Kaiko is a light blue wolf with light blue hair and ice blue serious looking eyes. He wearis the Seishin academy
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school uniform which is a dark blue jaket with dark blue pants and a white buttin under shirt. His casual clothes are a gray hoodie with dark jeans.


Kaiko is calm, serious and he rarely shows emotion. But other than that it is shown that he has a great sence of justice and he is very protective. He is also somwhat harsh to people when he gets anoyed and also he tends to lose his temper easily. The only person that Kaiko seems to show most emotion to is none other than his older sister Mayu the Wolf . When he's with Mayu he shows a playful personality and he seems to be very happy when he's with Mayu.

Kaiko also has a talent for calligraphy and he is currently in the Calligraphy club. He also uses it as his past time hobby when his sister has to work late. Also it is known that he is good with the house work and cooking. It is also known that he detests hot weather and hot places.


All that is known about Kaiko is that his mother was a drug adict, a prostitute and an alchololic and that she didn't care about her children at all. Mayu discribed their mother as a monster that would beat a child when it would cry. When Kaiko turned 3 years old his sister Mayu took him and left their unstable house. She at first stayed with a friend and then she found a nice small house and from there she raised Kaiko.

Kaiko was very cold to many kids his age and cause of that he was teased most of the time from kids. He awoken his powers when a group of thugs tried to mug them on their way home. When one of them asalted Mayu Kaiko demanded the thugs to leave. When the other tried to attack Kaiko the temperature of the air suddenly dropped and the floor froze. Then with many ice shards Kaiko attacked the thugs and all of them left them. After Mayu recovered from her shock she thanked Kaiko and promised to help him control his powers.


Kaiko has Cyrokinetic abilities meaning that he can control and create ice. He also can use the ice to make weapons like a sword. He also can create ice shards to attack her opponents, even create large pillars of ice. He can also freeze his opponents by touching them or just by controling the ice in the floor.

He is also somwhat skilled in some types of martial arts and also with a sword but he perfers attacking from a distance with his ice shards.



Mayu the Wolf (older sister)

Rin the Wolf (possible love interest)

Yuffi the Hedgehog (good friend)

Ichiro the Fox (good friend)

Sonic the Hedgehog (good friend)

Blaze the Cat (good friend)

Aya the Fox

Asami the Fox

Isao the Hedgehog

Junichi the Hegehog

Chikane the Dog

Amy Rose

Miles 'Tails' Prower

Shadow the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

Bunny Rabot

Sally Acorn

Knuckles the Echidna



"Enough of this fooleshness!"

"If that's the case then there's no helping it"

"There are others like me out there"

"Mayu-nee-san has been everything to me"

"I barely recall my mother and I never knew my father but I don't care because Mayu-nee-san has been by my side"

"I shall freeze you to your soul"

"Let us finish what we started!"

Voice Actors

His Japanese voice actor is Katsuyuki Konishi

His English voice actor is Steve Staley (imagen Neji Hyuga from Naruto)

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