Legend has it that Kamihime was once a name-less country that was under attack by an eight headed serpent dragon that went by the name of Yamata no Orochi. The Orochi distroyed villages and cities by swinging his eight tails and it required a yearly sacrifice to increase its powers. As all seemed grim for the land six gods and goddesses came to the land along with the storm god Sussanoo no Mikoto, the moon god Tsukiyomi and the sun goddess Amaterasu and they fought the Orochi. The six gods managed to trap the Orochi and it gave Sussanoo, Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu enogh time to seal it in the Jigoku Hen. The seal is devided into seven parts, due to the cause that Amaterasu made the decision to include herself in the seal with the other six gods and goddesses.

After the seal was compleat the gods decided to leave the land, but before they left the three siblings hid three swords in three diferent parts of the land. Also the six gods, and Amaterasu left fragments of their powers called Kamui to give life to the land and they went back to heaven where they watched as life soon begun in the land. The people named the land Kamihime to honor the gods and goddesses who saved it.


The inhabitants of Kamihime are mainly Mobians and some Humans who live peacefully in the land and also there is known to be a G.U.N base in Kamihime.


Its also known to have many shrines that honor the gods and goddesses and also has noble famillies.it also has many towns and cities that are a mix of country and in a few cities are very advanced.


People mostly travel by train, bus, boat, or on foot depending on where your going.

Cities and Villages

The most known city in Kamihime is none other than the Capital Kami no Hana.

Some of the other known villages are Hikari Village, where the shrine of Amaterasu is.

Chiharu Village, known for its many hot spring resorts and its mountains.


The coulture of Kamihime is the same as the Japanese, it also has a sustanable lifestile and people live happy lives. It's also known that some people are born with special powers due to the cause of a gene called Spirit force and only a few have developed the gene while the mayoraty are carriers.

It's also known that the G.U.N force has created an artaficial gene that helps awaken the gene but only those with the gene can survive the inplantation.


The seven different Kamui's each reprisent one of the seven gods and goddesses that helped sealed the Orochi. The seven Kamui's also reprisent one of the seven eliments these are:

Kazekami, the god of the Wind

Ame no Mikanushi, goddess of Water

Haniyasu-Hiko, god of Eath

Kagutsuchi, goddess of Fire

Kura-Okami, goddess of Snow

Isanami, god of Darkness

Amaterasu, goddess of light

There is a specific council that isn't known to many people and only a select few are chosen to be apart of the council. The Council that is intrusted with the location of the seven Kamui's and the Three Sacred swords is rumored to have been re-loacaded into a seperat dimention and only very few people have heard about it.

Sacred Swords

The three Sacred Swords are swords that the tree gods had left in Kamihime are:

Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Ama no Murakumo), left by Sussanoo no Mikoto

Yata no Kagami, left by Tsukiyomi

Yasakani no Masatama, left by Amaterasu

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