Katherine Clucks is a light brown feathered Mobian Hen with brown hair and hazel eyes. Her beak and her legs are yellow orange in coloring. Sometimes she'll wear silver rimmed glasses and/or a sunhat, but she doesn't wear them all to often. Katherine wears a pink pearl necklace her grandmother gave to her. She also wears her mother's old pure white sundress, though it is dusty and dirty since becoming a heroine. Around the sundress is her father's old brown belt with a brass belt buckle. Katherine has a mint green shawl draped over her sundress. Finally, the hen sports old dusty brown work boots ever since she had started her adventure with her friend, Bridget.


Katherine Clucks is an insecure young adult. She doesn't really trust a lot of people since she let so many down in the past. She prefers to keep to herself. The only person she trusts is Bridget as the have known each other all of their life.

Since growing up, Katherine has started a new chapter in her life. She decided she wanted to go and fight enemies like most young folks do nowadays - Katherine thinks that way, at least. The hen thinks it might help her become more emotionally strong as well as teach her about responsibilities and maybe get her to open up to people who are her allies.

Katherine is smarter than you would think, just not on social topics. The hen knows a lot about plants and animals, livestock and agriculture. She uses this too her advantage in most situations. Especially her knowledge of animals.

The hen is still insecure about certain things, mostly being friendly with people. She sometimes says weird things, as she doesn't know how to communicate properly. She's still learning, however.


Coming Tomorrow!


Emotion Manipulation

Katherine has the ability to bend people's emotions. Just not at will. Katherine is learning how to control the power, but it'll be a long way before the hen knows what to do with it. She can, however, have others own her emotions. An example would be if she was panicking, her enemy would panic, too, and think about fleeing the battle. If she starts to feel depressed or anxious, her enemy will feel anxious and depressed, too - wondering if they should just give up.

But, Katherine has to be over emotional at the time to do this and as the hen begins to mellow out and learn to control her emotions, this becomes an uneasy feat.

Animal Communication

Katherine has the ability to communicate with animals. Unlike her other power, it is an easier task. But, it only works if she has a strong bond with the animal she wants to communicate with. Luckily for her, she was pretty much raised to start strong bonds with animals since she was raised on a farm all her life. Most of her farm animal friends - which includes stallions, bulls, and rams - are willing to protect her from any enemy in her path.

Though, if she's not at home, these animals have no way of finding her or knowing if she's in trouble. That is why she brought a few animals from home to protect her on her travels - a field mouse, her trusty dog, a stallion, and her families' second largest bull.


Short Distance Flight

Not a lot of people know this if they don't own chickens, but roosters and hens (Mainly Roosters) can fly for short distances or land safely on the ground if they have a ledge to jump from. They slowly fall to the ground safely do to the constant flapping of their wings on the way down.

In a twist, the larger the chicken, the easier it is to flap their wings since larger chickens have larger wingspan. Katherine is a medium sized hen, capable of keeping herself safe whilst falling. Just don't put weight on her.


Drill Peck

A Pokémon Move she uses whilst falling. She twirls around mid-air and aims straight for her enemy. Her beak isn't hard or sharp, so she rarely uses this move.

Melee Attack

Regular Punches and Kicks. She does this when the enemy isn't strong enough to even face her.


Strong Willed Enemies

Enemies with strong will are harder to manipulate with her emotions. She can do nothing against this enemies but have her protectors protect her. She could also use drill peck, if her enemy isn't all too strong.

Strong Enemies In General

Katherine is a relatively weak hen. Strong enemies could easily kill her if she's all alone. Especially if they have strong wills, too.

Certain Robots

Certain robots can do heavy damage against her protectors. Some of them are not even affected by her protectors at all. This is bad news for the hen, as her strongest ability her have her protectors fight for her.

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