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This is a page about Kara the Dolphin, a character created by Wikikinetic

NOTE: This article may contain spoilers for After You'd Remember and Deathwall.

Wisp owner-turned Wisp breeder-turned Wisp experimenter-turned girl with a Wisp stuck on the end of her arm, Kara is not your average college dolphin. She's never been average; in fact, her Wisp breeding/experimenting has always made her the odd one out. However, Kara doesn't care, and the older she gets, the more reckless she becomes in her experiments. In fact, if she doesn't stop soon, some people's lives may be at risk…


Kara is a female dolphin with blue-gray skin, gray eyes, and a prominent fin on top of her head. Being a Mobian dolphin, she has no visible hair. Kara tends to wear a purple sweater over a blue shirt, baggy gray pants, and dark gray sneakers with gray socks. While working, she'll also wear beige rubber gloves that come halfway up her lower arms. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Kara's appearance is that, after fusing an Ivory wisp with her right arm, her lower-right arm has turned an ivory color and has gained two eyes on the back of her hand.


Kara could probably best be described as a free spirit. Never the one to bend to society's expectations of her, Kara has spent most of her life doing whatever she felt like and pursuing whatever she found most interesting instead of what others of her kind might do. Kara also has a fascination with bizarre creatures, which was what led her to spend her free time working with Wisps.

In terms of social interactions, Kara is generally polite to others and will happily converse with them about topics that interest her. However, if she's interrupted in during a task, such as if she's doing homework or feeding her Wisps, she will be polite for short periods of time, but also brusque, as she is eager to get back to whatever she was doing when interrupted. That said, if someone comes to her with an interesting enough story or offer, she'll hear them out, but otherwise, she'll only stand half a minute of idle conversation before telling the other person off so that she can continue what she’s doing. Note that, as said earlier, this side of her is only seen when she is engaged in a task; otherwise she's a perfectly decent person to be around.

There is another side to Kara, but one that no one ever sees. When she's working on her Wisp experimentation, she'll sometimes become invested in her project to the point where other people's lives are not as high on her priority list as they should be. Sure, she still cares about other people's lives, but she may pay a bit too much attention to her projects and potentially endanger other people in an attempt to save as much of her project as possible, should something go wrong with it. This was only hinted at in Deathwall, and those events buried this side of Kara for a long time, as she became far more worried about her friends' well-being…but now this side of her is back again, and her friends may not like where it leads.

Strengths and Powers

While Kara used to have no particular powers of her own, she has always possessed a number of loyal Wisps who will defend her from people who attack her. Kara is also fairly skilled with a dagger, allowing her to defend herself should her Wisps be unavailable. Additionally, she can communicate with the Ivory Wisp that is now fused into her right arm, giving her limited electrokinesis (but only when the Ivory Wisp behaves itself).


Kara grew up in Metropolis Central, a place that, among other things, had low security and high density of unusual goods being sold, these goods including Wisps. At a young age, Kara became interested in these Wisps and managed to get her parents to buy her one as a pet, causing her to obtain a Magenta Wisp, who she nicknamed Bead. After caring for it for a while, she was almost able to convince her parents to get her another one, but then Bead disappeared, causing Kara to leave home and go on a scavenger hunt for it until it occurred to her to check the internet, where she found that a hedgeguin named Tranq had put up a missing poster for Bead. Excited at this, she managed to catch a ride on a train to Red Gate Bay, get Bead back from Tranq, and take another train back, at which point she returned home with Bead. Her parents, who were worried about their daughter going missing for four days, decided that her getting another Wisp would be a very bad idea, as it might cause her to have a similar disappearance.

Kara was very annoyed that her parents wouldn't let her get another Wisp, so she started looking for ways to get more without her parents' consent. Eventually, she found a Wisp dealer named Sam, who struck up a proposal with her: if she would keep around and breed Wisps for him, he'd let her have one Wisp, any Wisp she liked from his store, for every two Wisps she created. Excited at the prospect of getting one Wisp right off the bat (a necessary part of the deal, as it took two Wisps to breed and she only had one) and at potentially getting more in the future, Kara accepted his offer and went home the proud owner of a Pink Wisp that her parents didn't know about.

The Wisp breeding offer was a success, and made both Sam and Kara happy; by the time Kara went off to college, Sam's business had grown significantly and Kara had a packing container as large as she was that was stuffed with Wisps. Promising to continue breeding Wisps and continuing the trade by mail, Kara left to college, where she continued with her Wisp breeding. In fact, in her sophomore year, she even discovered a freshman named Kim who was happy to help her out in her projects. However, during that same year, she started work on another project, one that she wouldn't even tell Kim about, one that involved sucking a Wisp's life force (also known as Hyper-go-on) out of its body, transforming it into a fearsome Nega Wisp. When the Nega Wisp became violent and started attacking her, Kara panicked and set up a trap to destroy it, only to ruin the trap and nearly kill her friends. After fixing the trap, she managed to properly obliterate the Nega Wisp, then destroyed the trap, vowing not to do anything that might endanger her friends again.

That was sophomore year. Over the summer after her junior year, she decided that maybe doing bizarre stuff with Wisps wasn't so bad, and returned to college for her senior year with an Ivory Wisp oddly bonded to the end of her right arm. The power that it's given her is such that she's considering sucking out its Hyper-go-on, something that could endanger not only her friends, but the entirety of her college if she goes through with it…


This character's sixstat code is 442441

  • Health: 4 – Kara is a surprisingly tough young dolphin, making her resistance to damage above-average.
  • Damage: 4 – On her own, she can do a reasonable amount of damage. With her Wisps, she can do even more damage. With an Ivory Wisp at the end of her arm, the two are combined, making her do quite a bit of damage.
  • Speed: 2 – Kara isn't terribly fast, making her speed below-average.
  • Reflexes: 4 – Kara's reflexes are honed from having lived in a place full of thieves and having to avoid them. Granted, they're not super, but they're better than normal.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Kara can't come up with great plans on the fly. Given a week, she'll come up with truly amazing plans. In the heat of battle, though, she'll get plans that might be amazing, might be good, and might be so-so. It's pretty random.
  • Regen: 1 – Kara's damage resistance may be good, but her regeneration from damage is not. If you hit her hard, that'll take a while to recover.


  • Kim the Ferret: Probably Kara's best friend, Kim is the only one who not only copes with Kara's bizarre Wisp experimentation, but who actually helps her out with it. This gives Kara a certain level of respect towards Kim that is unrivaled by most other people who Kara meets.
  • Tess the Bat: Although she may be a friend of a friend, Tess is probably Kara's second-best friend. Although Tess insists that Kara be "decent" when experimenting, which Kara finds very annoying, Kara generally finds Tess to be a fun person to be around.

Fun Facts

  • Kara was originally an alternate version of my Custom BIONICLE character, Karanaia. For this reason, due to Karanaia's relative reasonableness, I was surprised at how chaotic and occasionally downright creepy Kara turned out to be. Note that, by now, the two characters are barely related.