Kao the Cat

Cquote1 You only live once so live your life the way you want to, not the way anyone else wants you to. Cquote2
- Kao

Kao is a 22-year-old cat and retired warrior-in-training (he retired before he became a real warrior). He currently works as a blacksmith in Cookoro Town, a small desert town on Mobius. When faced with a challenge, Kao is always ready to fight for his friends and family! Wether that be physically fighting or metaphorically.


Kao has big, red ears on either side of his head, one of which has a small bite taken out of it. He stands tall at 5 foot 7 inches with a big, furry, red tail. He has thin whiskers next to his nose. He's covered head-to-toe in red fur with a bit sticking out near his cheeks. He usually wears a black tank top with green camouflage shorts and brown boots. A necklace hangs on his neck sporting a small tooth.


Kao is energetic and generally happy all the time, or so it seems. He actually has a lot of anxiety. He's been put under a lot of pressure by his parents to be perfect and it's had a big impact on him. He tries his best to pretend everything is ok and act like he's fine and he's pretty good at it. Really only Maro can see through his act. Kao keeps his feelings bottled up inside a lot and it's caused him a lot of trouble through the years.


Kao's mother has trained him from a young age to be a fighter. His father left when he was very young and he's been searching for him ever since. Kao's mother put a lot of pressure on him to be the perfect warrior. She was a warrior but eventually she hurt herself so now she was living out her dream in her child. When Kao was 16 years old, his mother died and he stopped his warrior training and started searching for his father. He never found his father but eventually he found a small town where he settled down, made some friends, and started making a life for himself, taking up a job as a blacksmith. In this town he met Maro, whom he started dating.


Kao has many other friends in the town where he lives but these are the ones that I have named.

Maro - Kao's xfriend (xfriend instead of girlfriend or boyfriend because Maro is Nonbinary). Maro and Kao have been dating for three years and Kao plans to propose to Maro. Character article: ☀

Tails - Kao befriended a fox named Tails. They haven't talked in a long time, though.

Msori - A friend of Kao's.

Misami - Msori's twin. Also a friend of Kao's.

KS - In Kao's search his father he heard rumors of a scientist named KS Kjuro. He went to see this scientist, wondering if he knew anything about Kao's father (since Kao and KS have the same last name). KS did not but Kao ended up befriending KS...or, that's what Kao thinks. KS is more annoyed by him. Character article:

Knuckles - Kao befriended Knuckles when visiting Knuckles' floating island.

Kao has many other friends in the town where he lives but these are the ones that I have named.

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