"No one can understand what I do....."

Kallen is a echidna soldier from the Nocturnus tribe and a trusted friend of Kurahk Dragonblaze.


Age Chronological: 4000

Physical: 17

Gender Female
Species Echidna
Description N/A
Attire Red sweater, black fingerless gloves, black headband hidden under her hair, black belt, light purple pants, black sneakers
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Nocturnus
Nicknames Q-1
Quotes See bottom of page
Romantic Interests Kurahk "Bloodnova" Dragonblaze(possible)
Weaponry Advanced Nocturnus armor, standard Nocturnus leech blades
Abilities Expert in hand-to-hand combat, some super speed
Super Forms None


Life on Nocturne

Kallen grew up on Nocturne, training to be a Nocturus warrior. She quickly became friends with Kurahk "Bloodnova" Dragonblaze, and Shade the Echidna. She graduated on the top of her class, along with Shade and Kurahk. When the Nocturnus Clan was defeated, Kurahk, Shade and herself left the Twilight Cage in seek of a new life. Much to her dismay, she came out in a different location then her friends.

Outside the Cage

After coming out of the cage, Kurahk and Shade went their seprate ways, and Kallen set off on her own to explore this new world. After exploring most of the world, she had adopted a sort of 'new personality'. Instead of being a rebellious warrior, she took on the personality of a sickly and frail girl. She began switching between to two personalities, being the frail girl when in a group of people, and he original personality when she was alone.


One day, Kallen was bored of regular life, and wanted to hangout with her friends. So she started looking for Kurahk and Shade, in an attempt to have fun. She never found Shade, but she found Kurahk. Kurahk was walking around with a a grey bat, with his arms around her. Kallen ran up to them, giving Kurahk a surprise hug. Kurahk didn't react well. He grabbed Kallen and threw her on the ground in front of him, then pulled a knife on her. Kallen told him it was her, and how she had been looking for him. Kurahk helped her up, and he apologized. He then introduced her to GLaDOS, and told Kallen about her. Kallen told them what she was doing since she left the Cage, and in turn, Kurahk told her the same. Kallen forced Kurahk to keep her along, and the three have been traveling ever since.

A new occupation

After hearing about Kurahk's new 'job', Kallen decided to do the same, becoming a mercenary. Kallen has been a professional mercenary, working with Kurahk on missions. Due to this new 'job', Kallen has been hunted down by G.U.N.


Kallen, when not around those she doesn't know, is a rebellious teenager who actively gets in fights. This side of her personality is a tough girl, who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She enjoys combat, whether it be hand-to-hand, or with weapons such as Nocturnus leech-blades. She also enjoys hanging out with friends, often joking and and messing around. Kallen enjoys a good challenge, often taking on a tougher opponent just to prove how good she is. She is also loud, often yelling and insulting others without knowing it. In this personality, Kallen is strong willed and forceful. She is also quite competitive, often fighting with others. Kallen is short tempered, impulsive, and quite feisty. Despite her tough attitude, she was once gentle and caring, but that part of her died out along time ago. Kallen is tomboy-ish, disliking all the girly froo-froo crap that she has to deal with at school.

Her weaker side is drastically different, being a quite and reserved little girl. She is polite, and lot less jokey then her other side. She is noticeably less active, and she is easily offended. She hates it when guys hit on her, and hates being near other people in general. She suffers from low self-esteem, often doubting herself when ever she does something.


Kallen is quite skinny, having almost no real 'meat' on her. She is quite tall, although not to the same degree to Kurahk. Men who have met her describe her as 'beautiful'. She has black fur and dreadlocks. Her hair is red, and when she's not around people, she has spiked up. When she's around others, she has it combed down. She has a peach colored muzzle and arms. Her eyes are a light blue.


Kallen favors any clothes she can get, ranging from T-shirts to sweaters. She is usually seen with a red sweater, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. She wears a pair of light purple jogging pants, with an accompanying black belt. When she has her hair up, she wears a black headband.


Kallen has an advanced model of Nocturnus armor, being colored black with some red sections. The armor is less armored than Kurahk's, but more armored than Shade's. Hidden in the left wrist is a standard Nocturnus leech blade. The right arm is drastically different then the left, having a large metal claw attached to the end of it. This claw is what Kallen calls 'The Radiant Wave Surger'. This weapon is capable of firing a large blast of energy out of the palm of the claw. The blast is strong enough to defeat even the toughest of armor. The blast can be toggled to be a focused beam, or a scattered blast. On the heels of her boots of her armor, he has something similar to a motorcycle's rear wheel attached to an adjustable length of metal. These wheels are a prototype propulsion system, allowing the user to sort of 'drive' their armor, using the large wheels on the heels to provide movement, and using two smaller wheels near the toes of the boots for stability.

Powers and Abilities

Kallen is an experienced warrior, trained in both hand-to-hand combat and with the use of a multitude of weapons. She can run somewhat fast, faster than Kurahk, but slower than Shade. Kallen is a talented mechanic, being able to fix even the biggest mechanical problems with ease. She is a master of using the wheels on the heels of her armor to propel her, and when combined with her Radiant Wave Surger, makes Kallen a deadly foe.


Kallen a formidable warrior, but, even the strongest of warriors have weaknesses. For starters, Kallen is often tired from all-nighters, leaving her out of energy and grumpy the next morning. She also doesn't know when to stop fighting, often continuing to fight even after a cease-fire has been called.

Character Relations

Kurahk Dragonblaze

Kallen and Kurahk are great friends, respecting each other's fighting ability. Kurahk cares for Kallen, and vice versa. Kallen and Kurahk, despite being great friends, do get in fights from time to time, whether it be verbal or physical. Kallen is the only warrior that Kurahk would trust his back to, and vice versa. Kallen shows some affection for Kurahk, but she never tells anyone, and denies it if some one brings up. Whenever Kurahk and Kallen are on a mission together, Kurahk calls her 'Q-1', a term used to describe the Quenn in chess. In response to this, Kallen calls him K-1, a term used to describe the King in chess.


Kallen and GLaDOS don't interact much, but they are good friends. Kallen treats her like a daughter, protecting her from harm and looking out for her. Kallen is trying to help GLaDOS remove the other personalities from her mainframe, but she doesn't have the skill or the knowledge to help.

Shade the Echidna

Shade and Kallen used to be good friends, before Shade and Kurahk went their separate ways. Shade still respects Kallen, and vice versa.


Kallen hates G.U.N. for interfering with her mercenary job, and in turn, G.U.N. hates her. Kallen hates G.U.N. for what they plan to do with Kurahk, and goes out of her way to destroy something of theirs.


  • "I hate having to hide my true personality!"
  • "Get away! I will not go out with you!"
  • "Hmmp. Not even worth the challenge."
  • "Damn it G.U.N.! Why can't you just leave me and Kurahk alone!"


Face Me, by Unknown

thumb|300px|rightThis song relates to Kallen's personality and life.

  • "I always underestimate, the things I wanna be" - Kallen suffers from low self-esteem.
  • "Apologies will never be my game" - Kallen is quite rude at times, and never says sorry.
  • "All in all, its just another pain" - Kallen's 'double life' brings emotional pain along with physical.
  • "Sympathy is never lasting, I hunger for revenge" - Kallen wants to save the Nocturnus clan from the Twilight Cage, and hates the sympathy of her classmates.
  • "Pretending everything will be, pretending everything will be on and on and on and on" - Kallen wishes for a better life outside the Twilight Cage.
  • "Everybody's gaining something, I'm everybody's friend" - Kallen has quickly made friends with those at school, but she's faking it.
  • "None us will ever be the same" - Kallen has changed those around her, and she lives a 'double life'.
  • "I try to run away but dreams are catching me" - Kallen tries to forget the Nocturnus, but she is always drawn back.





  • Kallen is based of Kallen Kōzuki from the anime Code Geass.
  • When her creator was designing her, he thought Kallen looked like a female version of Kurahk Dragonblaze.
  • If she were to have a voice actor, it would be Karen Strassman. She voiced the original Kallen on Code Geass.
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