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Karti emeralds are different than Chaos and Sol emeralds. These emeralds includes special abilities, which can't be possessed with normal emeralds. Also, there are 15 Karti emeralds, each with their own special ability.


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Karti emeralds

Karti emeralds.

Each emerald has unique ability, which are listed in this section:


This emerald can turn it's user invisible. It can also give an ability to be like chameleon. This means that user can blend to background's color.


The emerald of life. It can turn alive anything. Most effective, when using on trees.


An emerald, which gives it's user supersonic speed. Must be used carefully, since none of us aren't borned as Sonic the Hedgehog.


Also known as Gorgo emerald. It can freeze opponent and almost everything.


This emerald can teleport you to your destination. The destination is chosen by thinking it.


The emerald of duplicating. The user can create copies of him or herself


The emerald of weather. You can control weather and determinate the weather.'

Dark purple

This emerald makes it's user like a ghost. You will be untouchable with this.


The emerald gives you an ability to brainwash anyone. Doesn't work to robots.


The user of this emerald gets harder as rock, harder as diamond. Nothing can't do damage to user, when using this emerald.


Have you ever thought, how it feels to be giant? This emerald makes it possible with it's ability to make you larger.


You have ability to control gravity with this emerald. It can be also used to flying.


Morph into anything with this emerald. The morphing happens by thinking an item you want to turn into.


Lights out! This emerald is used to darken up the area where it's used.


This emerald is used to slow down the time.


The legend tells about Karti masters, who are known as strongest Mobian mages. The Karti masters were a group of 15 mages:Varglikkus, Juurikas, Kiirus, Gorgeus,Koolutus, Topelt, Prognoos, Fantooom, Ajuloputus, Raske, Tohutu, Raskustung, Pimedus, Muutma and Aeglane. All of them posessess magnificent powers. They all made an emerald to resemble their powers for those, who will need their powers in future. After making the emeralds, they haven't been heard for years. Who knows, if they will come back someday...


  • Karti masters' names, except Gorgeus are all in the language of  Estonia
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