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Ka, the Great Wheel of Being is a godly force that is mentioned as the polar opposite to Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. He is one of the most powerful creatures to ever exist, although he is wholly peaceful.

In this user's fanon, Ka is rumored to be the ancestor of all good.


Ka is one of the two "Wheels" that turns throughout all universes and dimensions, the other being Buer. If one were to fall, then so would the other, as mentioned in this old saying;

"Even though light abhors darkness, and darkness abhors light, they cannot exist without each other. They are the two sides to the same coin, which is our existence."

The Elemental Gods

"The ten major elements of the universe are Fire, Ice, Water, Electricity, Wind, Earth, Light, Darkness, Nature and Poison. It was decreed that an Avatar be positioned over each element, to rule and govern it; Fiamme, Kyanos, Neso, Haeos, Khazri, Temblor, Celeritas, Voidstar, Mokuhana and Dokuso.

These 10 Avatars created four deities each.

Out of these four deities each, two were male and two were female. One male was Primordial and the other was not. This was the same for both females; one was Primordial and the other was not;

Out of the Fiamme's flames came the Great Fire Deities; Agni, Jacawitz, Berylsythe and Gabieta.

Out of Kyanos' frost came the Great Ice Deities; Rahab, Telchur, Cryozen and Durga.

Out of Neso's seas came the Great Water Deities; Tiamat, Akheilos, Ryujin and Mizuchi.

Out of Haeos' energy came the Great Thunder Deities; Perkunas, Xevioso, Zygoren and Narukami.

Out of Khazri's storms came the Great Wind Deities; Latobias, Saranyu, Stribog and Theia.

Out of Temblor's mountains came the Great Earth Deities; Sumugan, Etugen, Thorani and Sephazer.

Out of Celeritas' purity came the Great Light Deities; Endovelicus, Hathor, Malakbel and Nefertem.

Out of Voidstar's darkness came the Great Dark Deities; Erebos, Nyx, Zorya and Aglibol.

Out of Mokuhana's forests came the Great Nature Deities; Ninsar, Sucellos, Druantia and Faunus.

Out of Dokuso's venom came the Great Death Deities; Morrigan, Ghede, Obaluaye and Izanami."

The 3 Heralds of Death


In reality, Ka's size is infinite, but he is ethereal and invisible in this state. Whenever he manifests himself as a visible, physical being, he is the size of a Draxun. His true form (or as he is depicted) is a serpentine creature with six massive, feathered wings extending from his body, and a long mane that flows like fire running down his back to the tip of his tail.

Like Buer, he has a disguised appearance; in this, he is a tall, anthropomorphic creature, still with six feathered wings and the long, fire-like mane that runs down his back and extends to the tip of his tail.

Servants of Ka

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  • The 3 Heralds of Death -
  • Doomtress the Hedgehog-Due to hoping ra might be able to help her and that she wants to add her power to forces that will put it to the right use.



Ka is a peaceful being. He greatly dislikes war and violence.


  • Peace


  • War
  • Violence

Biggest Fears


  • The fact that he has six wings and a mane of "fire" is meant to allude to the Biblical seraphim, who have six wings. Their name also means "burning ones".