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The symbol of Ka.

Ka, the Great Wheel of Being is a godly force that is mentioned as the polar opposite to Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. He is one of the most powerful creatures to ever exist, although he is only truly powerful as long as he is within the Hyperverse; his total strength falls to half wheneve he exits his realm. He is also wholly peaceful, and will only ever fight against Buer.

In this user's fanon, Ka is rumored to be the ancestor of all good. He is also called "The Grand Starwheel" by Cinos the Hedgehog.


Ka is one of the two "Wheels" that turns throughout all universes and dimensions, the other being Buer. If one were to fall, then so would the other, as mentioned in this old saying;

"Even though light abhors darkness, and darkness abhors light, they cannot exist without each other. They are the two sides to the coin of our existence."

After Celestial opened up the gateways into both the Hyperverse and the Putriverse, Ka, as well as Buer, showed him the true amount of power he held over the endless expanse surrounding him, and they tutored him in the concepts of light and darkness, life and death, and much more.

After "numerous eons under the concept known as 'time'", Celestial decided it was time for him to bring sustenance to his domain. He had learned of the great differences between the two opposing beings Ka and Buer, and what they represented. Learning of the two extremes the Hyperverse and Putriverse represented, Celestial attempted to create a "perfect" universe, where these two opposing forces came together in unity. Unfortunately, even he could not fully understand the two contrasting extremes, which reacted violently to each other. The reaction brought forth many other numerous strange and surprising essences to Celestial's domain. In addition, the energy Celestial originally controlled had been split apart into the Light and Darkness. With these two energies throughout the budding universe, Ka and Buer were both able to access this realm; and finally bring their fight into direct conflict.

In a fury unfitting of his gentle nature, the Great Wheel attacked Buer. The Black Wheel's power evenly matched that of Ka's, however, and the two gods consistently stale-mated each other as they fought. Neither refused to give in, however, and Celestial could only watch in horror as his mentors destroyed much of what he created, fearful of their power. However, the continuous destruction soon forced the fear to give way to rage, and he acted. Facing both of them, Celestial used his control of the realm to defeat and subdue the grand beings, who were at a disadvantage outside of their respective home realms. With both Ka and Buer forced to listen, Celestial made it clear that he would not allow their war to destroy his home. However, he could not remove their influence from his realm without leaving it as the void it was before. As such, Celestial demanded a ceasefire within his realm: Light and Darkness would be equal within his realm, neither having too great an influence compared to the other. If either made a grab for control at too great a scale, Celestial would put a stop to it. With Celestial's advantage over them within his home realm, Ka and Buer were forced to agree. With that decided, Celestial made another astonishing decision: he would not personally oversee his own realm's evolution. Instead, he would play the role of a simple observer, allowing the worlds to grow as it itself deemed fit, in the hopes that even he could learn from the lifeforms that would come to be.

Ka and Buer then returned to their home realms. The Great Wheel was indeed surprised by Celestial's decision to merely observe his growing universe, but he was also pleased, feeling he had taught his pupil well. On the other hand, Buer's hatred for his counterpart grew fierce, and his respect for his former student had withered...

The Elemental Gods

"The ten major elements of the universe are Fire, Ice, Water, Electricity, Wind, Earth, Light, Darkness, Nature and Poison. It was decreed that an Avatar be positioned over each element, to rule and govern it; Fiamme, Kyanos, Neso, Haeos, Khazri, Temblor, Celeritas, Voidstar, Mokuhana and Dokuso.

These 10 Avatars created four deities each.

Out of these four deities each, two were male and two were female. One male was Primordial and the other was not. This was the same for both females; one was Primordial and the other was not;

Out of the Fiamme's flames came the Great Fire Deities; Agni, Jacawitz, Berylsythe and Gabieta.

Out of Kyanos' frost came the Great Ice Deities; Rahab, Telchur, Cryozen and Durga.

Out of Neso's seas came the Great Water Deities; Tiamat, Akheilos, Ryujin and Mizuchi.

Out of Haeos' energy came the Great Thunder Deities; Perkunas, Xevioso, Zygoren and Narukami.

Out of Khazri's storms came the Great Wind Deities; Latobias, Saranyu, Stribog and Theia.

Out of Temblor's mountains came the Great Earth Deities; Sumugan, Etugen, Thorani and Sephazer.

Out of Celeritas' purity came the Great Light Deities; Endovelicus, Hathor, Malakbel and Nefertem.

Out of Voidstar's darkness came the Great Dark Deities; Erebos, Nyx, Zorya and Aglibol.

Out of Mokuhana's forests came the Great Nature Deities; Ninsar, Sucellos, Druantia and Faunus.

Out of Dokuso's venom came the Great Death Deities; Morrigan, Ghede, Obaluaye and Izanami."

The 3 Heralds of Death


In reality, Ka's size is infinite, but he is ethereal and invisible in this state. Whenever he manifests himself as a visible, physical being, he is the size of a Wailord. His true form (or as he is depicted) is a serpentine creature with six massive, feathered wings extending from his body, curved, golden horn-like structures extending from his head, and a long mane that flows like fire running down his back to the tip of his tail, as well as numerous rune-like markings covering his body.

Like Buer, he has a disguised appearance; in this, he is a tall, anthropomorphic creature, still with six feathered wings, the golden "horns" and the long, fire-like mane that runs down his back and extends to the tip of his tail.

Servants of Ka

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  • The Elemental Gods -
  • The 3 Heralds of Death -
  • The White Archons - The White Archons are responsible for helping Ka maintain good relations between the Middleverse (Celestial's realm) and the Hyperverse.
    • Karakal the Watcher - A former White Archon, he begged to be stripped of his memory after stumbling upon the Book of All and reading the future from it.
  • Doomtress the Hedgehog - Due to hoping Ka might be able to help her and that she wants to add her power to the forces of good.


Being an Overlord God, Ka is immensely powerful, but even he is not invincible. His strength is matched with Buer. This means that it is impossible for one to triumph over the other. His true strength is only realized so long as he is within the Hyperverse; while outside of it, his total power drops to half.

Apart from his Omnimancy, he is also capable of flight and telekinetic abilities.


He is fairly resistant to the Light element.


He takes more damage from Dark-aligned moves than moves of any other alignment.

Friends and Foes






Ka is a peaceful being. He greatly dislikes war and violence, yet shows an insurmountable fury towards Buer. Despite his power, he recognizes his flaws, such as being what he calls "too passive", while at the same time he is "recklessly violent" when it comes to Buer.


  • Peace


  • War
  • Violence
  • Buer

Biggest Fears


  • The fact that he has six wings and a mane of "fire" is meant to allude to the Biblical seraphim, who have six wings. Their name also means "burning ones".