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is the Current Leader of the Shahongai.

Cquote1 The time for the Noble Clan's to Suffer for what they have done!!Cquote2


Being extremely intelligent and sophisticated, He well knows the responsibilities of being a leader of a ver powerful clan. Kanonbai can be very strict as times, Showing very little emotion when It comes to doing his job correctly without any flaws. Of course, Kanonbai can be angered very quickly, very easily. It would be very hard making him pleased, No matter what it is. His rulership shows him he can be a very good leader for his people, the Shahongai.


He wears a black cloth over his body, which goes all the way down to his ankles. His Gloves are White gloves with Dark gold symbols on it (Same symbol to what his Clan has). His Shoes are actually Metal Boots, Reaching 1 inch passed his knees upwards. They are silver and dark gold, similar to his gloves. He wears no shirt and no pants/shorts. Kanonbai has a very strange Physical appearance. His eyes are black as his pupils are white with a big hint of Silver (Mostly because of his blindness). His fur is Orange, With White patterns all over his body. His skin is Peach-Tan, but his arms are is a darker type of Tan. He has two Scars, One on his face, and one on his Abdomen. After getting in a severe battle with an old friend, He now has a metal arm on his left Shoulder, Knowing that he had lost his arm during this battle.

Background Story


There is very little known about his abilities, but there are possible abilities he would obviously know.

  • Ninja Mastership - Of course if he is a leader of a Ninja-Assasin clan, He would know Ninja skills. Kanonbai is able to do the most finest tricks known to the Clan, Which is why he is ranked as leader.
  • Expert Swordsmanship - He is not known to carry a sword, But he does know how to use a sword. Kanonbai is not a Master at swordsmanship, though.










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