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Cquote1.png Spunky, bubbly, and not afraid to fight when needed, Kala is a Genie destined for Greatness! Cquote2.png
Kala's Description

Kala the Genie

Biographical Information
Age  Physically: 17

Actually: Sometime over 4000 years    

  • Kala
  • Genie
  • Miss
  • Gypsy
  • Dancer
Relatives None
Romantic Interest(s)


Physical Description
Species Genie
Gender Female
  • Skin: Peach
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Genie attire
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Hero, Neutral Good
Weaponry Dancer's Flight
  • Hovering
  • Magic
  • Empowerment
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Cristina Vee
American V.A. Cristina Vee
Theme Song(s) Dance through the Danger
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Do you have three wishes? Well this girl is the perfect person to help fufil them! Meet Kala (Pronounced: Kah-Lay) a helpful genie who somehow got herself tangled up with the band of misfits that Neo Tranquil leads. She's spunky, full of pep, and loves to dance to her own beat. Maybe she can put a positive and light hearted spin onto the group.


Kala has the appearence of a 17 year old human girl. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin is a normal peach color, not too bright but not too tan either. She wears a pair of black baggy pants and a bright red top. Her hair is tied back in a pony tail and she normally is always seen with a smile on her face. She also wears a pair of black shoes that at first seem pretty normal but also doubles as her weapon and focus with magic.


Kala is always bright and cheerful. Often full of energy and ready to do what she needs. When in a fight, she will dance and cast magic to her hearts content and will often be found supporting her allies. She cares very much for her master, who set her free. She has found deep comfort in the precence of her newfound friends.

She also can be really naive. Sometimes things that others say will fly right over her head. She doesn't quite understand politics and she is thinks most learning is quite boring. She prefers to spend her time doing other things that she enjoys. It should also be noted that despite being ancient, she is still considered to be quite young to other genies.


Before the Tales

Four thousand years is such a long time that it can be really easy to forget about things that long ago, and that is just the case with Kala. Although she doesn't remember things from long ago, she does have a fairly good memeory for things that happened recently. Kala had been used many time before to grant the wishes of many different people in her lifetime. She has helped people from poor beggers to great kings and just about everything in between. Normally she enjoyed this work, but that was until she met Hunter.

Hunter found her through a Bazar and had been keeping her and treating her more like a slave than anything. Hunter and her made their way through life working for a group that she did not ever learn the name of. They fought people, shook down store owners, and generally just made the lives of others worse. It was a job that Kala did not enjoy, but she had no choice, she had to do what her current master told her to. Kala spent a good chunk of her modern life working with the bad guys.

Station Nights

Then Hunter came into Station Square, which was probably his first mistake. He had a goal of trying to defeat a group there and set a trap for them, which resulted in the group going into an unconsious state and attempt to defeat them using horrors and monsters. Kala wished for it to end, but Hunter would not let her do this. So, in an attempt to help, Kala snuck out to help Neo and his friends escape the horrors and fight to the Hunter, where Neo would gain the magic lamp that she was sealed to, becoming her new master. Although he had three wishes, Neo realized that the most useful of wishes (Power and Fortune) were already things that he had being the rich kid that he was, and although he could always use more money, it was stupid since there was no way for him to steal it. So, in an odd turn of events, Neo wished for her freedom.

Since then, Kala has had the freedom to whatever she pleases, and has decided to lead her life in a positive manner again, by defeating bad guys who would try to hurt others. She works with Neo and his group to try and accomplish her goal of helping others. Although not everything they do is for the greater good, she does see the good in the group and continutes to help people in the best possible way. 


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 8
Attack 4
Spcl. Atk 9
Defense 5
Spcl. Def 3
Speed 7
Reflexes 8
Spcl. Ref 5
Psyche 3
Intellect 5
Total 64/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Normal
Hearing Exceptional


Neo Tranquil

"Yes, Master, I am yours to command!"

Neo and Kala have a very friendly relationship with one another. Neo, being the person who released her and gave her freedom from both her lamp and from her previous owner, Hunter, has given her a new purpose in life. Neo and Kala are shown to be really good friends, and are considered by many to be kindred spirts, as they both first fought together in a dance of sorts.

Zero Evol

"But making music is almost as good as dancing! Without music, what would I dance to?"

Kala is very much interested in the antics of Zero, specifically his piano playing. The two are known to be good friends with one another, although not as well as Neo and Kala. Kala has mentioned on a few occasions though that when Zero is at the Tranquil home, he always makes an effort to play something for Kala.

Trinity Moon

"Move them like this, there you go!"

Trinity and Kala are very good friends, both of which being a little mischevious and both loving to dance with one another. Kala and Trinity have exchanged moves between themselves and it often leads to great new combinations between the two.

Ages Tranquil

"Come on, you can't stay in that shell your whole life, break loose for once!"

Ages and Kala have the oddest realtionship of the group. Although the two are at the end of the spectrum, Kala did something that Ages normally doesn't do, which involves dancing. The two are rather protective of each other, and they enjoy spending time together. Kala's out of the box thinking has been fairly useful to Ages at different points in his investigations.

Friends (Add a Character if your interested.)

Neo Tranquil (Friend and Master)

Zero Evol

Trinity Moon

Leah the Hedgehog

Ages Tranquil

Saren Arcturias

Rivals (Add a character if your interested.)



Dr. Radon

Fury the Robin



Power of Heart

One of the most powerful abilities to have, Kala is able to utilize the power of Heart, a gift not many people see. Although it is limited to certain times and often requires a great moment of need in order for it to work, Kala is sometimes able to tap into this power in order to help others. It is known that her dancing uses this often.


Kala has a wide assortment of spells that she uses. Most of these involve using fire and lightning but she can also use earth and sand as part of her magic assortment as well. It is also known that genie magic, while being quick and easier to use than normal magic, is much less potent then it's normal counterpart. As such, magic is something that Kala does not use with confidence.



A skill that Kala is so proud of, she displays it in battle. Kala is a skilled dancer taking fun and using it to help her fight against enemies that she should not be able to fight against using normal circumstances. Oddly enough, it is a rather useful tactic, confusing the enemy and adding a rhythem to the battle easily.


Skilled Strikes

If one focuses enough, which isn't a lot, they can knock Kala out of her rhythem, knocking her out of her dancing so she is helpless. It's a fairly simple solution to stopping her if she is in a fight with you. Granted, that strike would need to be fairly specific...


Kala is easily distracted, and if you sneak up on her, she's gone, plain and simple. She won't even see it coming...

Dancer Moveset

The Dancer is one of the oddest battlers around. They dance across the battle field, litterally. So what are these strange battlers doing? Dancers focus on using powers of the heart, a strange and mystical element that has yet to be fully explained, they focus on using magic that either heals or harms people use their own way to express it, and dancing is one of those ways. Often used as a source of healing, Dancers are swift and potent support members of the group, healing people and bringing their health up, as well as increaing their strength or speed to make them better. The Dancer alone is not much, but a group will not fail with a Dancer at their side.


"How did that go again?" - E rank

"I think I need to tighten that up..." - D rank

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!" - C rank

"Uh-huh, I'm awesome!" - B rank

"How'd that go?" - A rank

"And the best dancer award goes to; me!" - S rank

"Dancing never looked so good." - S rank on a boss.

"I've been wanting to try a new move!" -fighting in 2 player mode

"And the set is complete!" -After winning in 2 player mode

"1, 2, 3...wait...what?" -After losing in 2 player mode

"This world...this world can't be as dark as you say it is. I've lived for thousands of years, and I've been used so many times that I should know how bad the world is. I can't just let this world that these people use sit here and burn in it's own flames. I have to do something or else all these people could get hurt. So that's why...that's why I'd like to work with you, Master!" -Kala's monologue

Theme song


Shantae Half Genie Hero "Dance Through the Danger"