This is an article about Kaiser the Bat, a character created by KaiserDarque on 12/29/2012.

Kaiser the Bat

Biographical Information
  • Darque the Bat
Romantic Interests


Birthplace Unknown
Physical Description
  • Fur: Grey
  • Hair: Brown w/ white streak
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Black jacket w/ white trim
  • Light grey shirt
  • White gloves
  • Grey pants
  • Sneakers
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Creation and manipulation of ink
  • Flight
Super FormsNone
Other Information
American V.A.User:KaiserDarque
Japanese V.A.???
Theme Song(s)

Meds - Placebo

Mr. Self Destruct - Nine Inch Nails

Original Creator


Likes Kaiser - Being alone, technology, his medication, his friends

Darque - Killing people, hurting people, torture (emotional, physical or mental, and especially on Kaiser) his knife

Dislikes Kaiser - Darque, sleeping, hurting people, his condition, his dependance on his medication

Darque - Being "asleep"


Kaiser has grey fur and unruly brown hair with a white streak in it. He wears a light grey shirt with a variety of ink and bloodstains on it, and a black jacket with white trim. He wears grey trousers, white-black sneakers. and a pair of white gloves with similar stains to his shirt. He always looks incredibly tired, as he rarely, if at all, sleeps.

When Darque is in charge, so to speak, a few minor changes are noticable. His pupils expand to almost completely obscure his irises, and he'll often make his presence known by making black ink "tears" run down Kaiser's face.


Kaiser suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder, and he has a second personality representing the id part of the mind: the subconcious, the darker desires.


Kaiser's an average guy, if a little on the depressive side. He always has a bottle of medication on him somewhere which he takes to keep his disorder in check, even though it doesn't really work. He's very skilled with computers, and has been shown to often prefer technology to people.


Darque is sick, twisted, and downright evil. He's a macabre trickster, and enjoys sadistic 'games' and torture, whether it be emotional, physical, or any other kind. He enjoys talking in quotes from songs, movies and books, and is a talented psychoanalyst: while it's not an actual power of his, he can easily cause someone to become their Dark Form through pain, guile, and manipulation.


Early Life

In his childhood, Kaiser was an average Mobian, nothing particularly special about him besides his aptitude for machinery. He did experience some bullying at school, however, but always felt he was too weak to fight back.


When Kaiser was still young, the cosmic event known as the Advent of Vesania freed the madness god Dysturbis and allowed him to ascend to his full power. He tore a path through the local town, and the reign of terror reached its peak at a primary school. He ripped his way in and attacked the staff and students, sending them fleeing in terror except for one, frozen with horror and awe. Dysturbis gazed upon the child with his inner eye, breaking the boy's psyche cleanly in two as the god vanished. Soon enough, the others returned and checked on the boy, who stood motionlessly for several minutes. This boy was Kaiser, and after a short while, he proceeded to pull a Swiss Army Knife, which he often kept as a lucky charm, from his pocket and slaughter everyone around him with it.


Kaiser has the ability to create and manipulate ink. He can secrete it from any part of his body and shape it into any form. He generally uses it in similar ways to Water attacks, and although they lack the power and damage capabilities they can be used in other ways, like filling a room with a smokescreen-like cloud of blackness and other such techniques.

When Darque is in control, he prefers to use a small Swiss Army knife to fight.

Also, it has been shown that psychic attacks do not affect him at all.

Kaiser is also a Geomancer: he wields the Staff of Plator, however, it is shown he avoids using it in combat where possible.


Being mentally unstable, it is somewhat self-explanatory what his weaknesses are; it is easy to play on his emotions, and exploit his mental degredation. He isn't stupid, though: he's actually very sharp, but that can be clouded easily.

His Ink powers can be easily dispatched by clever use of Air powers.



This is Kaiser's theme song, and describes his condition clearly, as well as his anger at it,

Mr. Self Destruct - Nine Inch Nails

This is Darque's theme song, and it clearly outlines his view of Kaiser's disorder: tweaking constantly at his mind with twisted and evil thoughts.



"So you're a god, huh? I met a god once. He was a d!^&head."

"I don't sleep. Ever. Can't risk what he'd do if I did."

"I like computers. They're easy. You can make them do things, they're reliable, predictable, and don't stab you in the back or try to murder you and your friends."

"Have you ever drowned in ink? No? It's not a pleasant experience."

"I met my Moebian counterpart once. That was the only kill I let him have..."


"No need to worry your pretty little heads, boys and girls. This is one of those incredibly irritating situations where I'm on your side."

"Hey... You want to see a magic trick...?"

"When I pull your crooked teeth... you'll be perfect, just like me..."

"Nothing but a pack of cards! Nothing but a pack of cards!"

"There are ninety-three thousand, five hundred and seventy two ways I can make you hurt more with the objects in this room than a normal person could with a fire-axe and a bottle of acid, let alone... this little knife right here."

"Nice tattoo. I met a guy with a tattoo once. Big thing, dragon or something, went right up his arm. Made his arm explode."


  • User:KaiserDarque does not actually have DID.
  • All Darque's words are in bold.
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