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Not to be confused with Maxwell the Fox

Kable the Fox is the owner of Kabletech and one of the most powerful businessmen in the world, and regularly appears as a friend to all men. However, this facade hides an insatiable greed.


Kable is a thin, red-furred Mobian Fox. He usually wears a black suit, black trousers, green shirt and green gloves. The buttons on his suit's cuffs are also green. He wears a black tie and varies between black shoes and green trainers, depending on what he's doing at the current moment.

After his first run in with the Powers Club, Kable changed his clothing to a black shirt, red trousers, red suit and black shoes. He also no longer wears gloves.


Kable is quick thinking and witty. He is also quite down-to-Earth and outwardly appears to be exceptionally kind, carrying out humanitarian work around the world and being an advocate for human rights. However, in truth, his most defining factor is his insatiable greed. Everything he does is for profit, and he dosn't care how many people suffer if he gets his money. Although he wouldn't do anything absolutely stupid to defend his fortune, he'd be more than willing to perform illegal actions to do so. He sees himself as superior to most people and has very few friends because of it.

Kable is also known to be extremely ruthless in his decisions, especially when he's angry or driven by his greed. He also considers himself superior to most in terms of intellect, and is especially annoyed when his Kable Enforcement soldiers fail something he would find simple. While he usually sits back and lets his underlings do his work, when it comes to opperations to silence his more prominent enemies Kable is more than willing to get his hands dirty, especially since the Powers Club destroyed one of his facilities and showed him that sometimes, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.


Kable was the son of Walter Kable, the original owner of Kabletech. He was brought up in a mansion and as a child had basically everything he ever wanted. Walter had so much money from his company that he could buy anything Kable asked for. Walter spoiled his son, which is what eventually formed the basis of his insatiable greed and Walter's downfall.

When he was about 17, Kable's luxurious life took a turn for the worst. Walter had focused on humanitarian missions instead of his company: 90% of Kabletech's profits were transferred to charities. This, along with the rise of other tech companies and Walter's own blindness to his company, led to Kabletech filling for bankruptcy despite Walter's good intentions. Terrified to think of what would happen if his money was lost, Kable used what remained of his father's fortune and his various cooperate links to hire an as yet unknown assassin to kill Walter. The assassination was a shock and no one thought Kable was linked to it, seeing it was assumed a 17 year old boy wouldn't have any intentions to kill his father and he had no direct links to the assassination. With that, Kable the Fox became the new CEO of Kabletech.

after the takeover, Kable started digging the company out from the hole his father had left it in. However, even cutting the humanitarian aid ties that his father had made, Kabletech still wasn't paying off all it's debts and making a profit. Desperate, Kable turned his company to weapon design in secret, selling his weapons to G.U.N and getting paid lucrative amounts for making them. However, Kable's greed got the better of him and he started selling his weapons all around the world, even to groups directly fighting G.U.N without their knowledge. He also planted false evidence about who killed Walter Kable, linking the assination to one of Walter's creditors.

Although Kable dug his company out from the dirt, he did it at the cost of everything his father believes in. But as long as the money rolls in, he dosn't care.


Kable has no powers of any kind. However, he has been taught self defence by some of the best martial artists in the world (purely because he paid them a lot). He is also exceptionally intelligent and a quick thinker, allowing him to outthink opponents who would usually be able to beat him in straight fight. He is also proficient at firearms and has also been trained to use Kabletech's large arsenal of vehicles and weapons.

However, when in combat Kable's main skill is his ability to manipulate his opponents by talking. He uses his words and acting skills to twist emotions and aggravate opponents in a way he can exploit, or stall for one of his more capable subordinates to arrive. This skill is how he has managed to hide his activites from the public for so long, using his acting skills to hide his true motive from the adoring populace.


Being the owner of one of the world's largest weapons dealers, Kable has a lot of technology at his disposal. Although he rarely fights (usually delegating the job to his security force Kable Enforcement) when he does he usually carries a Kabletech taser, a KT-306 Pistol (a weapon developed to have little to no recoil and pinpoint accuracy with a good marksman) and a radio to summon backup should he need it. He also has his own personal Scoprion Dust walker, which he nicknames Nicky.


Kable's biggest weakness is undeniable his greed. He will do almost anything to keep his fortune and earn more, which can be to lure him into unfavourable situations and trap him.


  • Kable plays Hazama in Blazblue.

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