Cquote1 Imre is gone. It's none of our faults. Not yours, not mine, but no one. Imre did what he wanted. He chose that path. He knew the risks. He would be ashamed to know how low you've gotten. This isn't you, nor will I pray it ever will be, brother. Cquote2
Kasper the Cat.

This is an article about Kasper the Cat, a character created by Lady Sapphira on 03/18/2016.



Kasper is a young black cat that stands at the average height and weight. He is very lean, thin, and scrawny due to him not usually very physical. He has green eyes and a white muzzle with matching chest fur and the inside of his ears are white as well, as is the tip of his tail.

He wears only green cargo pants and no shirt, and red bracelets. He also wears a red bandana around his neck like a scarf, and a dark green belt. He has black and white tennis shoes.

When wearing his vigilante costume, he dons a dark blue outfit that is all one piece. It covers his whole body, and covers his face, with the eyes having a white eyemask. He also has rings on his wrists, ankles, and tails that are dark blue as well.


Often viewed as the silent one, Kasper is very quiet, usually deep in thought. He usually doesn't speak unless spoken to, and his responses are usually very short; when he does talk, however, most people listen, as it is usually very important when he decides to say something. He is is extremely nice, and very polite, the most well mannered out of all four brothers, and uses Japanese suffixes when addressing someone, other than his brothers. Unfortunately, his quite nature soon made him develop a more secretive nature, so he won't tell people things that should be told.

He also is very quirky and quite strange; to his brothers, in any case. He prefers to read than to go outside, which is probably why he isn't very athletic and has a very wiry look to him. He also hates to fight, and only uses physical force if it's his last option. Although he'd rather read, he does enjoy going outside and participating in sports; so as long as one of his brothers does so with him, otherwis, he won't go. It's not that he is afraid of being alone or is dragged along to do it, it's only because he will read books if he's not chastised to do it.

He is also the most intelligent person on his team, but often prefers to watch his brothers figure it out before he tells them what to do.



Kasper was born on November 11th, being the second born son to his parents. As a child, he never really interacted much with other children, and was often dragged into playing sports with his other brothers. He spent much of his young life in the library behind his house, and is said to have read every book there atleast twice.

As he became older, he started to gain more friends and stopped being so secluded, though he still locks himself in the library at times. He will play sports more often, but only when asked.

Imre's Death

It isn't until Imre's untimely death did his personally take a drastic turn. He became even more secluded and alienated, and often refused to eat, helping create his wiry frame. He absolutely refused to do anything, and would keep reading books to help ease the pain and get lost in another world.

Hero Saga

Kasper and his brothers are first seen walking to the school they attended, Central City Public, and were slacking off as best and as long as they could. They met up with Alice and April, and they started to talk about a mysterious crime lord, and April gave all the information she could, with her father the head detective on the case. The final bell rang, and they all grudgingly headed tweeds their classes.

After school, Kasper is seen reading a book throughout the entire interaction between Isla and Tavor, and doesn't do anything until Tavor says a while later that they should head home.

He and his younger brothers head to bed, Kasper welcoming it and Cayo begging to stay up later. The next morning, Tavor decided it was time they do something. Tavor convinced the rest of his brothers to help solve their brothers murder, and to try to convict who ever did it. He explained that he wanted to create a new "team" that will protect their city from other innocent children being murdered. Kasper was the only one not convinced, and flatly refused to join. He said it was a waste of time and that this is just a scheme to get everyone to stop feeling pain temporarily, and then storms away, bitter that his brother wanted to endanger the young twins.

Tavor ends up following him, and Kaspers rage only grows. Tavor tried to explain what he was thinking, but Kasper wouldn't listen, lecturing him that it wasn't safe to let the twins go and play hero. Tavor says he knows, and that Kasper should at least hear him out, which the cat reluctantly does. Tavor explains that he just wants to solve Imre's murder, and after that, they can go back to their normal lives. He then says that since Kasper reads so much, he knows about Sonic's pal, Tails, and that he's only eight and is still okay. Kasper disagrees with that statement entirely, but agrees to form the team so long as they make sure to be careful.

Later that day, throughout school and afterwards, they decided that they would find Mr. Gold (the said crime lord), and pinpointed where he would strike next. They arrived in the middle of his heist, and attacked him, but was soon overtaken by Mr. Golds experience and skills. Defeated, and knowing that they lack proper, well, everything, at Tavors suggestion, they head to Isla's for help. Isla gladly accepts, and gives them costumes and repaired/modifies their weapons. They all say a polite thank you, and leave as abruptly as they came.

The next day, rumors of the brothers spread, and they vow to get Mr. Gold. They find him again later at night, and ambush, this time winning, but Gold escaped, and the city was left in a ruinous state.

Diamond and Gold Saga

Kasper is first seen patrolling the mall and is just wandering around when Tavot radios everyone and tells them that he's being attacked. Racing to the pawn shop, he's the second to arrive and helps attack Gold and a new villain, who introduces herself as Diamond Bling. They end up losing and they get away.

In the morning, Kasper researches and hacks into the police record files to find out about Diamond Bling. They find that her crime started in Station Square when she robbed a bank, and her actual identity.

At school, Kasper and his brothers meet up with April and Alice, and are bombarded with Aprils questions and wonderings about the vigilante group, and they all are nervous until Cayo steps in and lies to her about her questions. Alice then suggests an interview with them in which all of the Allens sweat drop, and the bell rings, signaling that they need to head to class.


Surprisingly, Kasper doesn't seem to have any powers. The only thing he has that might be considered as one is his intelligence, but he said he got that from reading books.


Being a cat gives him good reflexes, and is always able to land on his feet. He is also shown to be fairly flexible and agile. He can also see fairly well in the dark, though he is still prone to bump into things.


Being a superhero has taught him lots of interesting skills.


Kasper utilizes a bow and arrow, and usually uses it for long ranged attacks. When is opponents are closer, he uses his bow as a sort of sword and his arrows as daggers. His bow is made of a very strong but light material that allows him to pull it out swiftly.


Kasper fights using Martial Art type moves, but they can vary depending on his mood. He is usually a defensive fighter and waits until his opponent is tired until striking.


Kasper is also fluent in Japanese, and often speaks it when he can. That explains his use of Japanese titles when addressing someone.


Kasper is very secretive, and that trait can be used against him in the form of blackmail. His quiet and peaceful nature can also be used against him, as he will not argue should someone say something bad or order him to do something.

Although he doesn't have a temper, he will occasionally lash out, whether it was over something silly or serious.


Being very quiet at nature, Kasper still has many interactions with different characters.


Kasper and Tavor get along okay, but their conflicting personalities sometimes makes them clash. They do love each other, but that doesn't stop them from bickering with each other time to time. Other than multiple arguments, they get along really well and love to team up when fighting.


Imre and Kasper for along very well. Kasper used to read to him when they were younger, and they often played together a lot. Kasper was deeply effected by Imre's death to the point of not eating, and confining himself to his room or library.

Cayo and Cade

Cayo and Kasper get along very well, though their personalities sometimes cause them to argue with each other. Kasper and Cayo spent a lot of time together, through their immense differences, and Kasper was even able to teach him some Japanese.

Cade and him get along very well. They both love to read, and they often recommend books to each other, and discuss it when either is done, making a two person book club. Cade actually looks up to him a little, and Kasper loves it.


April and him get along fine, though April often chastises him and worries about him for not socializing very much. They are childhood friends, and Kasper actually looked up and admired her straight forward and fun attitude.


Alice and Kasper get along, though they act more like acquaintances than actual friends. Alice is too hyper and loud for Kasper, and Kasper's too quiet for Alices liking. Kasper did admit to admiring her care free and no regret spirit though.


Isla and Kasper seem to get along just fine, though Kasper seems a little fearful of her sporadic mood swings.


  • "I socialize plenty."
  • "No."
  • "Yes."
  • "I suppose..."
  • "Tavor, can't you admit that maybe you were wrong for once?"
  • "Cayo, look before you leap."
  • "Ah, I recommend that book."
  • "You're just using this as an excuse! How could you do this?! Imre was your d*** brother Tavor?! Is this what you did to Mother and Father too?!"
  • "Cayo! Please don't prank me!"
  • "Ophelia, put the shuriken down."
  • "Thank you, Isla, for keeping our secret. I hope we may work together more often."
  • "I know... I... Was wrong... But at least I can admit it."


  • Kasper was originally scheduled to be the one to die, instead of Imre.
  • Kasper can speak several other languages.
  • Kasper also likes to do origami, and once was able to create a thousand origami foldings in one sitting.
  • Kasper had never flown a kite before.
  • He seems to be afraid of lightning, as seen when he jumped when a flash of lightning struck.
  • Kaspers outfit and nickname is a homage to Stealth the Hedgehog from the Archie Comics (Mobius seventeen universe).
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