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This is an article about Kaija the Color-Changing Budgerigrar, a character created by Megaphantaze on 06/27/2014.

Kaija is a color-changing budgerigrar owned by Koolutus and Raskustung.


Kaija is budgiegrar, which can change colors. When not changing colors, she has orange peck, purple nose and cyan head. Kaija has orange body and purple wings, which has purple and lavender feathers. When changing colors, her body parts' colors depends.


Kaija is shy and curious about current things. She is also talented of things realted to her home island. She is laso really kind for everyone and has come to her owner. She seems to have copycat-attitude, when being with Squawks.


When Koolutus and Raskustung met Squawks and his owner, raskustung got in love to have a budgie. She asked if koolutus can get one. With an information about the location of Squawks' location, Koolutus teleported to budgie's home island and got a budgie there. When koolutus came back, raskustung decided to name their budgie as papukaija, (Kaija between friends). When Kaija got to Mobius, she started to be along with Squawks, since he is her only friend from the same location where she did came.


Color-changing budgerigrars like Kaija can change their colors. Kaija can use this ability like chameleons to make a camouflage. this way, she can hide to scenario from bullies etc. She used her ability at home to protect herself from pretadors and wild animals, which hunts her like creatures.

Fun Facts

Kaija's whole name is Finnish and means "parrot".

Kaija is also s name of Finnish girl

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