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“Scorch, don’t yell,” she said softly, “Yelling gets you nowhere. You need to just carry on.” - Katy near the end of TSS: Book 3

"Keep it a secret for a while." - To Scorch at the docks

Katherine "Katy" Feline (キャサリン"ケイティ"ネコ Kyasarin" Keiti" Neko) is a 33 year old anthropomorphic cat (as of The Scorch Stories: Book 3).


Katy is a 33 year old anthropomorphic cat with purple coloured fur, not easily visible peach skin and sky blue eyes. She also has lavendar coloured hair. Katy has many different outfits throughout the fanfiction. One of these is her first one, when she and Scorch first met in Mobotropolis. In this outfit she wears a light lavendar top, white jeans and a pair of brown boots. She also wears this in Book 2. From Book 3 to the end of Book 4 she wears a crimson top, black jeans and the same brown coloured boots.


Katy is smart, tactical and quick thinking. She makes up most of the plans that the others in the team use. When not working on her plans, she is a very relaxed cat with a personality of a normal girl in Books 1 and 2. In Books 3 and 4 she is more grown up and is always looking out for her friends (mostly Scorch), but can still manage to kick back and relax.


Not much is known about her history, but her father was a treasure hunter and he passed on some his skills to her. This made her the quick thinker that everyone knows. Not much is known about her mother, other than the fact that she showed up when Scorch and Katy were leaving for Blue Sea Island. At some point, she was taught acrobatics and some fighting and defence skills.


Katy is fairly skillful as she knows a number of beneficial things. She knows how to hack into a computer easily, a skill learned from her father. She's also a quick thinker, which is how she creates most of the team's plans. As well as her 'thinking skills' she also knows how to engage in combat. She was taught some martial arts as a child and she is also quite acrobatic.


  • Originally, Katy was never going to appear in the series. But it was decided that it needed some form of romantic relationship in it, so she was created.
  • Katy may look sort of similar to Blaze, but she is in no way related to her.
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