Kate the Fox is your average 16-year-old, a girly girl that's all, "OMG, I broke a nail!" and such. She hangs out at Central High and has a crush on Harrier.

She is found in Konnichiku's fanfic "Amy, Sally, and Mina Invite Kate to a Concert" and the role-play New York City - the Place Where Dreams Come True.


Kate is ditzy, bubbly, and somewhat of an airhead. She is the definition of a stereotypical teenage girl. She is one of the popular girls at school, and will tell you that. She is sometimes really smart, too. She longs to be a singer.


Kate was born in 1999 in Central City. She currently attends Central High, where she hangs out with her friends and crushes on Harrier.

In New York City - the Place Where Dreams Come True, she is going to New York along with Amy, Sally, Mina, Sonic, Luisa, and Harrier.


  • Oh my god, I broke a nail!
  • Like, totally.
  • Let's go to the mall!
  • He's, like, soooooo cute!
  • I'm, like, so excited!


  • Kate is Tails's cousin.
  • Kate's real name is Katrina.
    • Her nickname is "Kat".
  • Kate sometimes works at the local DashMart if Luisa is out sick.
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