Kas'wisor is a planet approximately 7.2 light years away from Mobius.


Majority of Kas'wisor's lifeforms exist in it's two oceans, Hash'Kavlat and Shasew'Kavlat. Most of these lifeforms are photosynthetic single-celled organisms, but large, more complex multi-cellular organisms exist as well, most of them being invertebrates.

Strangely enough, life on Kas'wisor are similar to life on Mobius, however some creatures are quite "otherworldly" as some say. One creature is known to let carnivorous sea plants grow into their back, which feed nutrients to the creature as the plants eat. Many of Kas'wisors plant-life relys on eating living organisms for food, as an event in it's early evolution burnt all the nutrients from the ground. Not many creatures live on land in Kas'wisor, insect like creatures and some mammal-like creatures live on land. The most advanced life are the Kassai, which vaguely resemble a Mobian cat/echidna hybrid. They've mastered space travel and advanced technologies for thousands of years, and are possibly ancient Mobians that are the precursors of today's mobians, earning them the scientific name of Mobo Kassai.

Sola plants grow all around the swamp areas of Kas'wisor, these plants create a delicious red fruit, and their sap can be used for multiple purposes such as paste, gum, rubber, plastic, fibers, and even lightweight and durable armor plating. Kas'wisor is tidally locked with it's sun, meaning that only one side of the planet is lit, and the other is dark. This dark side has freezing temperatures and is completely barren. Only single-celled organisms can survive, and some Kassai have managed to explore the outer parts of the area, but deeper parts of this dark side can have temperatures close to absolute zero.


In the bright part of Kas'wisor, temperatures are relatively stable. It's local star always focuses on the planet's major oceans, sending warm, tropical, air towards the cooler air around the dark side. The swamps in which Sola plants grow, temperatures can be around 26ºC, and at the conjunction between the dark and the light, temperatures dramatically fluctuate between 22ºC and -13ºC. The islands that most Kassai inhabit, temperatures are the hottest on land, often going over 38ºC.


The planet was discovered around 15 to 16 years ago by the Mobian Space Association, who began to vigorously study the planet's surface. It's existance was kept a secret until an hacker leaked files from the Mobian Army of it's existance, and people began to start controversy about the planet being inhabited due to it's two large oceans and abundance of green. Eventually, the M.S.A sent space probes to orbit around the planet, and these probes managed to map out the planet, but all samples where lost when the probe mysteriously lost contact with Mobius.

Around 5 years ago, evidence of space probes and rovers where found, and it was assumed that Mobius had been explored by Kassai for over half a century. It was established by the M.S.A. to get a rover to successfully land on Kas'wisor, and it was done, the rover gradually explored the planet's outskirts until finding the Kassai metropolis, where it was quickly captured by Kassai officials.

News of this intelligent life was blocked from the public, but eventually people began to think that it was due to the lack of word from it. G.U.N., the Mobian Army, and the M.S.A. agreed to send a diplomatic spacecraft to greet the Kassians in an effort to learn about their technology and perhaps even form an alliance, in the event that it was required. It is unknown what the Kassai government believe, but M.S.A. has noticed a lot more anomalies go through Mobius' atmosphere, bring up the idea that they may land on Mobius and day to either make war, or peace.

Significant Populations

Kassai, the most advanced species on Kas'wisor, live in the line of land that separates the two oceans. For strange reasons, the M.S.A. is unable to view these cities from space, yet rovers have explored the cities for minute periods of time, until eventually being found by the Kassai government, which appears to be ruled by a matriarch named Reva kas Sov, and her brother, Vasti kas Sov.

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