Karakal the Watcher
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A former White Cherouv who guards the portal leading to the Putriverse, Karakal the Watcher debuts in The Wheels of Fate as a wholly neutral character. He allows the heroes access to the Putriverse, so long as they can get past The Devourer of Corpses alive...

Physical Description

Karakal looks quite similar to the other White Cherouvs in terms of physical build; he is a biped who stands a little over two feet tall, with two pairs of wings, a long thin tail, and long ears, as well as antlers and a neck ruff.

However, Karakal's coloration is different; his hair, wings and tail tuft are black in color, while his antlers and neck ruff are grey. The rest of his fur remains white, but he has no markings on his body. Disturbingly, the ball of light has been replaced by a glowing eye, and he has gauze wrapped around his real eyes, as he had gouged them out after looking into the Book of All.


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Early Life

Karakal has been around for an incredible amount of time, appearing shortly after Celestial created the Middleverse, as one of Ka's White Cherouvs. His responsibility was to help maintain good relations between the people of the Hyperverse and the people of the Middleverse.

It was not long after the Middleverse was created that Karakal happened to stumble upon a strange book, existing within a dimension all its own. Curious, he opened the mysterious tome and read from it; only 5 seconds later, he was clawing out his eyes, unable to cope with what he had seen.

He had seen the future.


The other Cherouvs and Ka found their comrade nearly unconscious, raving mad and whispering unintelligibly. His eyes were destroyed by his own hands, and when Ka tried to restore them, Karakal abruptly refused, terrified that he would see what was in the book again. Ka asked what exactly he had seen that horrified him. Although at first highly reluctant, Karakal finally mumbled two words, before refusing to speak anymore;

"The future..."

The Watcher

Karakal begged Ka to erase his memory of the event.


Base Stats
Spcl. Atk
Spcl. Def
Other Stats

Like all of the White Cherouvs, Karakal is able to fly, and also has moderate telekinetic abilities; he is also capable of limited teleportation, able to blink a maximum distance of two feet. However, he is capable of more than the other Cherouvs; he can manipulate both Light and Darkness, as well as the Advanced Element of Balance.



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Karakal maintains much of his childlike demeanor, back before he looked into the Book of All. However, he seems to be less naive than his brethren.

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Negative Traits

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