Kahina the Scorpion
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Kahina the Scorpion is a member of the Egg Ruin Renegades, and serves as second-in-command to Sharifa the Lizard, the leader.

Physical Description

A rather slim scorpion who stands a fair bit taller than three feet, Kahina has a short muzzle with no visible nostrils, two horn-like protrusions on her head, and a partially Robotic tail; half of it was crushed by a piece of falling rubble, but a working roboticizer found within the Egg Ruins managed to repair the damage. Her new, partially roboticized tail is somewhat shorter than what it used to be.

Her skin is primarily old gold in color, with a buff muzzle, chest and stomach. Her hair, which is cut short and is a bit messy, is black in color, and her eyes are viridian in color.



Kahina grew up in a small village comprised of various Mobian insects, located within the Desert Ocean Zone. They were one of the many settlements that traded with the town of Brightdune. Kahina was raised by her mother, as her father had perished before she was born.

The Eggman Empire Attacks

When Kahina was 19, Eggman's legions razed the village. Thankfully, all of those living there were able to escape, with Kahina being separated from her mother, who had fled to the United Federation city-state of Mazuri. Kahina had been injured by a piece of falling rubble; it had landed on her tail and partially crushed and tore it. Injured and bleeding, she fled into the desert, eventually coming across the Egg Ruins.


Base Stats
Other Stats

Apart from a natural ability to use Toxikinesis, Kahina is adept at hand-to-hand combat, having mostly been taught by Sharifa (they met when Kahina was 19, therefore she had roughly 4 years of training). While she doesn't have the same level of physical strength that Sharifa has, she is a swift and graceful combatant all the same, striking fast with poison-laced jabs and evading slow counter-attacks.

Her most striking feature is her partially roboticized tail; the procedure was performed thanks to Rudolf the Gecko repairing the least damaged roboticizer in the building. Her tail is now a formidable weapon, using it to lash her foes with the poison-laced blade fitted at the end.

Her chitin gives her a bit of extra durability, but she is still quite fragile, and can't take strong blows too well, hence why she relies on her agility and swift attacks. She is well-adapted to life in the desert, able to tolerate hot weather easily.


Kahina is resistant to the Element of Poison. She is also quite agile, able to dodge slow-moving opponents and attacks with ease. She can also easily tolerate hot and dry weather.


Kahina is weak to the Elements of Nature and Ice. Her defenses are subpar, forcing her to rely on her agility to survive. Cold weather is also quite dangerous to her.

Friends and Foes






A modest and rather reserved woman, Kahina seems to be the brains behind Sharifa's brawn. She is mostly responsible for keeping Sharifa from making potentially detrimental decisions. Kahina has also shown to be more empathetic than Sharifa, and isn't as quick to turn away strangers; regardless, she unfailingly adheres to the policies shared by the Egg Ruin Renegades.

She has a bit of a maternal streak, and holds a great deal of compassion for small children who stumble upon the Egg Ruins.



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