned immortal as a curse by one of D-39's gods, the point of it being absolute is unknown.

Healing Factor

He can heal, just like gods, this healing factor is overtaxable, but it takes someone of a multiversal level to do it.


Kazrock has Zenith, the ultimate form of enhanced condition, ultimate super strength, ultimate super speed etc. Take note that his ultimate enhanced durability prevents power drainage and can withstand planet busting attacks

Absolute Combat

The ultimate form of super fighting skills, may be considered a skill rather than power


During a battle with a god named Revallos, he somehow gained Omniscience. This was never explained, however, it has come in handy, for Omniscience is the ability to know one's history and to know what that person is doing now.

Energy Manipulation

From "material" energies like Solar and Mechanical, to spiritual energies like Ki and Aura, he can absorb it


Kazrock's massive mental power prevents force fields, mind control and can even control minds. He is immune to the psychic of others and can even take them away. Kazrock is not capable of erasing memories or mind control, but he is immune to said powers.


Kazrock once flew from the Earth to the sun and back in an attosecond


Kazrock sports no physical weaknesses, however, he does have a superiority complex from time to time.

Kazrock is also still physically subdueable and if he were to fight an over-absurdly powerful being, there is a chance of overtaxing his healing.

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