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Katie The Seedrian is the Emperor of Apismia. Her current goal is to connect all known universes with a series of portals, so anyone can inter-universally travel.


Katie doesn't talk much about her life. All that's known is that she was once a human, she didn't have the best relationship with her father, and that she believes her old universe to be the worst one she's been to. However, from her death onward is quite well known.

(I'll add the full version later. I had it all written out, but then the the page reloaded before I could save. So, have the abridged version)

Katie was tying to get to safety during a flood, when a motherly voice started talking to her and luring her towards the water. She couldn't control her body, and ended up drowning.

Next thing she knew, she's waking up in a strange corridor with a sign on the wall saying "Try to go back, or face judgement.". Katie, weirded out at this point, tried to head to the door labeled "Go back" but the voice took hold again and and forced her to open the door labeled "Judgement"

Behind the door was a black-colored courtroom with only a male, blond-haired Marten as a judge. After stepping forward, the marten quipped about how he doesn't get many people choosing judgement, before looking through what happened in Katie's life so far and telling her she's going to an afterlife called Jebalva.

Katie muttered something about about not having a choice, and the Marten proposed a game, guess his name and Katie gets to choose whatever afterlife she wants. The voice popped up again and tells Katie the Marten's name is Ramiro, which Katie repeats.

Turns out the voice was right, and Katie got to pick her afterlife. She went with the voice's pick of Apismia, the Ramiro opened a door to the afterlife.

At first, the door lead to pure white, but it soon faded to a white room with an elevator shaft, a table of weapons, a mirror, and a couch with a hedgehog sleeping on it.

Katie, Who wanted to be nice, sat on the floor and looked at the mirror. This was the first time that she saw herself as a seedrian, and due to all the weird things she had been through up until this point, Katie screamed out of frustration.

That scream woke up the person sleeping, who fell on the floor out of shock. Katie apologized profusely, but the hedgehog said it was ok. After that, the two of them had a long conversation, where Katie learned about the afterlife, as well as the person she was talking to: Nero the god of Apismia.

Soon, it was time for Katie to leave, and as a parting gift, Nero gave her two weapons from the weapons table, then Katie stepped out into Apismia proper.

The first thing Katie saw when leaving Nero's room was a town in the distance. It was the only thing around, so Katie decided to check it out. There, she bought her signature outfit, and got a tattoo on her left forearm.

She was about to head to the port to head to a different island, but she heard the voice from earlier coming from an alley. In self defense, Katie held up her sword and crept in. There, she met Aria, the goddess of knowledge, who quickly went over that Katie was supposed to be her sage, that they had a piece of her power within them since birth, and that's why she brought them here.

Almost immediately after that, Aria put a hand on Katie and awakened that power, giving Katie a spiting headache in the process. After that, Aria finished up by telling Katie she could summon her at any time by touching the sigil that was now on her body, and vanished. Leaving Katie alone with her headache.

After all of this, Katie's adventure truly started, and would go on to meet a bunch of people that she'd either help or befriend, learn to control her newly found powers and use her newly acquired weapons, as well as becoming the prophesied "true Emperor" of Apismia, which put her in a position of power she wasn't 100% cut out for.


Katie is seen as cold, quiet, and overconfident by the general population. Although she can usually back up what she says with either facts or her own power depending on the situation, she is usually portrayed as narcissistic, and has a sizable hatedom because of it.

It her friends however, she is Eccentric, and bit hyper, and is willing to help and hear you out with no judgement. She is also far more open towards her friends than anyone else, as they're the only ones she'll talk to about her insecurities about being a ruler, being good enough, and being strong enough.


Love Interests

Afina Floros


Sable Laityan

Mahamari Rao

Yumiko Hayashi

Hisoka Wakahisa

Elliot Walton

Ramona Arden

May Roberts

Warrick Pace

Haldora Laclair

Coye Holt

Erle Kardos

Venda Umia


Tom Royle

Gregory Shain

Elymas Kinnaird

Technical family


Linglin Annchi

Hew Heidrich

Zamir Minett

Marinos Rubio

Grace Bager

Moria Adair

Andro-Kane Einarsson

Carcer Barone

Dilwyn White

Alina Gorman

Eirian Argryis


Sandra Martin

Ashley Taylor

Lara Santos

Alice the Echidna

Sakura Cynania

Ari The Hellrat

Misu Mori

Bridgette Lane

Haley Naproti


Apismian Millitary

Scarlet Snake Gang

Apismian Art Society

The Society of Sages


Desdemona The Rabbit

Eira Caldwell


Swift the Chao

Flash the Chao

Powers, Weapons, Skills and Weaknesses

Katie keeps her items in a small pocket dimension that all Apismian spirits have. This includes, Sage supplies such as candles, incense, a lighter, a phone, and a laptop. As well as her weapons.


  • Katie's sword, given to her by Nero is called a Levilade. It's built for chopping, Stabbing, and slicing, but due to it's weight, shape, and the fact hardly anyone in Apismia wears armor, it's considered impractical at best. Surprisingly, Katie can actually fight with this thing.
  • Katie's gun, also given to her by Nero is called a Miysko. In theory, it's a gun with three forms: a pistol, a shotgun, and a rocket launcher. Unfortunately, it takes a ridiculous amount of time to change from one form to another, and as such Katie just uses the pistol form.
  • The seven orbs, A magical artifact created by the god of Apismia, and can only be used by those said god want to use them. Katie just happens to be one of them.
  • She also has a few other things laying around, such as throwing knifes, a bow and arrow, a magic wand, and a few other things


The orbs

She is only able to use these when carrying all the orbs. If not, these powers will be vastly less powerful or nonexistant.

  • Conjuring explosions: With all the orbs, this can be used infinitely. When missing even one, it can only be used 1-6 time in a 5 minute period, depending on the amount of orbs possessed.
  • Flight by sprouting wings: Unlimited with all orbs. 1-6 minutes only if not, Depending on the amount of orbs a person possesses
  • Shield made of magic: can only be used when possessing all the orbs
  • Teleportation: Unlimited with all orbs. limited to a range of 20ft per orb otherwise.
  • A Giant laser: can only be used when possessing all the orbs
  • Ability to Heal major wounds: Can only heal minor wounds if even a single orb is missing

Sage powers

Out of the two powers she has as a sage, she only uses her inherent omniscience. This is great in combat, as it makes her nigh untouchable, but it's detrimental to her social life, as no one understands what she's talking about. It's gotten to the point where Katie won't clarify what she means because she knows she'll be called a liar or a stalker.


  • Self taught hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship and gunmanship
  • Learning Ninjutsu, Archery, Knife throwing, stereotypical magic, and a few other things to broaden her abilities.
  • Fast reflexes that are heightened even more by her omniscience.


  • She has terrible stamina, if a fight goes on too long, or she has to run, she'll lose.
  • She is terrible at defending against attacks. Get her in a place where she can't dodge and she's done for.
  • Has to take days off due to pain. She usually can use her powers to prevent herself from feeling it, however if she does that for too long, she puts herself at risk for permanent damage.

Likes and Dislikes


  • The Night: It's brisker, quieter, and she loves the dark.
  • Trying new foods/ eating in general: Every since she became Emperor, she's had to skip meals.
  • Drawing: She was a pretty good artist when she was alive.
  • Video games, and the internet: Her go-to boredom relief.
  • Swimming: Strange considering how she died, but she's always loved to swim, and that's never changing.
  • Helping people: She didn't really have the ability to help many people when she was alive, so she loves that she can now.
  • Exploring: She's a wanderer, that's for sure. Always wanting to see more and learn more.


  • Crowds: She definitely likes her space.
  • Stereotypes: Unfair and unneeded, She had to deal with far too many of these when she was alive, she's not dealling with them now.
  • People trying to flirt with her: She's asexual, and most of the time people either want sex, or a social boost.
  • People who act like she's stupid: She got this far too much from her father, she's not taking it now.
  • Having nothing to do: Boredom is terrible.
  • Fish or seafood of any kind: Just really doesn't like the fishy taste.
  • Any sport other than swimming: One, she's horrible at them, and two she's bored by watching them.
  • Being interrupted: Something that stems from her life.


Katie is almost always seen with her standard Dark red jacket, Hoary-colored petal skirt with light blue tips, Purple shoes, and pale blue tanktop and shorts. She also wears dark blue bands around her buds.

For physical traits, her hair is dark brown and is just barely shoulder length in the front. In the back, it's neck length. Her skin is a pale reddish color, and her buds are purple (her left) and green (her right). Her eyes are a bright red and hidden under her jacket, on her left arm is a tattoo of a light blue flame.




  • Katie was originally a persona. I still use her as such, but she is also a fully fledged character as well.


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