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Kai is a nice guy. He isnt so nice when it comes to Eggman though.

And he is a bit lazy when there are no villans running around Mobius but he always loves adventures.


Kai was born in Mobius Hospitle his parents are Shadow and Amy.

He is 16 and loves cookies. He hides a grappling hook in his hair for no reason and he hates Eggman.

His true powers where unleashed in his 1st battle with Eggman when he used the true Chaos power inside of him he defeated Metal Sonic. He is best friend is Tails 'Miles' Prower. He uses his plane alot to go to areas like Sky Santcury and Death Egg. Tails didnt tak to him for 10 weeks when Metal Overlord destroyed his plane when Kai used it. On his 16 birthday he was given a Green Scarf. (You can see it in the picture of him.)


Sense Shadow is his dad he has Chaos Powers he discovered when he battled Metal Sonic. The story of it is in the History part. He can also fly and teleport. He can go super fast though but not anywhere near as fast as Sonic. 


Kai is good with climbing things and uses his scarf as a rope. But he isnt smart so he leaves the codes and stuff to Tails. He just loves to fight and blow crap up. He is good at driving the tornado... Sorta.. He crashed it most times.


He is good with Swords and Staffs and can use guns goodunless he is riding his motorcycle or if there are people shooting at him. He can use his Grappling Hook if he falls from a high place and he can use RPGs while riding the Tornado to blow stuff up.


If he falls from high places he will most likley die. But he can use his Grappling Hook to save himself. And he can die by drowning or being in a huge explosion. He can get hurt a little by eletric and fire but he cant stand being tied to stuff.



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