Kaur Xufors is a young child from Central City who dreams of flying planes like her mother.


Small for her age, something about Kaur's gaze and general look lends her a fairly unsettling demeanor; even if the child herself doesn't seem to notice it. Her yellow fur is fairly eyecatching and borderline garish, even moreso with the tan racoon-like markings around her eyes and ears. Her silver hair reaches roughly the middle of her back; and fairly thin as it falls from her quills, though she normally wears it in pigtails framing her face and falling back over her shoulders. Her crimson eyes are piercing and seem to stare through people, much to their discomfort.


Typically; Kaur is dressed in white; though her clothes do tend to end up ripped and torn throughout the day. Be it dresses or shirts and pants; her clothes tend to look ratty, torn and stained as she does her childhood thing. Another point to note is the bronze amulet she wears around her neck; with her parents claiming it to be a simple charm.



As a six-year-old, Kaur has only recently begun attending school at Central City. Her teachers tend to find the child unsettling, as she often comes out with rather unusual and otherworldly statements - while she is fascinated by planes and flying and longs to follow in her mother's footsteps, she also seems to speak to entities others cannot see, while her stare is piercing and hard to escape from.

A noted naturakinetic, the only ability that Kaur has shown any aptitude for so far is the production of paralytic powders and spores, an additional little trait to make her teachers uncomfortable.







  • Kaur's first name is a common Sikh name translating to "princess".


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