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Kamuzu the Crocodile is a member of the Sandstorm Arbiters, a group of Mobians dedicated to helping Duamutef Nassor protect the Sandstorm Sanctuary from any and all intruders.

Physical Description

Kamuzu is fairly tall and solidly built, but unlike most other Mobians, his legs are somewhat reverse-jointed. His scales are an aquatic blue-green, and his snout, chest, and the underside of his tail are lighter in color. He also has a line of green spikes running down his back, starting at the top of his head.



Base Stats
Stamina Great
Attack Great
Spcl. Atk Good
Defense Great
Spcl. Def Good
Speed Good
Superior (in water)
Reflexes Average (on land)
Superior (in water)
Magic N/A
Psyche Superior
Intellect Great
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Good
Olfactory Great

Kamuzu is a highly skilled Hydrokinetic, and is very knowledgeable in the field of medicine and healing. Being a crocodile, he has a very powerful bite, and is also a champion swimmer. His hard, thick scales make him quite resistant to weak physical attacks, and his tail, which is semi-prehensile, makes for a strong weapon. He also carries a quarterstaff with him as his main weapon.

Despite his formidable physical strength, he excels in the realm of defensive Water-aligned techniques.


Kamuzu is resistant to Water and Ice-aligned attacks. He is also incredibly fast in the water, and excels at fighting in such territory.


Kamuzu is weak to Fire and Electricity-aligned attacks. Outside of the water, his speed and reflexes are subpar.

Friends and Foes






Despite his somewhat intimidating appearance, Kamuzu is a surprisingly gentle crocodile, although this may be due to his nature (and job) as a healer. He has an undisputed soft spot for children, and hates to see one be harmed; the sight of a child being attacked will quickly rouse his ire.



Biggest Fears



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