Kate the Jackal is a female black-backed jackal with badly scarred shoulders and flanks. She is Turner the Jackal's mate and the mother of Tobi and Alex, and a current warrior of the Storm Fighters. She debuts in The Warrior's Quest, had a cameo in Broken Trust, and will return in After the Blackout.


Kate is a thin female black-backed jackal with tan fur, black fur on her back, and long scars slicing over her shoulders and flanks. She has warm amber eyes and a black-tipped tail and ears.


Kate is a sweet and friendly motherly figure. She cares deeply for her family and loves her sons dearly. Because of the Jackal Squad leader's actions against her family, she harbors a vehement hatred toward him, which is surprising, given her normally peaceful demeanor.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

The Warrior's Quest: Kate is very minor throughout. She is Alex's mother and only appears when she is with her family visiting the town near their camp. She later disappears when the Jackal Squad raid their camp and drive the family out. When he flees, Alex believes his mother and father were killed, along with Tobi when his older brother helps him escape.

Broken Trust: Kate makes a cameo with Turner and Tobi, when Stan meets them while recovering in High Mountain City. He notes that all three of them were badly scarred, and that it was a miracle Tobi-who had terrible scars on his throat and chest-was alive. When Infinite attacks, the trio disappear and are never seen again.

After the Blackout: Kate first appears in the Prologue when she and Tobi are pinned down by two Squad jackals each and forced to watch the Squad leader viciously taunt and beat Turner, who was recovering from terrible wounds on his face that left him blind. Kate cries out in concern when an enraged Tobi tears free and retaliates for his father. She later makes it to the Storm Fighters and trains as a warrior alongside her son while her husband helps out around the Base.



Turner is Kate's husband, and she cares deeply for him. During their journey to find the warriors, Kate was Turner's guide after he was blinded. It was Turner being blinded that led Kate to hate the Jackal Squad leader so much.

Tobi and Alex

Kate loves her sons dearly, and they love her in return.


Kate never met Infinite after he adopted his new identity, but encountered him a few times beforehand. Infinite(as the unnamed leader of the Jackal Squad) frequently antagonized her family, and eventually split it apart, killing Humphrey and Avery and sending Alex on the run on his own. When he found Kate, Turner, and Tobi, the leader viciously attacked them all, leaving each one horribly scarred, with Turner blinded and Tobi losing much of his voice.


Unknown, though Kate's tight bond with her family means she does what they do, and her motherly nature commonly means she doesn't fight.


Kate was initially meant to die alongside Turner and Tobi in the attack on her family, but this was changed.

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