Kasandra Ford
Will power, soothing powers, transformation
Wolves, threats to her farm
Gonzalos Lopez (biological father), Michelle Lopez (biological mother), Arnold Ford (adoptive father), Annie Ford (adoptive mother)
Shotgun, claws
"Hey handsome, what brings ya round these parts?"
"My eyes are up here, darlin."

Formerly Kasandra Eleadora Placida Presencia Lopez, now Kasandra Ford, is a Hispanic coyote farm girl who was born in Spain, but was given up for adoption within the United States after her parents got in trouble keeping her. Kasandra was too young to remember her real parents, though it is known they were of Spanish descent. After some time, a kind couple of farmers arrived at the adoption centre and managed to adopt little Kasandra so that she would grow to help them out on their little farm, as well as be a subject of her adoptive mother's maternal care as she herself was unable to have kids.


Kasandra stands at 7'2 feet in height, with long brown hair that goes along down her back towards her tail. Her main fur colour is a rather deepish brown, with her muzzle, torso, and the backsides of her legs being a lighter brown in colour. On certain parts of her body, like her hair, elbows and tail, the brown is a lot darker. She also has mild brown eyes. She is rather slim, although her hips are somewhat wide and her chest area quite proportionate.

She has a tendency to wear a nice shade of brown lipstick, and paints her claws almost the exact same colour. She likes to wear often revealing outfits, such as a ripped shirt and shorts being her main outfit. However, she has been known to dress in a more uniformed way when she goes to college, often wearing something not as revealing.


Early Life

Kasandra was the only daughter of a Hispanic couple who had dreams of making it big in America. When she was just a baby, her parents had managed to successfully enter America and settle down on a temporary residence, with rather horrible surroundings such as bugs and mould. However, she did not have much to complain about as she was only little.

A few months after moving in, Kasandra was taken away and put up for adoption by social services after finding out about the immigrate parents, her were unallowed to keep her in such vile living conditions. Kasandra was in the adoption centre for several weeks before a nice couple of farmers came along and figured they would adopt Kasandra, saying she would be a "strong worker" and nice company to keep around, as the adoptive mother, Annie, could not have kids of her own.

Kasandra was raised on a farm as she grew up, getting to know how to handle various farm animals such as cows and pigs. At her young age she looked rather unattractive and very different from her adoptive parents, although she didn't care. As she went to school, she was the subject of bullying because of her heritage and the fact she was adopted, which caused her vision on the world to dim a bit until she met a group of wannabe gangsters. These "gangsters" were the low lives of the city, and all had stories to tell, such as one member not even having parents, and another stating his father beat his mom at night.

This meeting with them made Kasandra determined to make the world a happier place, and so she decided she would do the best she could in order to bring better welfare to the people of the city.


Kasandra has indeed achieved her goal of better welfare, as the quality of the farm products has increased and her family now owns much more land than they did before. She is a good business asset, although she has began to take college studies in order to further her education, as the school years were pretty tormenting and she wasn't prepared to immediatley take on a higher eductaion, although nowadays she likes to travel as well.


Kasandra has a positive, yet somewhat basic, outlook on the world. She loves to play around with all people, only wanting to really have a fun time, although in terms of deeper relationships, she only holds a few people in high regard, such as Sana. She is polygamous, meaning that one partner won't do, and she is bi, but has a preference towards the male gender.

At times, she can become incredibly angry, and she responds by pulling out her shotgun. Things that tend to get her angry are being constantly bothered by people, when things get in the way of her goals and work, or sob stories trying to win her heart over, the one she hates the most. Despite loving to hang around boys and men, she will hold romantic relationships for a rightful suitor.

When she feels threatened, she can access the power to transform into a rather large and terrifying werewolf-like creature, known as the Chupacabra, which possesses enhanced speed and strength and also likes to drain the blood from her enemies.

Powers and Abilities


Kasandra Chupacabra

Kasandra as El Chupacabra

Kasandra is cursed with the ability to transform into a large, tall, and rather hostile creature, known as the Chupacabra. In this form, Kasandra is a merciless creature of both hunger and anger, and has no control over this form whatsoever; it emerges either every Full Moon or when she feels incredibly threatened. Kasandra grows considerably, up to about 10ft, and gains a thirst for flesh and blood, like the chupacabra of legends, but also gains the destructive power of a werewolf, being able to punch through walls without breaking a sweat, as her primal instincts have clouded her mind. In this form, she is strong enough to put even some demons to shame, although she cannot use energy attacks, like she never could, or her trusty shotgun.


Kasandra nearly always carries her trusty shotgun, which she has affectionately called Bobby, wherever she goes. The shotgun itself is a Remington 870, and Kasandra always keeps it cocked and loaded just in case she needs it, as well as always carrying spare shells for when she needs to reload.


  • Despite her skimpy outfits, Kasandra is actually a morally promising character and doesn't sleep with anybody except those she feels are right for her, which aren't a lot of people.
  • Kasandra has a hidden crush on Savaric.
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