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"Anyone who messes with me or my friends had better run for their lives, cause I don't take prisoners."


Kara-Su the Sun Echidna is a fan character made by Sophiecinders14. Kara-Su is a Mobian Sun Echidna, a breed of Echidnas who were very similar to gods, who travelled through dimensions to save her brother's life. A Sun Echidna is an Echidna who could control the elements, had high intellengence and some of them had powers over the sun itself and could use it's energy for what they wanted.

Name: Kara-Su

Kara-Su 2.jpg

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Sun Echidna

Alignment: Good

Relationship status: Married

Colour: Golden

Height: 3 foot five inches

Weight: Secret

Likes: Her friends, her family, protecting Knuckles, fighting the bad guys, proving that even though she's a girl she can still fight, beating her opponents or enemies, having fun, relaxing, being needed,

Dislikes: The Dark Legion, the Eggman Empire, being beaten in battle, having to surrender, not completing a mission, failing, her friends or family getting hurt, her powers being the cause of trouble, being ordered about,

Friends: Knuckles, Julie-Su, Sonic, Sally, Silver, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor, Amy-Rose, Tails, Cream, Blaze, Shadow, Vector, Mighty, Espio, Liza,

Enemies: Dimitri, Kragok, Lien-Da, the Dark Legion, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Metal Tails, Scourge, Romantic Interests: Russell the Echidna

Family: Locke (father) Lara-Le (mother) Logan, Knuckles and Mace (brothers)


Kara-Su is a golden Echidna with long gold dreadlocks that fall to the middle of her back. On her chest, she bears a Guardian's mark, a symbol of her heratiage. She wears a blue sleeveless top that exposes a small amount of her chest, black shorts and blue ankle length boots. She wears a gold ring on her wedding finger.


Throughout her life, Kara-Su has shown herself to be a kind-hearted person who will risk her life for other. Like her brother, Knuckles, she is honest, independant, head strong and devoted to her duty. She is a very serious person who never usually messes about, but, when the time comes to relax, she's the first one to do so. She genuinely seems to care for what she fights for and hates sitting on the sidelines when she could be out there fighting for what's right. She has a strong desire for adventure and danger, seeing as she was bought up in a war, however her thrill for excitement often land her in trouble with both enemies and friends. Also, Kara-Su has a strong temper. When someone prevokes her, she tends to attack first and ask questions later. However, she gets along with anyone who is kind to her, treats her with respect and accepts her for who she is.


Kara-Su was born during the Chaos War which both of her parents, Locke and Tammy-Su, ended up getting killed in trying to protect her. She was taken in by Silver, who saved her from being abducted by the enemy. As Kara-Su grew up, she found out she was not the average echidna and could control the elements through her emotions or deep concentration. At the age of seven, she became curious at the mark on her chest and asked Silver what it was, who stated it was the mark of a Guardian and that he had been trying to find her brother, but added sadly that he couldn't locate him. The reason for this was discovered when Kara-Su hit the age of sixteen. In the past Kragok had killed her brother during an attack on Angel Island. Not wanting her only family left to die, Kara-Su asked Silver to help her travel through time to save her brother so she would have a family. When Silver arrived, he was immediately greeted by Sonic the Hedgehog. When Silver introduced Sonic to Kara-Su, Sonic became curious about the mark on her chest, as he knew there could only be one Guardian at a time, and seeing she was as young as he was, he became concerned she might be an enemy trying to steal the master emerald by pretending to be a Guardian. Silver then explained that Kara-Su was Knuckles' sister from an alternate time line and had gone through time to save his life. Sonic took Kara-Su to see Knuckles and Julie-Su, who Kara-Su soon discovered was her brother's soul mate. When Knuckles first saw Kara-Su, he too like Sonic, thought she was an imposter, so attacked her on sight. Sonic managed to pull him off Kara-Su before he was going to do some damage and quickly explained she was Knuckles' sister from an alternate time line. Kara-Su then explained to him that she was his sister from an alternate time line and was here to save their world before a war with the Dark Legion started. She then explained that she was a Sun Echidna when the amount of energy coming from her was questioned.

First Encounter with the Dark Legion

The first Legionnaire met was Lien-Da, who was quick to attack her. However, Kara-Su was quicker than Lien-Da could have anticipated, but she didn't noticed Kragok, who she wouldn't meet until later, hiding within the trees. Taking his chance, Kragok shot Kara-Su and he and Lien-Da quickly made their escape. After arriving at the hospital, Kara-Su become conscious and freaked out because she didn't know where she was. This resulted in her slightly trashing the room she was in and knocking all the doctors unconscious. Her wound had healed all by itself. Kara-Su's next encounter with the Dark Legion was shortly after she dealt with some teenage male Echidnas who thought it would be fun to flirt with her. After Knuckles had come to complain to her, he suddenly fell unconscious and Julie-Su warned Kara-Su of an incoming attack. She spun around to catch a golden spear that had been thrown at her by Xenin. The blade slightly cut her hands savagely, but she barely showed any pain. This provoked her to transform into her super form for the first time and she used her powers to attack Xenin and Kragok, but, as a result she fell unconscious due to draining a lot of energy out of herself. While she was unconscious, she had a vision of the Ancient walkers basically asking her if she would kill Kragok and Lien-Da, even if it came at a price. Later on in her vision, she met the goddess Aurora who explained the extent of her powers. When she awoke, shortly after leaving where she had been taken, Kara-Su saw a Dark Legion airship and went to attack Kragok. Only when she got there she found he was about to shoot Knuckles, so kicked the gun out of his hand and pushed Knuckles off the airship, saving his life. After this, she was knocked unconscious by Kragok and pushed off the airship, but was saved when Russell caught her. She kissed him on the cheek to say thank you and quickly ran off. Shortly after this, the two formed the Golden Soul Touch, a rare form of Soul Touch amongst Sun Echidnas.

Battling the Dark Legion

Throughout many attempts to kill Kara-Su, the legion failed. However, they did managed to kill Knuckles, who returned from the dead a year later. As did Rowan, the one who had sent the missiles that killed Knuckles, who was killed by Kara-Su for murdering her brother. After Knuckles returned, Julie-Su was attacked by Lien-Da, luring Knuckles into the woods where he was met with Dimitri. After a short bickering between the two, Julie-Su gained consciousness and shot Dimitri. Watching this was Kragok and Lien-Da, who returned to the Dark Legion as it's new commanders and began to arrange a war. The next day the Dark Legion sent one of their messengers named Dodger, who would soon become a member of the Chaotix, to give the Constable Remington a message telling him to bring his finest troops to the place where Knuckles was killed to settle things once and for all. When they arrived, Remington tried to give the legion one last chance to surrender, but, it was denied. The war began and Kara-Su instantly charged for Kragok. They battled for what seemed like hours, but what in reality was only ten minutes. She then managed to caused Kragok to fall to the ground and killed him with a sword of energy. The legion then surrendered when they found out both of their leaders were dead. After defeating the Dark Legion who were banished to the twilight zone, Silver appeared and told Kara-Su that their time line had been restored and her brother was alive. When she was offered the chance to go home, she refused. She chose to stay with her friends and her boyfriend. Shortly after Silver left, Russell proposed to Kara-Su, who accepted.

Being Sent to the Devil's Locker

One year later, the Dark Legion returned with the assistance of a very powerful cat named Scar and captured Kara-Su, but, it wasn't long before she was rescued by Sonic, Knuckles and Julie-Su. However, they were soon faced with a strange machine that sent them into a place where the innocent were sent to be punished. They soon met a female Chameleon named Liza who helped them find water and the way out. However, Kara-Su had to use her powers in order to trick the portal into thinking it had been the amount of time that was needed for them to be freed by shining sunlight directly on the portal. They soon all escaped, but were separated on the way back. When Kara-Su returned she found out that the Freedom Fighters, who had been protecting the Master Emerald in Knuckles' absence, were being attacked by the Dark Legion. When she tried to help them, she was given an injection by Kragok and then fell unconscious. She was then taken to a machine which slowly began to drain her of her powers, which would result in killing her. She was rescued by her friends and they returned to their normal lives until the legion would attack again. One morning, Kara-Su was taken by Bobbie, Scar's brother who required her help to defeat him. She agreed and they returned only to find that Julie-Su had been taken by the Dark Legion as well as Sonic and Barby from the Downunda freedom fighters. They infiltrated the Dark Legion's base, only to be captured and attached to a machine that would sent them back to the battle where the Dark Legion lost. When Kara-Su tried to fight, Scar attacked her and was going to shoot her when a being of fire appeared in front of her and protected her from the bullet. This being turned out to be Pandora-Le, Kara-Su's cousin and a lower form of Sun Echidna, who had come from her original time line to help her. Before the machine could complete the task, Julie-Su shot it and the E.S.T arrived to arrest the legionnaires who didn't escape. The machine did have some effect on them though, it returned Kara-Su to her original age of sixteen, the age she'd been when she first arrived.

The Second War

Shortly after the machine returning her to an age of sixteen, the Dark Legion declaimed war again. Only this time they had a few added allies. Scar and his assistant Raven, Mammoth Mogul, the Fearsome Foursome and Dr. Finitevus. When Kara-Su tried to reach Kragok, she was blocked by Finitevus, but their fight was quickly over as when she was going to kill him he used a warp ring to get out of there before she could. Kara-Su then ran over to Kragok, but, little did she realise she was heading into a trap. Before Kragok could stab her, Pandora-Le force herself between the two and took the blade for Kara-Su. After this, Kara-Su formed and lightening bolt in her hands and pushed it through Kragok's chest. The legionnaires who were still alive were arrested and Lien-Da, who had been put into a coma by Julie-Su, was taken to the hospital. When Russell asked Kara-Su if she thought Kragok would stay dead this time, she simply replied with I don't know. He then asked her what they were going to do with no danger in their lives, but, she said it was right around the corner.

Becoming the Vessel for a Goddess

Six months after the battle, Kara-Su's behaviour had changed and when she said she was hearing voices in her head, people began to think she was mad. It was soon discovered that she had been cursed to bear the soul of Kali, an ancient goddess who had been cursed by her people. Kali then used Kara-Su's super form to use as a body and return to the one who had freed her from her curse, Lien-Da who had escaped from hospital after awaking from her coma. Lien-Da then restored Kali to her normal state and in return, Kali bought Kragok back to life, as well as the true Enterjak. When trying to rescue Julie-Su, who had had her soul and body kidnapped and reversed by Kali, Kara-Su ended up having her soul twisted, as did Pandora-Le, so they now worked for Kali. After several days, Sonic was told that there was one way to break the spell Kali had placed on them and that was true love's kiss. When Russell kissed her, Kara-Su was freed from the spell. However, when they went to run, they discovered Kragok was about to shoot Vector. Sonic then rushed to the rescue, but ended up getting paralysed when he took the bullet for Vector.

Guardian of the All Seeing Eye and Defeating Kali

Shortly after Sonic was paralysed, Kara-Su convinced him not to give up when he became depressed that it was unlikely he'd be able to run ever again. When she returned to Angel Island, Kali attacked her and ripped a gem from her chest which had been embedded there when she was thirteen accidentally by Kragok. This gem was called the All Seeing Eye and had the power to control any living being in any dimension, but could only be control by one person per lifetime. Seeing as Kara-Su was it's Guardian, she was the only one who could control it. The longer it was out of her, the weaker she got. When the others discovered what the gem could do, some of them began to wonder about her true allegiance, one of them was Sonic. In anger, he somehow healed himself and could walk and run again. When he returned to apologise to Kara-Su, Knuckles had retrieved the gem from Kali, who had taken some of his blood, and found about her true intentions. Shortly later they were attacked and Kara-Su and Julie-Su were taken captive. In this, Kali tried to poison them by using Knuckles' blood, which was poison to anyone but him. However, the blood had no effect on Kara-Su seeing as her blood was a natural healer. Julie-Su on the other hand was poisoned by the blood. While trying to rescue them, Knuckles met his older brother Logan who had been banished by Locke when he questioned the responsibilities of a Guardian. When they arrived in the cell Kali was keeping the girls in, Kara-Su told them to help Julie-Su. When Kali returned, Kara-Su challenged her to a battle to the death. Kali then watched as Kara-Su turned into her super form and continued to get brighter. Kara-Su stated she would kill Kali if it would protect her friends and when Kali challenged her to do so, Kara-Su formed a forcefield around her friends then placed a hand on Kali, causing the energy of a bomb to erupt from her body, destroying Kali and herself.

Death and Return

Kara-Su's body wasn't found, and many had a hard time dealing with her death. The one who struggled the most was Russell, who had lost his wife. When he threw a lamp at the wall, he found a note addressed to him concealed within it from Kara-Su, explaining why she'd done what she'd done. A week later, a funeral was arranged which Julie-Su couldn't attend to to her condition the poison had left her in. Just before the funeral started, Russell felt Kara-Su's presence through the Golden Soul Touch and rushed off to find her. He found her in a large crater in the middle of the forest, unconscious but breathing. She had first been found by a little girl who had been chasing a butterfly. Russell instantly went to her aid and had Knuckles take her to haven. However, when she was scanned it was confirmed she might have forgotten everything about her life.


In Kara-Su's upcoming series, it will be shown exactly how she survived being destroyed by the energy of a bomb and ended up in a crater. It will also show that through death, she has gathered more power though this might not be a good thing as she will struggle to control it and faces with the possibility of putting her friends' lives at risk. It also shows the bond she and her brothers share.


Gliding, retractable spurs, power over the master emerald and chaos emeralds, control over the elements, high intelligence, healing abilities, control over the All Seeing Eye, has the same amount of energy within her as a bomb and can use her body as one,

Special Abilities

As a Sun Echidna, Kara-Su was born to be the equvilant of a god. She can control all of the elements by deep concentrations or through her emotions. Also, she is the only living being that can control the All Seeing Eye, a gem that can control any living creature in any dimension. Kara-Su's blood is also a liquid diamond, which is a natural healer to herself and others. A final special ability Kara-Su has is that she can use her body as a bomb, since she has enough energy within her to destroy a whole planet.


Due to her high intellegence, which she inherited from being a Sun Echidna, Kara-Su can learn any type of skill within a few minutes, no matter how hard it is to learn. For example, she could learn to hack into a computer in ten minutes when it takes a normal person months or years to do.


When the All Seeing Eye is removed from Kara-Su's chest, she becomes increasingly weak, and slowly dies. The longer it is out of her chest, the weaker she gets and the more painful her death is.

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