This is an article about Katelyn the Munchlax, a character created by Fox,Fox,Cat.

General Background

Katelyn was born to a snorlax couple in the Theif Kingdom.However for some mysterious reason she aged up quickly.The two snorlaxes went to Rosadiya,whom was the gaurdian of the Kingdom.She took in Katelyn,since the snorlax couple did not know how to raise a teenager.Katelyn was enlisted in the Theif Kingdom's militia.She currently lives in the Thief Kingdom and residees with Rosadiya.


Katelyn has the normal coloring of a Munchlax.She has brown hair and brown eyes,wears a long black skirt and a green and pink V-shaped T-shirt.


She has the Ability,Thick Fat.


  • Tackle
  • Odour Sleuth
  • Metronome
  • Attract


Katelyn has a usual depressed mood that sometimes changes to happy.She's also Passive Agressive,because she holds her anger in.She likes to be alone most of the time,and doesn't like making friends.Katelyn has a big appetite that causes her to go hyperactive near food.She often likes to get lost in thought and loves to sparr with A.M.L. and Tusk.


Rosadiya the Treecko(Close Friend/Like a Mother)

Rosadiya is like the mother-figure to Katelyn even though it's usually Katelyn looking after Rosadiya.Rosadiya trains Katelyn in fighting.

A.M.L.(Crush/Best Friend/Co-Worker)

A.M.L. is one of Katelyn's best friends and sparring partner.The two with Tusk cause some problems in the Theif Kingdom,even though Katelyn doesn't mean to.

Chime the Chatot(Non-Mobian Pet/Close Friend)

Chime is Katelyn non-Mobian Chatot and close friend.However,Katelyn sometimes finds him annoying.

Tusk the Bullno(Best Friend/Co-Worker)

Tusk is Katelyn's other best friend and sparring partner.Joined by A.M.L.,the three cause a lot of ruckus in the Thief Kingdom.

Colt the Chimera(Friend/Co-Worker)

Colt is the oldest memeber of the militia and often has to look out for Tusk,A.M.L.,and Katelyn,as well as keep them from destroying the Kingdom.

Ashura the Dragon(Friend/Co-Worker)

Ashura is the second oldest memeber of the militia and like Colt has to look out for the three.He tries to act like Katelyn's father,but he has his own child.

Missy the Canary(Friend/Co-Worker)

Missy is the daughter of Ashura and the youngest memeber of the milita (or at least that's what she says).She treats Katelyn like an older sister and Katelyn often has to get her away from the fighting.

Anusha the Lynx(Friend/Co-Worker)

Anusha is another one of Katelyn's co-workers and friend.She usually talks to him in her spare time or when she planning a battle.

Azrael the Giratina(Friend/Like a Father)

Azrael is like Katelyn's father and loves Katelyn to death like she is his daughter.The two do not interact as much.

Dayton the Scraggy(Lover/Close Friend)

Dayton is the boyfriend of Katelyn and a close friend when she's in the city.Katelyn met Dayton from when Dayton was attacking Rosadiya and protected Dayton from one of Rosadiya's attack and taught Dayton that he did not need Rosadiya's immortality and that Rosadiya's immortality is not as powerful as he thinks.

Eileen the Robin(Best Friend)

Eileen is Katelyn's best friend when she's in the city.Katelyn sometimes does not like what Eileen thinks about and how she picks on others and fights weaker opponents.Eileen loves to joke around Katelyn and mostly asks her to fight her.


Zaham the Gengar(Rival)

Zaham is the rival of Katelyn and mostly gets into fights with her whenever he's around.

Kasari Blackbear(Friendly Rival)

Kasari is a friendly rival towards Katelyn even though the two rarely interact.Katelyn hates it when Kasari flirts with Dayton.


(None as of yet)



  • Katelyn the Munchlax is the creators former fursona.
  • Katelyn's birthday is May 16th.
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