Cquote1.png I Shall Not Forfeit! I will Become A Heng Warrior!!! Cquote2.png
Katsu Tatsu

Katsu Tatsu is a very hyperactive and eager student. He wishes to become a Heng Warrior. That is his one, and only dream. He can be quite the nuisance at times, but he is often called the heart, and soul of the village.


Katsu Tatsu

Biographical Information
  • Physical: 14
  • Birthdate: July 19th
  • Yoshi
  • Hyper One
Physical Description
Species (Pending)
Gender Male
  • Fur:Light Brown
  • Eyes:Green
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations "Warrior/Ninja Academy"
  • Martial Arts
  • Super Speed
  • Weapon Knowledge
  • Above Average Strength
Super Forms
  • Supa ha Tai (Unused as of Yet)
Other Information
American V.A. Brian Donovan
Japanese V.A. Yōichi Masukawa
Theme Song(s)

Yoshi Tatsu Theme

Original Creator Famotill

From a young age Katsu knew the struggles of labor. He was the only child, and had to help his mother and father with various tasks. When Katsu told his parents that he no longer wished to be a farmer, but instead a warrior his parents laughed. They sent him off to the school "knowing" that he'd return to work the farm again.


Katsu mastered Kung-Fu as a child with his father for self-defence.Katsu is at peak physical for his age. While he is rather tall and lanky opposed to muscular, he is quite gifted. Katsu has fully mastered Taijustu. This allows him to use quick and deadly hand movements. His movements are swift and precise almost like a dance. Katsu has the abilities of:Koppojutsu(breaking bones), Koshijutsu(Striking nerve points, muscles, knowledge of the human body, etc.), Dakentaijutsu(Striking patterns, fist formations, conditioning, etc.), Jutaijutsu(Throws, joint locks, pins, etc.), and Taihenjutsu(Evasion, postures, ukemi (rolls/falling), etc.).He is currently learning jujustu(Judo,Aikido,etc.) and when has mastered it he will leave the skill as he doesn't practice the use of "Fancy magic" as he calls it. However Katsu does plan on going to a special school where he will learn weapon fighting styles in more depth(Sojustu, jodo, fencing, etc.) It has also been shown that Katsu is a great boxer/kick boxer. Katsu all uses his legs alot due to them being very long yet very sturdy. His kick attacks can actually be deadly to those caught with them. Katsu's final major ability is his speed. While not matching Sonic's, Katsu's speed is highyl above average. However an advantage is that he can use his long legs to gain high speeds in the air making him just as fast as Sonic when only in the air. Katsu has something known as Supa ha Tai which can give him an excessive aount of power and energy when used(Will however where out his body nearly killing him). Since Katsu refuses to learn any energy(magic, chakra,etc.) based justu he has yet to unlock this form.


Katsu is very energetic. He believes hard training, and work conquer all else. He believes laziness is a sign of weakness. Katsu trains hard every day of his life. Katsu can sometimes have a dislike of or be jealous of those who are born with great abilities. Katsu is very disciplined, but at the same time can be very child-ish. He is very wacky at times, and loves to spar with people. When it comes to a fight Katsu's smile fades and he gets serious(usually). His training routines are also thought to be quite crazy(Like running ten miles on his hands,) though he doesn't lie about these training excersises, and even encourages others to join in. Usually people don't believe his stories of training until he shows them.


Xifeng the Phoenix

Feng the Yak

Ling the Mouse

Huizhong the Grasshopper

Keiko the Panda



"Work now, Play later!"

"I will show you my power"

"Is this my power?!"~When Losing

"Hard work pays off!"

"Let the Freedom of Truth enter!"


"Youth at work!"

" I will be a Heng Warrior!"


  • Despite the fact that Chu-Nan(where Katsu Tatsu is from) is China based, Katsu know alot of japanese martial arts skills. This could mean that a multitude of the trainers at the academy are actually from Adabat seeing as how Katsu already knew Kung-Fu(Chinese Martial Arts) before going to the school.
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