This is an article about Kasari Blackbear, a character created by Fox,Fox,Cat on 01/7/2014.

'"'My name's Katherine,but I prefer the name Kasari"~Kasari's introduction


Kasari is a black bear with a light grey muzzle.Her hair and eyes are brown.She wears a tan headband with a red tuff on it,a tan scarf around her neck,a purple t-shirt,grey pants,and grey shoes.


Kasari was born in a small village,to two lovely Blackbears named Catalina and Pierce.Kasari's birth name is Katherine,and that is what she went by in the village.Katherine was pretty popular in the village amongst the elders,considering,Pierce,her father,was mayor of the settlement.Her mother,Catalina,was a school teacher in the village.Since Katherine was Catalina's daughter,she taught her the best in the class,even outside of school.As well Catalina discplined her daughter the most.Katherine really liked her life in the village.She tried her best to mature and learn politics,to become a mayor like her father.

One day,when Katherine was eleven,would be the worst of her life.Kasari was playing with the village Tinkerer's grandson,when the alarm went off in the small town.The town was under attack from a much larger nation,who saught to take over it.The last Katherine saw of her parents was when they dropped her off at the Tinkerer's house.The old man took his grandson and Katherine far away from the village.Katherine and the two would eventually part ways.

Eventually,Katherine would find a city named Aetermen.Katherine gave herself the nickname,Kasari,and updated her look so she would fit into the city.Kasari was taken in by man named Jerome,whom she has a crush,and a little girl namd Rosa.She got herself situated in the city and met almost everyone in it.

She currently resides in said city and works as an intern to Mister(Mayor) Granite Douglas.


Kasari is an optomistic and mature black bear.Kasari is usually optomistic,but sometimes she can be pessimistic.She matured at a young age because she would like to get to know the elders in her old village better.Kasari,as well as mature,is also intellegent,since her mother was a school teacer.She likes to dabble politics and hopes one day to be a mayor,like her father.

Her downsides are that is she is a bit too egotistiocal.She thinks she is the best,even though deep down she knows it's not true.She has a temperament issue,too,and it affects her anger greatly.She'll become angry at all the little things.

Aside from her downsides,she a pretty nice and gentle person.Kasari is willing to help anyone in need,just like her father and mother did.She,however,refuses to work with those who are mean and cruel to others(Though she put up exceptions for Eileen and Triton).And lastly,Kasari is a flirty woman.She will hit on anyone she finds attractive,be it male or female.Though,she will only date and have 'relations' with males.


Katelyn the Munchlax(Best Friend)

Katelyn and Kasari get along very well,both are pretty strong and both have a love for food.Kasari's defensive of Katelyn and sometimes vice versa.Kasari often goes to the Thief Kingdom to see Katelyn,sometimes they'll sparr together.

Jerome Kittensworth(Close Friend/Suitor)

Kasari often likes to flirt with Jerome and finds him(and his voice)extremely attractive.Jerome on the other hand does not like it when she flirts and sometimes hates it when she's around.Both treat each other like partners when it comes to fighting,however,and Kasari only trusts Jerome to fight alongside her.

Tanya Mole(Friend/Apprentice)

Kasari treats Tanya like a little sister or apprentince and doesn't spend that much time with her.Tanya,however,seems to have a bit of an obssesive crush on Kasari because of how charismatic and optomistic she is.Kasari is oblivious to Tanya's crush on her.

Rosa Leo Pard Gecko(Best Friend/Apprentice)

Kasari treats like a little sister or apprentice just like Tanya,however Kasari more closer to Rosa than Tanya and the both have a lot in common.Rosa views Kasari as an older sister and spends most of her time with Kasari when Rosa's not playing the piano.

Triton the Genesect(Friend/Suitor)

Triton's and Kasari's relationship is a bit rocky since the two don't get along well on certain topics.Nonetheless the two still have a pretty good relationship together.Kasari likes to flirt with Triton and weirdly he likes it and flirts back,too.

Blaine the Owl(Aquantint/Suitor)

At first Kasari viewed Blaine was a Villain for having a girl named Eileen attack her.After fighting with Eileen,Eileen finally fled and quit working for Blaine.The damage from the fight caused a building to fall down and almost crush Blaine who was saved by Kasari.Kasari decided that Blaine would stay at her appartment and began flirting with Blaine.Blaine is often annoyed by Kasari's flirting,but developed a crush on Kasari since she saved him.

Mister Granite Douglas(Aquantint)

Granite says he's training Kasari to become Aetermen's next mayor.However it appears Granite is weak and over-emontional about his path which often causes Kasari to take over Aetermen's political system.Sometimes she'll abuse the powers of the system,but often she let's things work themselves out.Kasari would consider Granite a friend,but the don't interact as often.

Maurice the Hippo(Aquantint)

Kasari always goes to Maurice's Bar with Jerome,even though she can't drink.She usually talks with Maurice even though Maurice does not like Kasari as much.However,Kasari is trying her best to keep Maurice's Bar in business,especially since Maurice has a wife and a young daughter.


Eileen the Robin(Friendly Rival/Former Enemy)

Eileen was the girl who sent by Blaine to attack Kasari,because Gerald was using Kasari as defense against Blaine.The two fought for awhile until Eileen lost and fled.The two met again when Katelyn introduced the two.At first they didn't get along that well,but eventually they set on being friendly rivals with one another.

Gerald Cat(Rival)

Gerald is a cat who used Kasari as a defense against his rival,Blaine the Owl.They were neutral with each other at first,but then Gerald found out she might possibly become mayor of Aetermen.He then started a rivalry with her,even though she rather much flirt with him than fight.


Lorraine Fencette anf Family(Mortal Enemies)

Kasari's friends and herself hate the Fencette family ever since they came around and started to beat up Kasari and her friends.They claim they stole Rosa from her even though Rosa doesn't remember them.The two sides will never work together.

Swift and Mary Pinky the Generic Hedgehog(Enemies)

Swift and Mary consider themselves friends of Kasari.Kasari considers them idiots she wants nothing to do with.They keep stalking her and Swift wants Kasari to be one of his one thousand girlfriends.


Kasari can not hurt a man she deems attractive.

Kasari is easily angered.

Kasari is egotistical.



"My name's Katherine,but I prefer the name Kasari"-Introduction

"You seem like a pretty handsome man~"-Kasari when flirting

"Only people who respect each others get the best the society offers"

"What parents?"-Kasari does not like talking about her family

"Hehe...You're cute Jerome~"-Flirting with Jerome

"Well it was nice meeting you"-Kasari saying goodbye

"This world is still filled with fools..."

"Mayor Douglas,I really think you should step down if you can't take this job seriously...."-Kasari questioning Mister Granite Douglas' mayorship.


  • Kasari birthday is the same as the day her page was created,which is on January 7th.
  • Kasari is the creator's main character.
  • Kasari might be British
  • Kasari could either be read as Kesari or Kasari.If it is read as Kesari,it is an Indian name for Lion/Saffron.If it is read as Kasari,it is a village (and river) in Estonia.
  • Kasari may hate overlanders
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