Kara-An Flamberg is a friend of Enna the Echidna and a member of Jacob's Legion.

Kara-An Flamberg

Biographical Information
Age16 (as of Book Three: The Invasion
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Red-brown
  • Hair: Gray
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Black dress
  • Gray belt around waist
  • Black shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & EquipmentNone
  • Posseses the genetic ability Power Signal
  • Advanced combat - hand-to-hand
  • Advanced pyrokinesis & geokinesis
  • Modest Magma manipulation
  • Skilled pilot - air transports
VehiclesHammerforge Industries C-8 VTOL Transport
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212 & Dana-Joy


A monkey with a slim figure and slightly below average height, Kara-An has reasonably short red-brown fur covering her body, plus a head of gray hair, shaped into a bob-cut, while her blue eyes often glitter like twin sapphires.


In her role as an armed transport pilot for Jacob's Legion, Kara-An eschews the traditional robes or black leather garb preferred by the Dark Acolytes, instead wearing a tight black dress with a gray belt, and black boots. This attire has also earned her the attention of most of the male soldiers she transports, to the ire of the other women.


Early Life

Kara-An's family were originally settlers on the Space Colony ARK after it's rebuild, with their home made in the Eternal Engine district. However, her family was thrown out due to the actions of her father, accidentally killing a man by breaking up a fight, only to throw one of the combatants off a ledge. Forced to settle in Central City, the family was treated poorly, and viewed as criminals by those who knew the reason for their departure. As the years passed, both Kara-An and her elder brother Leopold Flamberg were refused places in school and the cadets, preventing either from joining the military or gaining a proper education. However, Kara-An was smart, and began to teach herself how to read, write and perform math sums. As such, she would also tinker with old aircraft, alongside her family.


Eventually, the family came across an old, run-down plane, which had apparently crashed just outside the city. Her father and brothers were more interested in fixing the old aircraft, while her mother busied herself with her job, bringing in food to sustain her family. Kara-An, however, would spend her time in the cockpit of the aircraft, tinkering with the electronics under her father's eye, but mostly daydreaming.

To the family's surprise, the plane was not only repairable, but within two months, it was ready to fly. Kara was the member chosen to fly it, due to her experience with the control systems. Despite only being fourteen, the young monkey took control of the plane, shifting power around until she managed to get it off the ground and airborne. However, she was forced to land by a military pilot, who had been scrambled due to the unidentified aircraft's take-off.


The sheer action and guts of getting an old, run-down aircraft off the ground, let alone right next to the capital of one of the most powerful nations on Mobius, earned the young pilot more attention than she expected. One afternoon, as she sat near the plane, a black-robed echidna handed her a holodisc, and simply told her to watch it. Upon returning home, her family did.

The video was a recruitment message, from the renegade Dark Legion member, Jacob the Echidna. He had been impressed by the girl's courage and instinctive skill with the aircraft, and as such, offered her sponsorship to become one of his transport pilots. The idea of the youngster piloting a transport aircraft confused her family, until the message stated that Jacob was uncomfortable sending the young girl into air-to-air combat in a fighter, due to her inexperience as a pilot. However, the vehicle would still be armed and capable of defending itself with two door-mounted weapons, each with a trained operator. Very little was discussed by the family after that point, with Kara-An instantly deciding to take up the offer of employment, despite the risk. Her mother was restrained and uncertain as to the benefits, while her father remained encouraging.


Separated from her parents, Kara worked her way to an old airport, about two hours out from the city itself. On arrival, she found Jacob. The green echidna greeted her, and showed her her future craft - a VTOL unit, with space for twelve at the back, plus a one-person cabin, just like the one she was used to. As she got settled into the cockpit, the echidna began to explain about the craft itself - it was an old Hammerforge Industries-built aircraft, known as a Goshawk Transport to the pilots. His people had salvaged it from an old scrapheap, and given it a new lease on life as a transport for his group of "Dark Legion" members. Excited, Kara powered the aircraft up and left quickly, following the echidna's instructions to the letter as she guided the aircraft into a clearing close to his base, an area the echidna dubbed "the airbase", which happened to have a second transport and four fighters sat within it's grounds. Slowly, the young monkey began to acquaint herself with the other pilots, and slowly started to learn to pilot the fighters, just in case.


After Jacob's Legion lost the cat village, he sent for his air-force, ordering them on a crazy attack on a small, isolated G.U.N. base with four squads of soldiers, using the transport's assault pods. Twenty-four soldiers, two VTOL transports, and four fighters, facing off against a professional military force, including anti-air soldiers. As it was her first time into combat, Kara-An was ordered by her companion to make the second pass, letting him deploy his troops and to allow his gunners to start laying down cover-fire with their door-mounted weaponry. By using the first unit as a distraction, Kara-An then could get in and drop her team with ease. However, soon after the deployment, the mission went pear-shaped when the infantry ran head-first into a tank. Forced to perform a recovery mission, Kara was able to retrieve the survivor and wounded - all six of them. By the time they returned to the base, it was gone, Decimated by the Guardian. Instead, Kara was guided to a nearby forest clearing by Enna the Echidna, Jacob's second-in-command and girlfriend. As such, she has mostly remained in the forest, "licking her wounds" so-to-speak.


A member of the Flamberg Family, Kara-An has the genetic ability Power Signal, which allows her to generate energy on a specific wavelength for basic communication with those equipped or trained to receive the information.

Skiled in the use of both Fire and Earth, Kara-An has studied the manipulation of Magma, a skill that she mostly uses in close-combat.

A talented pilot, Kara-An is capable of flying a heavy, bulky aircraft in ways that seem to defy logic, dodging anti-air fire with some difficulty.

However, when fighting in-person instead of flying, Kara-An has been noted to have issues with opponents whom have enhanced durability, immunity to certain status conditions, and an enhanced immune-system. The effect of the last point is uncertain, as none of Kara's techniques attack the opponent's immune system.

Fire Abilities

Magma Abilities

Earth Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Kara-An pilots a Hammerforge Industries C-8 VTOL Transport, commonly known as a Goshawk Transport. As the sole pilot, she has no weapons at her control, and the lives of fourteen people on board. However, that doesn't mean that she's defenseless - the ship has two after-market, door-mounted vaporizers fitted with noxious chemical weaponry - a useful, if controversial, defensive tool, limited in range but effective against most organic life.


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