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Kappa the Cave Lion is an anthropomorphic cave lion that lived in olden day Spagonia as the Seventh Saviour of Mobius.


This is a brief overview of Kappa's history that will be updated later. For now, an extended overview of his history is available here.


Kappa was an anthropomorphic Cave Lion that lived in Spagonia and was born on the January 20th 1264. He was born during the Invasion of Spagonia and was orphaned when both his mother and father were executed by Mazuran Invaders.


He was left alone in his home for a full two days before a group of wizards had found him. He was part of the ancient prophecy. The prophecy foretold that a brave hero would master the power of Mobian magic to defeat a great evil and create peace throughout the world. The wizards began training him from the age of 3, believing that if he knew how to use magic from a young age he would be able to defeat the evil being the prophecy foretold. It was only after 11 years of training that the wizards finally revealed that they were the six Saviours of Mobius. Kappa was amazed at this and continued his training for another 9 years.


At the age of 20 he enlisted in the Royal Army of Queen Bella. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a commander of an entire legion. Just a mere few weeks after becoming a commander, the Mazurans attempted another invasion of Spagonia. The Second Invasion of Spagonia was the most brutal war in Mobian history, leading to the deaths of over 90,000 Spagonians and 110,000 Mazurans. After months of constant war, Kappa was down to only having five other legionnaires under his command. The Spagonians may have lost fewer men, but there were nowhere near as many as the Mazurans. This meant that Spagonians were losing. But, as the prophecy had foretold, the hero would use his power to destroy a great evil. That evil was the Mazuran Army. Or at least that’s what led Kappa to think that.

Made a Legend

He later discovered that the Mazuran general, Tuma Yuhna was actually the dark entity known as Moordenaar and wanted complete control over every living thing in the world. He used the power of magic to defeat this great foe, trapping him in a magical prison for centuries to come. This victory was celebrated all throughout Mazuri and Spagonia and made Kappa a legend. He was also given the title The Saviour of the World which eventually led him into becoming the seventh Saviour of Mobius.


At the age of 43, he was fatally injured during the War of Mobius. He was taken into care at a healer’s temple but never fully recovered. This led to his death 2 hours later. He was the last of the Saviours of Mobius to die and the only to die in battle.


Kappa is a cave lion with yellow-orange fur. His eyes are hazel and his skin colour is orange-yellow. He wears many different things. When in training he wore white robes and slacks with tan coloured sandals. When he was out and about he wore his army clothing which was wine red and decorated with medals. When he was in battle, he wore very heavy chainmail and on top of that steel plated armour and a helmet. On his breastplate were markings for each medal he’s earned. There were nine of these.


Kappa was known to be very noble and enthusiastic about the safety of Spagonia. He very much loved serving his Queen, Bella Flowers and was a highly commended officer. He was also a very good and tactical leader. He wasn't good at making friends but was best friends with his ethereal horse called Destiny. He never used a "true" weapon stating that "magic is the only weapon".

Known Spells

  • Spirit Sword – This is a sword which can be summoned by Kappa whenever and wherever.
  • Spirit Shield – This is a shield which, again, can be summoned wherever and whenever.
  • Destiny – An ethereal horse that can be ridden. Also a good friend of Kappa's.
  • Fireball – A ball of fire that can be launched.
  • Snowblast – A blast of ice that can be used to freeze enemies.
  • Fire Enchant – An enchantment for the Spirit Weapons
  • Ice Enchant – An enchantment for the Spirit Weapons


  • Above average leadership skills
  • Master of magic
  • Granted two titles: Saviour of the World, The Seventh Saviour of Mobius


  • He can be killed through conventional means
  • Necromancers have the ability to weaken his power
  • He is well known, making him an easy target


Attack 8/10
Defence 7/10
Speed 4/10
Agility 4/10
Strength 7/10
Kinetics 7/10
Intelligence 7/10
Social 8/10


  • Kappa is the 10th letter in the Greek Alphabet.
  • It also has a value of 20 in the Greek numerals system, hence him being born on January 20th 1264
  • As this character is base in Ancient Mobius, an extinct animal was used. Specifically the cave lion.
  • The cave lion was native to Europe and so, existed in the British Isles. This is where the creator lives.
  • Originally, Kappa was going to be called Omicron, another letter in the Greek Alphabet, but the creator decided that it was too techy and futuristic sounding.
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