Like his Skyblade Continuity counterpart, Kable the Fox is the owner of the multinational tech company Kabletech. He has become exceptionally interested in recent rumours of monsters and other strange occurrences, and has decided to use his assets to find out more.


Kable retains the facade of being caring and innocent, having done humanitarian work around the world. However, he is controlled by his all-consuming greed which minipulates whatever he does. In this continuity, he has also become increasingly obsessed with obtaining people who can see the monsters, who he refers to as the "awakened".



Kable was the son of Walter Kable, the owner of Kabletech. He was brought up in a mansion and as a child had basically everything he ever wanted. Walter had so much money from his company that he could buy anything Kable asked for. Walter spoiled his son, which is what eventually formed the basis of his insatiable greed and Walter's downfall.

However, when he was about 17, Kable's luxurious life took a turn for the worst. Walter had focused on humanitarian missions instead of his company:90% of Kabletech's profits were transferred to charities. This, along with the rise of other tech companies and Walter's own ineptitude for his own company, led to Kabletech filling for bankruptcy. Terrified to think of what would happen if his money was lost, Kable used what remained of his father's fortune and his various cooperate links to hire an as yet unknown assassin to kill Walter. The assassination was a shock and no one thought Kable was linked to it. With that, Kable the Fox became the new CEO of Kabletech. He dug it out of the dirt by selling weapons to varies groups, which regularly resulted in wars where both sides had Kabletech weapons. Kabletech is now the world's largest tech company, with their main offices in Rubyheight City.

However, recently Kable has become more obsessed with internet rumours of people seeing monsters and gaining powers. Kable wanted to gain these one way or another. He has initiated Operation:Future Sight, with Kable Enforcement members hunting down various people who have been at the centre of these unusual events, who he calls the "awakened". He has also initiated Project:Ghost Dream to help him capture the awakened, although exactly what Ghost Dream is is unknown.



Kable has no powers(or at least, none that have manifested themselves), but has been taught martial arts by some of the best martial artists in the world(mostly because he could afford it). He is also exceptionally proficient in firearms.

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