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Disaster Club

Kable has had shares in Disaster Club for years, seeing it as a useful source of income and also good for case studies into the Power Genes his scientists diligently study. Like anything Kable owns, he will defend Disaster Club no matter what he has to do...unless it costs him money, of course.


Difficulty: Easy

Health: 1500

Playstyle: Zoning, Gimmick

Similar to his appearance in Cosmic Slip, Kable is a zoner based around a level up mechanic. Landing his command normals upgrades his zoning based special attacks up to 4 times, with levels resetting at the end of each round. This means Kable will have to fight in close range at the start of a round but will quickly become an effective zoner as the match goes on.

Kable’s throttles enhance his zoning. Throttle 1 allows a quick escape from unnecessary close quarters combat while Throttle 2 enhances his zoning game while his opponent is away from him.

Special Moves

Bolded moves were added in Complete.

Move Name Input Type Description
Low Blow DC Up.png+DC 1 button.PNG Command Normal Kable crouches and fires his pistol at the ground, hitting low. Levels up Pistol Shot once.
Firecraker DC Up.png+DC 2 button.PNG Command Normal Kable throws out several firecrackers, hitting mid multiple times. Levels up Taser once. The multiple hits makes it good for pressuring the opponent when they're blocking
Whirl Attack. DC Up.png+DC 3 button.PNG Command Normal Kable spins the plasma cutter above him, hitting airborne opponents. Levels up Plasma Cutter once.
Pistol Shot IMG 0408.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG Special Kable fires his pistol. Level 1 shoots once, Level 2 shoots twice and Level 3 shoots three times. In the air, the attack is angled downwards.
Taser IMG 0408.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG Special Kable fires his taser, shocking the opponent. Level 2 allows him to move while the opponent is being shocked, and Level 3 increases the damage and the shock time. OK in air.
Plasma Cutter IMG 0408.PNG+DC 3 button.PNG Special Kable throws a spinning disc out a medium distance away from him that hits multiple times before deactivating. Level 2 flies towards the opponent after the initial throw and Level 3 explodes after hitting the opponent. OK in air.
Opening Attack IMG 0408.PNG+DC 4 button.PNG Special Kable does a standard kick attack and can follow up using 1 of the Follow Up series of attacks. When the respective special reaches Level 4, that special can be used once and be followed by another Follow Up attack. Kable's main tool for close range damage and mixing up the opponent. OK in air.
Baton Strike DC QCB.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG/DC 2 button.PNG/DC 3 button.PNG Special Kable draws his baton and enters a stance. He can then follow up with one of 3 attacks with the baton by pressing another button: DC 1 button.PNG hits low, DC 2 button.PNG hits mid and DC 3 button.PNG hits high.
Follow Up-Pistol DC 1 button.PNG during Opening Attack Special Kable fires his pistol at the ground, hitting low. When Pistol Shot reaches Level 3, Kable fires at the ground 3 times.
Follow Up-Taser DC 2 button.PNG during Opening Attack Special Kable stabs forward with his taser, hitting the opponent mid multiple times. When Taser reaches Level 3, Kable dashes forward slightly at the start of the move, allowing him to hit opponents out of reach of the initial kick.
Follow Up-Cutter DC 3 button.PNG during Opening Attack Special Kable swings his plasma cutter downwards, hitting overhead. When Plasma Cutter reaches Level 3, Kable swings the cutter upwards at the end of the move.
Bullet Dance DC HCF.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG Super The level of this move depends on the combined levels of Kable’s other specials. At Level 3 (the initial level), Kable quickly unloads both his guns. At Level 6, Kable follows up by doing a slide attack and spinning round, firing more bullets. At Level 9, Kable follows that up by leaping over the opponent and firing rapidly, landing, and firing some more. At Level 12, the move ends with a Kable Enforcement soldier running on stage and firing a missile launcher.
Airstrike DC HCF.PNG+DC 3 button.PNG+DC 4 button.PNG Super Kable gets out a radio and talks into it for a few moments. After this, a massive missile hits the stage, creating an explosion that almost covers the whole screen and doing huge damage. Kable is fully vulnerable while radioing the missile in but does not expend any Strike Meter until the missile is actually summoned.
Scorpion Dust DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG+DC 3 button.PNG+DC 4 button.PNG Finishing Strike Kable fires his taser. If this hits, a Scorpion Dust walker is dropped in while the opponent is stunned and bombards them which machine gun fire before finishing them with a missile.
Shotgun DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG while Throttle 1 is active. Special A Kable Enforcement soldier appears next to Kable and fires a shotgun blast. The blast is very short range and when the opponent is next to the barrel it launches them to the other end of the stage.
Machine Gun DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG while Throttle 2 is active. Special A Kable Enforcement soldier appears next to Kable and rapidly fires his machine gun before leaving.


Throttle 1: Adds Shotgun.

Throttle 2: Adds Machine Gun.



“Time to get my hands dirty.”

“Seems my worthless soldiers can’t take you out. I’ll do their job right.”

“This is Kable, preparing to engage. Stand by.”

“You can’t run from me, stupid girl!” (Vs. Natalie)

“Hey, I’m here to collect lost property.” (Vs. Rugal or Angel)

“So his children live...this is interesting…” (Vs. Vendeta or Glass)

“You haven’t paid your insurance, Trepadence.” (Vs. Ringmaster)

“A rebellious spirit...never knew that was left in there.” (Vs. Bladedancer)

“No...Not you...It can’t be...” (Vs. Kable, first)

In Infinite’s voice. I am the reaper, Maxwell Kable...face your sins!” (Vs. Kable, second)

“You can’t stop me forever.” (Vs. Sasha)

“You’re not getting away!” (Vs. Bazenhower)

“A human with a power gene…how rare.” (Vs. Max)


“Bring in the pods. This one’s with us.”

“Maybe I should have just talked to them...”

“Nice to work out once in a while.”

“Nice try, you pathetic child.” (Vs. Natalie)

“Welcome back to the collection.” (Vs. Rugal or Angel)

“I can’t wait to show you to Wraith.” (Vs. Vendeta or Glass)

“Why do I even bother with your club, anyway?” (Vs. Ringmaster)

“I could have disabled if I thought you’d hurt me, you know.” (Vs. Bladedancer)

“Tell me where Natalie is or I kill you. Simple choice, right?” (Vs. Sasha)

“Finally...your secrets will be revealed…” (Vs. Bazenhower)

“You’ll be an interesting one to study.” (Vs. Max)


“I don’t like getting my hands dirty, but sometimes you’re the only person who can do a job right. And I make sure all my jobs go perfectly.”

“Huh. I thought I was only moderately trained in martial arts. You’re so stupid there’s probably no reason taking you with me.” (Perfect win)

“I should make you a cyborg and have you stand alongside your grandfather in my servitude. Unfortunately, we can’t do that without damaging your psychic powers...maybe one day.” (Vs. Natalie)

“I could take your will away, you know. I could make you into a puppet like Wraith. Trapped in your own body you wish for that to happen?” (Vs. Bladedancer)

“I was always interested in Gerald’s research, but to think I would get my hands on the Ultimate Lifeform’s a dream come true! I can’t wait to dissect you.” (Vs. Shadow)


“Try harder.” (Escaping a combo)

“I will take EVERYTHING!” (Activating Overclock)

“Should have delegated…” (Defeated)

“Another accolade to my collection…” (Going up a rank in online)

“Impossible!” (Going down a rank in online)

Arcade Mode

Good Ending

Kable fights Natalie as the final boss.

“When I heard Disaster Club was under attack, I deployed my troops there. I defeated Beautyface in person only to find that Natalie Walker was here as well. I subdued her and brought her back to Kabletech Tower. I now have the lynchpin in my plan to take everything as mine...all that remains is to carry it out with brutal efficiency.”

Bad Ending

Kable fights Bladedancer as the final boss.

“Bladedancer went nuts after I defeated Beautyface. That idiot Carl had heard we were deploying in Disaster Club and arrived to stop us. He rewired Bladedancer to break her from the Kablenet, allowing her to attack me without repercussion. I defeated her and finished the traitor off for good. Even though we won, I’m still shaken...Carl now has the power to bring down my empire around me, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.”


  • Completing Arcade once with Kable unlocks Follow Me for the jukebox.
  • Completing Arcade a second time with Kable unlocks


Collective Consciousness(Normal battle theme)

Awakening the Chaos(Vs. Bladedancer)