In the Skyblade Continuity, Kabletech is the world's most dominant tech company, owning 75% of the market. It sells basically any technology you can think of, from smartphones and games consoles to cars and fridges. However, unknown for most people it is also an arms manufacturer, creating new machines of war and selling them either to G.U.N or on the black market.


Kabletech was set up by Walter Kable, who foresaw the rise of technology and the increasing popularity of home technology thanks to public interest in Space Colony ARK. Although slow to start, the company's shares rocketed in the when it designed the words first home computer. Soon, Kabletech dominated the market, even more than it does today thanks to a lack of Kickstarter products and similar companies.

However, a decade later Kabletech was slowly crumbling. Walter had chosen humanitarian aid over his own company and, while winning him the Noble Peace Prize, didn't help his company. While all the money was going to helping people around the world, Kabletech was on the edge of bankruptcy. Eventually, his son Maxwell Kable decided enough was enough. Using the huge amount of money at his disposal, he paid a currently unknown assassin to kill his father while he was out in a warzone issuing humanitarian aid. Everyone was shocked by this attack and no one traced Maxwell's account, seeing there was no way he could have been related to the attack. With this, Kable the Fox took over the company.

However, it was extremely hard to dig the business out from the brink of bankruptcy. Realising he had some of the best tech designers on the planet, Kable agreed to make weapons for G.U.N, designing weapons that some would consider unethical in order to draw attention away from G.U.N in the event anyone finds out about this secret tech. G.U.N paid him a lucrative amount of money for the tech. However, Kable let his greed get the better of him and started supplying weapons to various other armies and rouge groups, often resulting in Kabletech weapons being used on both sides. Kable also kept up the humanitarian missions that his father had set up, although more as a front than anything else.

Kabletech is now the worlds largest tech company, but it's CEO is always aiming for it to be more.


Kabletech develops every piece of technology you could think of, including the Kablephone(smart phone), the Kablebox(games console) and more. However, since Walter Kable's death, the company has been especially proficient in arms dealing, selling to anyone from G.U.N to terrorist organisations. They have also kept some of their more experimental technology for themselves, the most well-known of these being the Cyborg Squadron.

Kabletech also has a subsidiary called Kable Enforcement, which is a private security force. However, it's also used by Kabletech for their own purposes as well as their customers.


Kabletech is based in Kable Tower in Westopolis and is the cities largest employer. Of the 200 floors, 1 is the reception area, 150 are for commercial tech, 46 are for management offices(Finance and the like),and 3 are Kable the Fox's personal suite. However, there are also 40 floors under the building where weapon design takes place. The Cyborg Squadron are on floor -23.


Kabletech Main

Kabletech's public facade, Kabletech Main as it's called inside the company is focused on making consumer tech like phones, games consoles and smart watches. It holds 75% of the tech market worldwide.

Kable Enforcement

Kable Enforcement is the only other part of the company that is actually public, although it's still fairly shady. It is a private security firm and has been known to act on behalf of the police within the United Federation(although, that's what G.U.N says). The Cyborg Squadron is also a part of this subsidiary.

Department of Secrets

Working in conjunction with Kable Enforcement, the DoS create cover stories for any illegal actions performed by KE, which are usually spread around by newspapers after a small bribe.

Kable Arms

Where most of Kabletech's profits come from, Kable Arms is primarily focused on creating and selling weapons, wether it be for G.U.N, the black market, or Kable Enforcement. They are best known for creating the Cyborg Squadron and the Scorpion Dust line of walkers.



  • Yes, they do sell a KableTV, get over it.
  • There are various mentions of Kabletech existing in other dimensions. However, these are unconnected to the Primeverse company.

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