Kazeko (風子, literaly, Wind Child) is the 8th head of the Yamata no Orochi and is the Head of Wind.


Kazeko's appearance is that of a normal human but his ears are longated and pointed, his hair is ghostly white, his eyes are a very defined light blue color but his puples are slited to look like a dragons eye. His usual attire is a black kimono with light blue armour with a serpent dragon on the back and a black hakama. His sking is also very pale. He also has dragon horns presented on the top of his head.


Like most of the members of the Necks of Orochi, Kazeko is a natural sadist, evil, twisted and most of all cruel. Kazeko is brutal when handeling and opponent and usualy he would make is opponent suffer before killing them and he loves to make people beg for mercy. He is mainly seen with a large grin and murderous eyes when he looks at his opponent.

The main trait of his personality is that he loves to make people suffer, especialy the women. The main way he makes people suffer is by killing the person they are most close to or the person they love. He also would usualy kill the person they are close to right in front of the target.


Like the other members, Kazeko was born from one of the heads of the Yamata no Orochi. Kazeko is the eight head of the Orochi and he is usualy considered as the youngest brother.

It is also known that is some part of his life he attacked numerous people in search for the Kamui and the 20 spiritual energies for the Orochi. One of his early victums was none other than the parents and siblings of Sonic the Hedgehog. He broke into the house of Jules the Hedgehog (Sonic's father) and brutaly beat him when he refused to give him his children and he stabbed him in the heart but he didn't kill him instantly but he left him to bleed to death. Jules watched helplessly as he saw Kazeko brutaly murdered his son Manic the Hedgehog and his doughter Sonia the Hedgehog in a attemt to protect their youngest brother Sonic and their mother Bernadette the Hedgehog.

When he cornered Bernadette and Sonic he brutaly stabbed her numerous times untill she colapsed in front of a young Sonic in a pool of her own blood. After he stole his families spiritual energy, which formed into crystals when stolen, he went to Sonic telling him that "This world is too cruel to leave a defenceless little boy all alone, so let me put you out of your misery" But when he was about to kill him he was suddenly stopped by Bernadette, who was barely alive. She used Chaos Control and, along with the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic was teleported elsewhere before she died.

He left the scene afterwords and he still remains seaching for the victum who got away.


Kazeko can control any type of wind. He can even create gusts of wind at his will and it's his main ability when he breaks into a house or place. Kazeko can also make blades of wind to kill his enemies. He also caries a short sword with him and with it he can also control the wind and he mainly uses that weapon when he wants to fight his opponent personaly. He is also very fast on his feet and he will use the wind to make his movements swift and fast.



Kankuro (older brother)

Lilith (older sister)

Kira (sometimes)

Oni (partner)

Chihana (sometimes)




"This world is too cruel to leave a defenceless little boy all alone, so let me put you out of your misery"

"What's this you don't remember me?"

"Well this is a face I haven't seen in a long time"

"So how have you been Sonic, surprised to see me again?"

"Well I don't blame you for not remembering you were so young when it happened"

"I may be the 8th head but I am still a part of the Orochi"

"This time I won't let you get away like you did last time!"

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