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Kaito has a lean, athletic, or if you could rudely call it; scrawny build. Despite this, he is somewhat muscular, though not to the point of being a body-builder. Just an adequate amount of muscle power needed for his line of work. His height peaks at 6”0, which makes him of average height, and 145.5lbs, making him of average weight. His face could be considered rather lean. He has a lean jaw, slightly pronounced cheek-bones, as well as chin. His nose is in a ski-slope shape. His eyebrows are rather thin, and his eyes are a moderate distance apart from each other and his nose.

His clothes all have the same colour palette; white with a purple trimming. His pants have a rather normal appearance, and surprisingly well kept, and go into the tops of his boots. His boots are dark-brown/ black in colour, with grippy soles. He wears a jacket, with only his right in its right sleeve, and no arm in its left sleeve. To keep his jacket on him, he employs 5 small, leather belts; two on his fore-arm, two on his upper arm, and a final, larger one keeping the mass of the jacket on in around his torso, going under his arm-pit to keep it on. Under his jacket, he keeps a basic, white under-shirt.

Kaito also adorns a head dark brown hair, with some light brown speckles within it. It is kept in an unkempt fashion, though at a short-medium length. His fringe is kept in a similar fashion to the rest of his hair, with it naturally parting on both the left and right sides of his face. He has long side-burns that frame his face. He has little amounts of facial hair, only small amounts that add to his side-burns. His eyes are dark brown. Kaito also has a lightly tanned skin tone, with the darkest parts being on his arms and legs, and the lightest just under his eyes. He has few freckles on his skin, as he out-grew them in his earlier teen years, with the highest concentration of them being on the bridge of his nose.


Kaito’s general demeanour around people in the social scene, is a rather happy one. He smiles a genuine smile, and is often happy to talk to people, about their troubles or successes. However, he takes time to be by himself, and think other thoughts of matters. This makes him a subtle mix of extrovert, and introvert. Due to his moderately high education background, Kaito tries to keep himself to a dignified manner, while able to stoop down to using slang in his speech, as mannerisms. He doesn’t act like a fool; however, he isn’t apathetic either. This can be indicated that he is of a matching moderate-high intelligence range.

He has a few prejudices. One of which, is unconfirmed prejudices. Something that most people that instantly come too, without looking at a greater level of detail. A man walks into a crowd, with a fully loaded gun. People run in fear, yet don’t understand his motives for doing so, and create a prejudice against him for his actions, and don’t look at his side of the story. This can be labelled as an unconfirmed prejudice. Another thing he has a prejudice against, is racial prejudice. The action where we would do something for that person, if s/he was another race, or their race. It is rather sickening, that just because they are of another race, that you wouldn’t help. This is a reason against racial prejudices. It is also true that this isn’t the story for some people, though it is true for most.

The last one that shall be listed here is uneducated people. Before you read on, do not confuse the terms “uneducated” and “poor”. Most of the world offers education for a low price. It is people that chose to not have an education that he have a gripe against. It is there for them, yet they don’t accept it. Kaito, sees himself as a man, able to be depended upon. One that is able to keep a secret, and shall not speak a word of it. He also sees himself as dedicated to his cause; he would do as his superiors ask of him, and almost without complaint in most situations that come to his mind. He also believes that is how others see him, in the social scene, and in general.

He is fairly self-confident. However, not to the point of arrogance. Being arrogant will only get you so far in anything that you can think of. Continuing on with that, he is self-confident to the point where he can trust in his own decision to be the right one, and will gladly accept the consequences of his failures, whether they are minuscule or grand. There is a slight oddity about him though; is he ruled by logic, or emotion? Or even just a subtle mix? He is ruled by both, using each in the situations that call upon it. If there is a problem, he will usually use logic. If there is a social scene, he’ll use emotion. It all depends on the situation at hand. Kaito, has merely one core need in him; the need to be accepted. A need that most needs are based upon. He wants to be accepted. Most people, who are able to be social to some degree, want to be accepted, in any sort of community they can get. He is no different.

In battle, Kaito is a rather meticulous sort, trying to get everything just right, in the sense of hitting everybody and dodging all that they throw in his way. It is also a suitable exercise to “warm-up” during battles, going from the lower ranked techniques and working the way up as it gets more needed. He is also a more offensive long-ranged-melee fighter. That in a term, is if you used a weapon that increases your attacking range by roughly 1 meter, rather than bare-fists or a short-sword.

As a leader, Kaito would seek to keep his men well-informed, like any good leader should. No secrets should be kept from him and his comrades, unless it would be damaging to their morale or self-respect/ integrity. Under a leader, he is respectful, attempting to follow his leader’s orders to the letter, only hesitating if the order leads to nigh-certain death. He hopes he never meets a leader that would send him into such a situation. Then again, no one does.


Kaito, has had a rather unusual life. Picked from birth to be a solider in the Aura Unit, and coming from a  race that excelled in the manipulation of aura, Kaito was a genius. Not a prodigy, but a genius. Difference? In this instance, one has natural talent, the other works to get where that talent got the other person. The genius is the one that works, and the prodigy is the one that gets there by having the talent. The world is unfair in those cases.

To be cont… When I feel like it. (>w>)


Kaito does not truly have many powers. For the most part, there is only one. This is the manipulation of his colossal amounts of aura. In his society, the men who pride themselves on their powers of Aura, the Technique Masters, were nothing compared to him, due to the sacrifices his took, by giving up most of his racial abilities for power. The highest a normal person can get is 4000, outside of the Technique Masters and those skilled with aura manipulation. The strongest of them, Shin, had an amazing count of 18000 points, equal to a super-form of the modern day, as well as the strongest recorded before Kaito. Kaito, had 37500, due to all the sacrifices he made, making him untouchable to all. He had double his (Shin’s) power, if only just.

 However, due to his sacrificed, he can’t learn spells, or change his form, much like the others of his tribe/ society. He instead used his raw power to be able to break through the barrier of not being able to use it to it’s full extent, making him able to use his aura in basic attacks, such as waves of aura, as well as utilizing his own two personal kinds of aura he can exert on the area around him. These are all to be listed below;

·         Offensive Moves –

o        Scar Portal – These are highly effective against foes that are faster than Kaito. Basically, when Kaito slashes his blade, he can leave an aura scar anywhere, whether it is the ground, water or air. When Kaito stabs his blade through one, his blade appears through out all the others. There is no known limit to these portals, though it is not recommended to go over 10.

o        Slash Wave – A rather basic attack. When Kaito slashes his blade, he can shoot out a wave of aura, able to go clean through almost any material for as long as it is maintained.

o        Omni-Shockwave – By slashing the ground, he can create a shock-wave of aura, which is able to decimate large numbers of enemies. When using enough aura, this can cause a massive explosion.

o        Blade Extension – Using his aura, he can extend his blade, making it longer. This means that he can stay further back from an opponent, while still having them being in attack range. It can be extended to the length, that it can slice a sky-scraper in half. However, that is rather tiring, and useless.

o        Aura Pressure – Using his sheer quantity of Aura, Kaito can inflict pressure onto the foe. In most cases, they’d pop like a bubble. There are different classes, though due to the high amount, there is no need to mention them. This can’t be used in tournaments and the like.

·         Defensive Moves –

o        Blade Re-Enforcement – This is really effective against foes with superior strength. This gives the blade enhanced durability, even though it is it almost indestructible. It also gives the blade a sharper edge, making it able to go through blades and the like flawlessly.

·         Support Moves –

o        Aura Burst – This fills his body with aura, rejuvenating him. His speed and strength go up, and minor injuries are healed, such as small cuts and grazes.

·         Misc. Moves –

o        Creation – Using his aura, Kaito can create simple objects, such as shields, swords and the like. This is a simple, but effective move to use.

o        Aura Armour – This is a activated technique. It is an armour that uses his sheer quantity and quality of his aura as a armour. This doesn’t drain anything, though is still highly effective against physical and magical attacks. It lasts for 5 posts at maximum.

·         Auras –

o        Fear Aura – Kaito’s Fear Aura is very powerful. It gives everyone around an immediate sense of anger, of blood thirst, of madness, and of death. Anyone around with without a high amount of will-power will find the urge to kill themselves to end their suffering. However, it affects everyone around, and doesn’t differentiate ally from enemy. This can’t be used in tournaments and the like.

o        Calm Aura – The polar opposite of Fear Aura. Calm Aura gives feelings of happiness, serenity and the like. Everyone that’s affected by it works together better, bodies get less tense and everyone proves to be more efficient. However, unlike Fear Aura, the people affected can be chosen.

All of these moves are deadly, due to the strength and quantity of his aura, being over double that of the normal super-form. Despite, all super-forms are technically superior physically, meaning that they can over-power him, if his Aura Armour isn’t active. This is the full extent of his aura powers. He can’t do anything beyond this, and he can’t create anything beyond this. However, he can combine techniques together if need-be.


Kaito’s abilities are more-so on his physical prowess than anything. His main physical attributes, more than anything, are his speed and strength. Each of these is going to be described to some detail, if possible.

·         Kaito’s physical strength is great. So great, in-fact, that he is 12.5 times stronger than the physically strongest human on the Earth. Stomping his foot on the ground will cause large parts of it to come flying out of the ground, and land on people and the like. A slash of his sword will send a large wave of wind, able to rupture organs and reduce people to a mess of blood. This attack is enough push back attacks made of fire, shatter earth and rock, as well as cut through water and the like, with no exception to strength of the attack. However, it is only fatal at close range, say, 2 meters. Anything outside of that merely causes pain.

o        However, his prowess has grown since this time. A punch can do the same effect as the sword, though much weaker, barely having the attack be larger than him. Despite that, it is still fatal. Anything outside of 1m isn’t fatal, but merely causes pain.

·         Kaito also has a great amount of speed within him. His top speed is 13.75 times faster than the fastest recorded human on the Earth. This speed is, however, just a quarter of the speed of sound, making it not as notable compared to other characters in the sonic universe. However, his skills make up for his low speed rather effectively, making short work of his enemies.


Kaito has a rather formidable array of skills at his disposal. Most of these are highly useful in the arena, and all are at least at a proficient level, if not master.

·         Battle Analysis – This is, arguably, the most important skill for any fighter. With this, you can analyse any situation in a battle. For example, you can tell that this person just released a lot of aura, or magic, but nothing happened. Based on their past performance in the battle, it is highly possible that they are using their illusionary powers. This woman is slower on her left side. It appears that she had an injury inflicted there since child-hood, and it never really healed.

o        However, Kaito’s skill with this is much, much deeper. He can tell where strikes are going to take place, just from looking at where the muscles are tense, the kink in the elbow, the stance, etc, etc. This extends to his sword skill and the like, making him a dangerous opponent that can see through your feints, tactics, making him nigh-untouchable in the right mood.

·         Battle Learning – Another important skill in battle. This helps find the fundamentals and the like, behind techniques. It helps understand the concept and power behind techniques and the like, making it a highly formidable skill to have. With enough skill in this, combined with Battle Analysis, any technique after it has been seen enough, will not work anymore plainly.

·         Pain/ Bleeding Tolerance – Both of these help in combat immensely, making you able to take more hits, and not be as light headed when you bleed.

·         Imitation – The purpose of imitation is varied. It can be used to imitate vocal patterns, personality and the like. Kaito uses it differently. Using his powers of Battle Analysis, Battle Learning and Analysis, he can use any technique that he can see, substituting the element in question with his own aura. For example, say if someone performed a technique that created a fire-ball, and then exploded. He would then be able to do the same with aura, doing it to the same effect and skill. This, in turn, makes him a dangerous foe. Despite that, it only applies to the roleplay that it was used in, or the match. This is because he only has a normal memory, and can’t remember everything.

·         Analysis – Analysis is much less of a something used in battle. It is used to observe far better, and gain an understanding of things that other people would miss. For example, the stove is hot. Therefore if I touch the stove I will burn and get hurt. Another is, this man's watch has not been set properly. It's in the wrong time zone. Therefore, it is probable that he has recently travelled to somewhere else in the world.

·         Sword – Kaito is very skilled with the sword, preferably, the Japanese katana. So skilled, in fact, that he created his own two forms of sword-play, that only he has been able to master so far. These forms are very dangerous, but when used right, are un-stoppable. These forms are;

o        Tengoku: Youshiki Ichi: Honoh (Lit. Heaven: Form One: Flame) – This is a very dangerous style, as stated before, though when used correctly, can be very dangerous. Basically, the blades are swung at such as speed, that they create flames. These flames can spread in any direction, and the flame covers the blade, making it able to be moved. The flames are white in colour, and there are some techniques involved, or kata, however, only one will be shared at this point in time from each;

§         Tengoku: Youshiki Ichi: Honoh:  Sakyura Kouhai (Lit. Heaven: Form One: Flame: Circular Devastation) – This is a perfect kata. It is dangerous, and it almost un-defeatable. This requires the person wielding the blade to be strong and fast. Basically, the wielder runs around the target at super –fast speeds, swinging the blade. The flames are created from the blade, therefore where ever the flames are, the blade is. Now, if they move out by even one inch, they are struck by the blade. If they use a blade, they are disarmed instantly, due to the sheer speed and power-used. However, if they keep still, the flames will each them. Jumping up is impossible, since they have to bend their knees to jump, which will result them getting cut. No one has escaped this kata yet. Will you be the first?

o        Tengoku: Youshiki Ni: Denkou (Lit. Heaven: Form Two: Lightning) – This is also a very dangerous style, as stated before, though when used correctly, can be very dangerous. Basically, the blades are swung at such as speed, that they create lighting. Then swing, lighting can fall from the sky, or shoot out of the blade and it is being swung around. The lightning are white in colour, and there are some techniques involved, or kata;

§         Tengoku: Youshiki Ni: Denkou: Atoraku Kyuusou (Lit. Heaven: Form Two: Lightning: Attraction Feed) – This is highly dangerous, even for Kaito to perform. Basically, he spins the blade around at high speeds, in a circular motion. Lighting forms during the spinning and all objects start to be sucked into the spinning blade. As they get sucked in, the lightning reaches out, and devastates them. This is why it is so dangerous. At any second, the power of the kata could suck in something too big for the lightning to handle, and flatten Kaito.


Due his power, and sacrifices, he is unable to learn any magical techniques and the like. Outside of the grounds of his society, his power is nerfed tremendously, unless he un-limits himself. Doing so will only cause him to gain power, and return him to his main state. It will not heal him, nor will it drain him. The limiter isn’t there to keep his power steady- it is used so the people around him don’t get decimated by being in his presence. Despite that, he had no elemental weakness, nor physical weakness, meaning that any technique element will work just as well.

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