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Not to be confused with Kane the Hedgehog.

Kane the Snipehog

Biographical Information
Age 32
  • Snipehog
  • Hermes
  • Death God's Messenger
Romantic Interests Aiyala Genet
Physical Description
AttireMARS All-Terrain Sniper Assault Armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • C-6 Sniper Weapon System
  • Hardlight Shield
  • Compact U.N.M.A.D.E. Energy Swords
  • Defusion Grenades
  • Plasma Grenades
  • Semi-Automatic Combat Pistols
  • High-Powered Portable Module Railgun
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator

Kane the Snipehog is a hedgehog and G.U.N. agent/mercenary. An expert in firearms and sniping, Kane is a member of the MARS project, codename "Hermes" for his long-distance shooting capabilities.



Kane was born within the United Federation, and grew up in a very rural area. Easy access to food and the daily necessities was always there, but at times scarce. To make sure he was always able to provide for himself and others, Kane's father taught him how to use guns and how to hunt from an early age, which Kane displayed and aptitude for. Over the years, Kane would go on several hunting trips with family and friends, and quickly earned the respect of the locals with his skills and accuracy, particularly in the field of sniping and shooting down long-distance targets. Kane always enjoyed going on the hunting trips; not for the thrill of the hunt or getting a kill, but simply being able to put his skills to good use in a productive manner.

However, an incident that shook the entire town would put Kane on his current career path. While Kane was out hunting with his father and a small group of others, a deranged psychopath broke into the local school, which eventually turned into a horrific massacre. Kane was shocked and horrified that so many of his friends had been killed or injured, but that wasn't the worst of it. At the police station, Kane overheard a group of policemen talk about how they had had a clear shot at the killer, but no-one could have made the shot from that distance. Kane knew that had he been there, he could have taken the shot and saved his friends. From then on, Kane determined that in order to use his skills to help people, he needed to turn his gun into a weapon of protection, not survival.

Sniper with G.U.N.

Over the years, Kane became a prevalent and nationally-known sniper, renowned for amazing shots under incredible pressure. At age 20, four years after the school massacre that had occurred, Kane was visited by G.U.N. representatives, who wished to recruit him for his skills. Though initially wary of leaving his small home in exchange for the globally-affecting and large G.U.N., Kane accepted under the reasoning that with G.U.N., he would be able to help and protect more people. Over the next five years, Kane would serve in a vast number of conflicts and wars, his unnatural precision and high capability in unusual or dangerous situations earning Kane quite a bit of notoriety both among G.U.N. troops and enemy factions, particularly when he became known as the "Death God's Messenger".

"Hermes": MARS' Rule Breaker

As Kane had hoped, his actions did indeed help people on a large scale, and his years with G.U.N. earned him experience and skills many would spend decades refining. In particular, Kane was noticed by a specific subsection of G.U.N., known as MARS. A highly classified group among G.U.N., MARS specialized in taking on high-profile threats normally at the level of G.U.N.'s elite agents or the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies, on a militarized or large-scale setting. To combat such threats the members of MARS' elite squadron were given some of the utmost top of the line technology and weapons. In addition to this, all of MARS' successful prospects were given high-degree genetic modification and enhancement, granting them high levels of physical performance and even unique abilities.

Among G.U.N.'s best and brightest "natural" members, Kane was selected as a possible recruit, thanks to his high level of skill with a sniper rifle and unprecedented experience in field combat and military performance. Taking part in MARS' long and arduous series of tests and examinations, Kane was the only one who managed to pass. However, after being selected Kane surprisingly refused the normally mandatory genetic augmentation required to join MARS. With his experience and abilities, Kane felt that if he were given the opportunity he could train and condition his body to meet the levels of MARS' genetically enhanced members. Though absolutely unheard of, the officials gave Kane a month to prove himself, as he was the only one who had passed MARS' required testing, and they had little other options.

Over the next month, Kane trained his body with a rigorous and "insane" regiment, performing physical conditioning and combat training eleven hours a day seven days a week, allowing himself only two hours for eating and recuperation. After said month of pushing himself beyond the physical and mental limits of most humans and Mobians, Kane was pitted in a one-on-one sparring session against Statyx the Hedgehog, as standard among the MARS agents. To the astonishment of all others present, Kane was capable of fighting Statyx to a stand still, despite lacking any genetic augmentation and his specialty in sniping outside the heat of combat. With this surprising accomplishment, Kane was accepted into the MARS squadron. With this, Kane was given the position of team sniper and the codename "Hermes". He also became known as "The Rule Breaker of MARS".


Kane is a male hedgehog with dark green fur and tan skin with orange, cat-like eyes. A unique trait about Kane is the fact that his spines are cut back short (much like Scourge's during his time in the No Zone Prison), which is done to disguise his species and fit in his MARS armor. Said armor is sky blue in coloration, but capable of altering its color and pattern due to nanomachine programming. The armor is very high-tech in appearance. Due to its design and Sniper Assault model, there is additional armor and machinery around the legs with vernier thrusters in the feet and back of the lower legs. The shoulders and forearms are also slightly more heavily armored. The helmet Kane usually wears while in battle is of the full-head variety, with a single orange visor that takes up a quarter of the helmet, going from Kane's muzzle to the top of his head.




Throughout the majority of his life, Kane has been taught the ways of marksmanship and sharpshooting. Kane is a master of using rifles and other handheld projectile weapons, but specializes in using high-precision weapons such as the sniper rifle. Kane's marksmanship is comparable to that of people with high-level genetic or cybernetic optic enhancements, or even beyond that. Kane's experience in sharpshooting, gained from years both hunting animals and from military combat, allows him to confidently and accurately take shots in unusual or high-pressure situations. His abilities in using long-ranged weaponry is such that Kane can make accurate shots even if they are normally outside the range of the weapon he's using; shots within range are all but guaranteed.

Following the intense training regiment Kane undertook to be accepted into MARS, his physical skills and combat capabilities are through the roof. Despite lacking any genetic modifications or augmentations and his specialty being long-range sniper tactics, Kane's capability in all ranges of combat and physical performance are enough to make him a match for experienced and super-powered combatants such as Statyx the Hedgehog. The fact that his skill and prowess are purely from the result of his own training and no augmentations, in addition to his specialty in taking out targets from a distance with utmost precision, make him arguably the most feared and lethal member of the MARS organization, even among his own partners and fellows MARS operatives. Several particularly powerful veteran G.U.N. agents state that if Hermes ever underwent the augmentation process, Hermes could quite possibly become G.U.N.'s strongest agent.

MARS All-Terrain Sniper Assault Armor

Specially designed powered armor worn by those in MARS with the "Hermes" title, in this case Kane. Sky blue with white accents, the armor is specially designed for use in long-ranged assault and assassination operations. In order to do this, the armor is equipped with drastically increased hydraulics and thrusters are installed within the legs, with enhanced gyroscopic stabilizers, greater visual scanner range, additional recoil absorbers and stabilizers installed in and on the arms, and finally additional amplified stealth systems. The reason for these design choices are meant to allow "Hermes" the ability to use superior speed and agility in direct combat to evade enemies and put distance between themselves and the enemy. However, the Sniper Assault Armor is designed for assassination and long-ranged tactics, and as such does not feature any additional strength enhancements beyond the standard powered Assault Armor. Rather, it features improved balance capabilities and improved stabilizers in the arms. These features allow "Hermes" to maintain maximum accuracy and minimum sway when aiming firearms, even in unusual terrain or situations. Complementing this is an improved visual scanner that not only has much greater range compared to other Assault Armors, which is equipped with several specialized settings to better track and locate enemies. Finally, amplified stealth systems allow "Hermes" to conceal their presence while attacking at a distance, preventing "Hermes" from being located and attacked.


  • Compact U.N.M.A.D.E. Swords: Standard MARS equipment, Kane is equipped with two Compact U.N.M.A.D.E. Swords, which are as the name states, the same model of energized vibrating swords used by U.N.M.A.D.E. units, scaled down to be wielded by Mobians. While a long-range specialist, Kane is quite adept at close-range combat and regularly uses these weapons against enemies in close quarters.
  • Defusion Grenades: Specialized grenades with very unique capabilities. Rather than explosive damage, Defusion Grenades release a powerful energy field that causes pain and disorientation for anyone with elemental or otherwise unique kinetic or magical abilities. This is done by the waves specifically attacking the nerves and mental processes used to control and generate said powers. Not only does this cause pain and disorientation, it prevents people caught in the energy fields from using their powers. While capable of knocking out such enemies through extended exposure, the grenades are primarily meant to flush enemies out of cover.
  • Plasma Grenade: Additional specialized grenades, this brand of explosives is designed for more traditional explosive damage-causing capabilities. As their name states, these plasma grenades release high-powered explosions of superheated plasma. Unique in their function is that these plasma grenades are capable of sticking to people and objects through electromagnetic systems installed in each grenade.
  • Semi-Automatic Combat Pistols: A second part of MARS standard equipment, Kane is given two of these pistols for medium-range combat, where close-ranged combat is disadvantageous, yet long-range assault is not yet an option. Though not much more powerful than standard firearms, these combat pistols use armor-piercing bullets for additional impact strength and lethality when facing super-powered enemies.
  • High Powered Portable Module Railgun: Kane's most powerful weapon by far. A high-powered single-shot weapon with absolutely incredible speed and impact power, it is a last resort weapon due to a lack of subtlety, only used when Kane needs a one-hit kill that other weapons can't quite grant.


Kane's personal weapon, a heavily customized C-6 Sniper Weapon System. Officially called "C-6 Sniper Weapon System: MARS Heavy Custom Model", Kane gave it the name "Marcie" as a derivative of "Mars-C". Reverse-engineered using technology and information gained from each model and derivative, "Marcie" serves as a penultimate combination of each system, with additional features installed by G.U.N. itself. In addition to a module transformation capability, allowing the weapon to switch between semi-auto, assault rifle, and sniping, the weapon is capable of altering between several ammunition configurations: automatic, armor piercing, sniper rifle, and even beam shot ammunition. The weapon even features the night vision scope, silencer, recoil brakes, and heavy-duty barrel. With technology based on the original C-6 Sniper Weapon System, U.N.M.A.D.E., and scavenged Black Arms tech, the weapon features very high performance, range, and firepower. Finally, it is capable of compacting itself into an easy-to-carry, unassuming visage thanks to tech from the C-6F model.


  • "There's no such thing as a sure shot. No matter how small, no matter how isignifigant, a shot always carries some type of risk. A shot is only a truly good one if you're willing to take it, despite whatever risks there might be."
  • "No, I don't have super powers. I'm just that good."
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