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"Why do you keep rearranging those tools?"

- Katram Youko the Kitsune

Katram Youko is a male kitsune born in the future of Light Mobius and the older brother of Hikaru Youko.


Katram has dark blond hair, which is quite a bit messy, and beige fur. Like Hikaru, he has twin fluffy tails with white tips. But unlike his sister, he has dark blue eyes.

Katram is usually seen wearing a black hoodie with gold trim, a short-sleeved white shirt, dark blue jeans with a black belt, and black sneakers with white laces. Sometimes, he's seen wearing black glasses with blue tinted lenses.


Katram is deeply interested in scientific things such as chemistry and astronomy. He also can usually be found sleeping with his face in a book, most of the time annoying people. Katram often plays chess against himself to calm down when nervous. He often becomes anxious if people other than himself are touching his chemistry tools. He also usually stands on his head as another stress reliever. Katram frequently becomes very agitated if people are always crowding around his telescope.

Katram also happens to be very fascinated with archery and has the annoying habit of chewing on his pencil when he's bored. Katram also becomes very excited if people are talking about anything even remotely having to do with black holes and white holes. He hates the scent of most flowers for a reason that nobody- not even himself- knows. Katram often becomes very agitated if people crowd around him. He has a strong case of over compulsive disorder when it comes to arranging his chemistry tools. For him, everything has its exact spot and it must stay that way perfectly except when being used. He dislikes when people keep moving stuff around.


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Katram is capable of the power known as clairvokinesis- the ability to read other people's minds, and he is also capable of telekinesis.


Katram can see somewhat in the dark, albeit not perfectly. He also has very good hearing, but like his night vision, it's not perfect. Katram can also jump relatively high for a kitsune.


Katram has great experience in chemistry and astronomy, often experimenting with those things in his spare time. He also has quite a bit of experience in archery, as well as chess.


Katram has a bad case of claustrophobia, so he stays as far away from tight spaces as possible. He is also unable read code at all and like Hikaru, he has hydrophobia. And when Katram panics, his mind will go completely blank. Things such as riding in a car (or any other vehicle) make Katram rather queasy.



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