Katherine Bloodson is a character by Monk the Cat.

Katherine Bloodson is a fourteen year old wolf with the ability to manipulate blood. She inherited her ability from her father.


Katherine has a complicated personality. She often seems bossy and stubborn, but this is really from her over-protective nature. She also is bossy because she is used to being right, and people being hurt when they didn't listen to her. Her stubbornness... runs in the family. When with people she doesn't know too well, she is often cold and untrusting, but respectful. When with people she knows well, she is very kind and somewhat sarcastic.


Katherine can manipulate blood, and uses this ability for healing, curing and reviving. She is learning new healing techniques from her father.


Katherine has decent skill with a hand-and-a-half sword. She is also a good markswoman; being able to use most firearms, varying from pistols to rifles.

Items Currently in Possession

  • The Runic Blade: A hand-and-a-half sword. It has a flat black blade covered in Runic writing, with regular colored steel with the edge of the blade. It was crafted for her brother, but she got it in an incident... She rarely use it.
  • A Standard Hand-and-a-Half Sword: Her most used weapon.
  • A 50 Caliber Pistol: A large handgun that she only has when a battle is planned.
  • A 9mm Pistol: A compact, small handgun. She Is almost always carrying this concealed weapon.
  • The "Bracer": Her homemade health monitor. It also has a few folding blades attached, along with a small cannon for launching her Blood Rubies.
  • Four Blood Rubies: Technically not rubies, but crystallized blood caused from elemental injuries. They are located on her left arm, and are usually covered by the "Bracer".
  • Two Healer Chao: Chao with the ability to heal people. They are white colored chao with red highlights. Their names are Rebecca and Janice, after Katherine's deceased aunt and grandmother.
  • A Pet Cat: A white, long haired cat called Pickles.



Relationships with Other Characters

Chopper the Wolf: Chopper is Katherine's best friend. The two wolves were raised together as orphans. And they are currently working on the same team for GUN.

Raymond "Ramrod" the Cat: Raymond is a fellow team member. They are good friends.

Scott the Wildcat: She respects and fears her "Feral Superior". She is not very good friends with Scott, due to him being the "Drill Sergeant on Steroids" as she calls him.


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